The research workers aim to develop an electronic vote system for the organisation of ELITS or registered pupils electors of College of Engineering and Information Technology since they are still utilizing a manual system in their vote processes.

This system has been actively discussed by the group of pupils and the research workers for the intent of offering electors a possibility of electronic vote of officials/leaders for the ELITS organisation for the 2015 election.The e-voting has a legal footing laid out on the undermentioned legal Acts of the Apostless: Local Government Council Election Act no. 50 ;Riigikogu Election Act no. 44 ;European Parliament Election Act no. 43 ;Referendum Act 37.

To advance the e-voting system personal hallmark utilizing digital signatures and ID cards has been created and have been issued intending most of the eligible electors is covered. From a proficient position point and range of the e-voting.

the elections are made of the undermentioned constituents like naming or intent of election. enrollment of campaigners. readying of canvassing list. vote ( a subset of which is e-voting ) and numeration of ballots.

The e-voting system for the ELITS purposes to choose campaigners who are responsible and knowing in taking the Information Technology pupils to go better single and individual as a whole. The e-voting process must be based on the followers:Voter list have been prepared and are available in a suited format. The campaigner list have been prepared and are available in a suited format. E-votes are counted individually and are subsequently added to the remainder of the ballots. Voter lists ( including the polling division and constituency assigned to the elector ) Campaigner lists.Expressed will of the electors.Summarized consequences of e-voters.

And list of electors who used e-voting.

Therefore the e-voting process will be good auditable. transparent. secured and helps cut down human mistake. It is besides vitally of import that everyone who is eligible to take part in elections can make so.

And electronic vote is really good at doing voting more accessible. intending it’s easier for pupils to vote independently.

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