Discipline normalizes ; it fixes the procedure of preparation and lasting control. An optimum theoretical account will be the 1 that gives a certain consequence. Disciplinary standardization consists in seeking to acquire people and their actions to conform this theoretical account and norm.

Example of variola: they developed a mechanism of security with a dual integrating: rationalisation of opportunity and chances.

On typical patterns of security we see a figure of elements emerging that are perfectly of import for ulterior extension of setups of security: 1 ) pattern of vaccination: supervising of those inoculated: detecting the hazards of deceasing from vaccination or from variola. Here appears in the text the term on “prevailing disease” which is a sort of disease that unites a state or clime. Integrating single phenomena within a corporate field

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2 ) the disease is accessible to a group. it is so accessible to persons

3 ) hazard is non the same for all persons. of all ages. or conditions

Crisis: phenomena of sudden deterioration and addition of the disease. The phenomenom of sudden. round bolting that can merely be checked either by a higher natural mechanism or by and unreal mechanism.

The setup that appears with variolisation inoculation consists non in the division of those who are ill and those who are non. It identifies the coefficient of likely morbidity. the normal outlook of population of being affected by the disease.

Foucault thinks we have a system exatly the antonym to the 1 we have seen with the subjects. In the disciplenes one started from a norm. Here we have a plotting of the normal and the unnatural. of different curves od normalcy. and the operation of normalcy consists in stablishing an interplay between different distributions of normalcy.

Points out the job of contagious disease.

AS A Decision:

Foucault thinks that the integrating of the town within cardinal mechanisms of power. or better. the inversion that made the town the primary job. even before the job of the district. is a phenomenom. a reversal. typical of what took topographic point between the seventeenth and the beginning of the 18th century. It was a job to which it truly was necessary to react with new mechanisms of power whose signifier in no uncertainty found is what he calls mecanisms of security.

Another job for him is: circulation. exchange and contact. He links this to the thought of sovereignty. SOOO. . the mechanism of security does nt map on the axis of the autonomous topics relationship. guaranting the entire and as it were inactive obedicence of persons to their crowned head.

In the undermentioned pages the writer says that population can merely be the footing of the state’s wealth and power if it its framed by a regulative setup.

Here appears the term of desire: every person has one. The crowned head is the individual who can state no Ti an persons desire. the job is how to legalize this “no” opposed to persons desire and found it on the will of these same persons.

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