& # 8211 ; Power And Lifestyle Essay, Research Paper? Power can impact people in many different ways and this can hold a direct impact on their life style. How is this true in both Seachange and Scales of Justice? ? The issue of power and its consequence on life style is clearly demonstrated in both Scales of Justice and in Seachange through a assortment of characters. In Scales of Justice, power and the maltreatment of it is shown chiefly through corruptness within the constabulary force and in Seachange it is shown largely through Laura and Bob Jelly. Both telecasting plans show us that along with power there can be both negative and positive effects on people? s life styles.In Scales of Justice it is shown that there is a certain hierarchy and those in higher places frequently dominate and control those in places that are below them. A authoritative illustration of this is Sergeant O? Rourke and Probationary Constable Webber. O? Rourke is fundamentally a bully in his place. Whilst go toing a robbery with Webber, O? Rourke steals a fur coat.

Webber catches him but says nil at the clip. Subsequently on this coat appears in Webber? s cabinet. When Webber approaches O? Rourke about it, he uses bully tactics to endanger Webber. Webber reports this to person in a higher place. O? Rourke misuses his power and negotiations to friends in higher places and it is Webber who is thrown out of the force.Another issue of power and life style demonstrated in Scales of Justice is that those in power are frequently secluded from the remainder of society.

An illustration of this occurrence is when Webber is non even on responsibility but on his manner to work have oning his constabulary uniform. Equally shortly as he steps onto the coach, everybody all of a sudden becomes soundless and look off as if he isn? t even human. They all feel a certain menace by him merely because he holds some power over them.There are many different illustrations of the abuse of power in Scales of Justice. The abuse and maltreatment of power can in some instances really mean a better life style. At one phase of the show, Webber tells Borland he is believing of purchasing a new auto. In answer, Borland tells Webber non to bury to have on his? price reduction suit.

? Webber has no thought what Borland is speaking about. Borland explains that the price reduction suit is really his constabulary uniform. Subsequently on in the show we see Webber draw up in a trade name new athleticss auto.

Webber has used his place of power to acquire a price reduction on a auto. This has demonstrated that Webber? s abuse of power has really resulted in him being able to hold a more munificent life style. Another major abuse and maltreatment of power is when Borland pulled over a comparatively attractive miss in a auto. He can state that the miss may be over the legal bound and judgment from her auto, he can state that she most likely has small money. Borland takes sex as a payoff to allow her off. However it wasn? t the miss who instigated the payoff, it was Borland.

In Seachange it is shown that power and the quest for power frequently has an inauspicious affect on life style. Laura is a really ambitious adult female who works for a powerful corporate jurisprudence house. Because Laura is so ambitious, it leaves small clip for her friends and household. She says herself that she leaves for work before her kids are awake and gets place from work after they are in bed. It is lucky for her and her household that she realises how much clip her work is taking up and opts for a less nerve-racking life as the magistrate of a little coastal town, Pearl Bay. This has a positive impact on her lifestyle as now she has clip for household and friends and really interacts with ordinary, mundane people even though she has lost a batch of her power.The issue of power and corruptness is shown to us in Seachange every bit good as in Scales of Justice.

In Seachange it is demonstrated through a stereotyped character, Bob Jelly. Bob Jelly is the typical clich? 500 chancy man of affairs and politician. Bob Jelly is stereotyped because of a few things.

His outfits, which frequently via media of bright ruddy athleticss jackets with a bright xanthous bow tie give the perfect image of a dodgy concern adult male. Jelly is the president of the local council and caput of a belongings development company. He uses what small power he has to profit for his ain personal addition. He assigns council workingmans to work outside the local saloon with their air hammers even though no work has to be done. It is merely because Jelly wants to make a development where the saloon is situated. He is seeking to drive the concern broke so that he can take it over and acquire the land developed. Jelly is besides blackjacking the saloon proprietor which is another illustration of is corrupt ways.

He has found out that the saloon proprietor has had an matter with a well-thought-of local and blackmails her for his ain personal addition. Another more minor illustration of the abuse of power is Laura? s hubby Jack who is presently in prison for fraud after illicitly puting authorities financess. However, Jack uses the alibi that the force per unit area from his married woman for success has driven him to such steps. Both of these people have used power to seek and make a more munificent life style for themselves and their households. For Bob Jelly it has worked, but for Jack it has had the opposite consequence.

Overall Scales of Justice and Seachange show us assorted ways in which power can impact a individual? s life style. There can be both negative effects every bit good as positive effects when a individual is put in a place of power. Whilst some people thrive on power, others would prefer a simpler, less complicated life style.

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