Self-concept is the cognitive thought facet of ego besides related to one’s self-image.

it’s the manner we see ourselves in the mirror. We are grown into our self-concept by what we learn when we are immature from our parents or our equals. Self-concept is changed throughout life from how people look at you. how you compare to others. how your traditions and imposts differ from other people. and how you feel about yourself. We all have constructs or perceptual experiences of ourselves which continually develop and germinate over the class of our life-times. Self-concept or self-identity.

in its full definition. is our sensed ego. which consists of an organized aggregation of beliefs and attitudes about ego ( Seiler and Beall 63 ) .

These self-concepts are the entire assessment of our ego. who we are when we add up all of the spots and pieces of each of our lives. Our self-concept replies the inquiry ; do we hold something to offer? A few of the most critical facets in the development of an individual’s self-concept include our physical and emotional traits.

our relationships with others ( household. friends. colleagues. etc. ) . and our sense of dignity or our self-esteem.

An individual’s self-concept is invariably altering as we interact with and respond to all of the different people we each brush in our day-to-day lives. The assortment of functions we each drama or fulfill in our daily lives help to determine and reenforce our ain alone self-concept. We should all continually evaluate and examine ourselves candidly and critically. and be willing to modify any behaviour which needs alteration. if we hope to go self-conscious members of our society. I believe that potentially the most critical facet of an individual’s self-concept comes from the childhood messages we all receive as we are turning up. How we view ourselves and how we feel or believe others perceive us begins to develop at a immature age and continues to determine our development as we grow into grownups and throughout our lives. Therefore.

other’s reactions to us are critical in the development of a positive and strong self-concept. My name is Jack Benchimol. I am from Morocco. a state known for touristry and nice conditions. I was born in Casablanca. the economic capital of Morocco. This is where I learned my mother’s linguistic communication.

I was taught Gallic by my female parent and this is the clip where I developed a passion of larning new linguistic communications. I speak four linguistic communications which are Hebrew. because I went to a Judaic private school. I speak Arabic every bit good. evidently because it is the chief linguistic communication in Morocco. English because in my school they taught us English and eventually Gallic.

I crave to larn more while I am in United States. I came to United States about 2 old ages ago to prosecute my surveies. I study accounting at Montgomery College. When people ask me why I chose to analyze accounting I say that it is my passion.

I like Numberss and the logic of accounting. I am 19 old ages old and I have played many functions. I am a boy. friend. pupil. caretaker. musician and a worker.

Some of these functions are wanted. some others are nonvoluntary. but none the less they have got me to the point I am today. In my state of affairs. it is of import for me to cognize what people think and see of me. because in a manner it helps me to be better and rectify some bad wonts that I might hold. like stating bad words or doing merriment of people. but at the same clip Is try non to allow it acquire excessively much into me because it might merely impact me and alternatively of assisting it would really do it worst.

There are features in me that let me to take portion in each of these functions. I would depict myself as optimistic. funny and smart. surpassing. originative. independent. loyal. honest.

and trusty. Day to twenty-four hours life requires faith in something. higher than my ain power. I believe in God. I got this from my female parent. She taught me about God and religion.

My female parent put a batch of attempt in my instruction but it was truly my grandma who taught me life lessons. caring for others. and helped me to construct my self-concept. She taught me regard for myself.

and for others. how to be a strong individual and take pride in what you do. She ever had a manner of doing me experience particular. no affair the state of affairs. She besides taught me about difficult work and an unfastened head. I love to run into new people. larn about new civilizations.

linguistic communications. I am ever interested in what people say to me about their life. about their ideas. their beliefs because it gives me a wider vision of how I should construe facts. I besides have a high self-fulfilling prognostication.

