Iman of reactions via lowering the activation

 Iman Izzati Bte Mohamed Musharraf  Nanyang TechnologicalUniversity; School of Physical and Mathematical Science, Division of Chemistryand Biological Chemistry.   ABSTRACT: Metal-based oxidizing agents are commonly usedin […]

Energy and Heat Flow Essay

The study of occur during chemical reactions AND changes of state. Heat: Variable = unit: Define: Common Units: Heat always flows from a object. Example: […]

Surface molecular orientation of bound ligand, critical

Surfacemodification chemistry Chemicalapproaches are categorised as covalent linkages (Direct nanoparticleconjugation, click chemistry and covalent linker chemistry) and physical interactions(Electrostatic, hydrophilic/hydrophobic, affinity interactions). Covalentlinkages are strong […]


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