A self-fulfilling prognostication can be defined as a belief that comes true because we are moving as if it is already true. but there’s truly nil mystical about it. Our outlook that we will see a peculiar result alterations our behaviour. which shapes the manner others see us. In bend.

others provide the feedback we’ve set ourselves up to acquire. which serves to reenforce the original belief ( Kaufman ) . If. for illustration. I enter the party believing that I’m good with people I don’t know and anticipating to do new friends. I’m likely to be surpassing.

prosecuting. and less disposed to take a cold shoulder personally. As a consequence. people will probably react affably to my friendliness and I may so do new friends. Another strength of mine is that when something happens to me I try non to respond impetuously and believe twice earlier I do anything. I like to take advices from people who have more experience than me and take me frontward because if I do errors I have the will to alter.

seek good function theoretical accounts. seek advice from books and counsellors.I respect people because I like to be respected. I put a batch of attempts in holding a good repute. In my household.

my grand-father used to be person that was celebrated and was known to be honorable and trusty. Repute is the overall appraisal of the character or quality of a individual by and large held by those who know him or her. For me it is really of import because people need to look up to and esteem you. It can take you topographic points that holding a bad repute can non. Other people’s remarks can formalize.

reinforce. or change your perceptual experiences of who you are and what you can make. The more positive remarks you receive. the more positive self-concept you are likely to roll up.

Conversely. negative remarks destruct self-prides and develop a negative self-concept. It is called the feedback. I know that I have a large sense of wit. I feel good every clip I make my friends or household laugh.

By promoting the temper of those around me. I can cut down their emphasis degrees. and possibly better the quality of societal interaction I experience with them. cut downing my emphasis degree even more! I am a really generous individual ; I ever portion what I have with people who need.Generosity gives me the feeling that I have been able to assist. that I accomplished a mission and I feel proud of myself. I am non the sort of individual who will state everybody what I did. I keep it for myself it is a complacency that I don’t need to portion with anybody else because I think modesty is an of import value that I keep.

Along with the many strengths I’ve gained over clip. One of my failings is that I am a really diffident individual when it comes to hold a conversation with grownups. professors or even friends’ parents. This failing comes from my state because in Morocco there is this civilization of shame with an accent on the fact that younger people should esteem older people. Another failing of mine is that I am naive. I over-trust people.

I tend to believe in what people tell me without oppugning whether it is right or incorrect because for my portion. I wouldn’t make anything bad to person because I strongly believe in the stating don’t do to others what you don’t desire to be done to you. Another of import failing that I am a really sensitive individual. I take things to bosom and acquire excessively defeated when things are done in the incorrect manner.As a decision. ego is the combination of physical and psychological properties that is alone to each person. Communication in interpersonal relationships plays a major function in the development of the self-concept of an single. Self-concept is the features of ideas.

feelings and attributes about ourselves. It is cognitive constituent of the ego and develops from babyhood into the maturity. This shows that the self-concept alterations overtime as one accumulates cognition and experience about the ego. My self-concept has been able to alter in my adolescence and early maturity due to the cultural influences and the upbringing that defines my ideas and feelings about assorted issues in life.Assorted parts of the self-concept include self-esteem. self-image. self-recognition and self-perception. All these parts have changed comparatively in my adolescence and therefore my self-concept has became more sophisticated.

coherent and incorporate self-portrait. I ever think critically. and errors we do in life are interrelated with our qualities. because we build our qualities based on what we learned from our errors. Developing a healthy self-concept takes deliberate planning and concentrated attempt.

It takes admiting your intrinsic value as a human being. and so working to get the accomplishments needed to face the many challenges and hardships we encounter in life. After holding made this study.

I now have a healthy self-concept. I feel more confident and assured because I know I am equipped to manage whatever comes my manner and am willing to set all the necessary attempts to work on my failings and keep my strengths.MentionsSeiler.

William. and Melissa Beall. Communication: Making Connections. 8th erectile dysfunction. Boston:Pearson. ( 2011 ) . 63.

Print.Kaufman. Carolyn. Using Self-Fulfilling Prophecies to Your Advantage hypertext transfer protocol: //www. easybib. com/reference/guide/mla/website ( 2012 )

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