Self Respect Essay, Research PaperSelf-respect is indispensable to every human being. When a individual is born, throughout his life he develops a certain grade of dignity for himself. No 1 can learn him self-respect. Self-respect comes from within a individual. He has to larn it for himself.

Alfred Whitney Griswold put it best when he said,Self regard can non be hunted. It can non be purchased. It is non for sale. It can ne’er be fabricated out of public dealingss. It comes to us when we are entirely, in quiet minutes, in quiet topographic points, when we all of a sudden realize that, cognizing the good, we have done it ; cognizing the beautiful, we have served it ; cognizing the truth, we have spoken it.

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( Anand and Kulbir )If a individual does non hold any self-respect they can non do any determinations for themselves. They will people force into state of affairss they either do or wear t privation to make. People will besides take advantage of them and finally that individual will stop up being cheated.

In life a individual needs to develop a sense of self-respect for themselves in order to do determinations for themselves and be able to last in this universe.To get down Lashkar-e-Taibas specify what precisely self-respect is. Harmonizing to Merriam-Webster & # 8217 ; s Collegiate Dictionary the significance of self-respect is respect for one & # 8217 ; s ain standing or place.

A proper regard for oneself as a human being. Most of the clip dignity has a positive affect on a individual but in some instances it can hold a negative affect on an person. For case when a individual keeps seting himself down and ever thinks he can non make something he develops a lower sense of dignity. Finally that individual will believe so low of himself he won t be able to work in life decently because he will be so down all the clip. He will besides be taken advantage of because he will non hold adequate regard for himself to state no to person.

He will get down believing what he thinks is true even though it is non and frequently at sometimes detest himself and the universe around him. Another manner a individual can loss self regard for himself is by listening to what other people have to state about him. If person degrades a individual who already has a low self-pride that individual might believe what that individual says about him.

Then that individual will develop a low ego of regard for himself. Didion points out that, To make without dignity, on the other manus, is to be an unwilling audience of one to an endless docudrama that inside informations one s weaknesss, both existent and imagined, with fresh footage spliced in for every showing. ( 216 ) . Which means if he doesn Ts have regard for himself now, how will he hold any regard for anything he does? As a consequence, anything he does will be incorrect and consequence in a failure.Peoples with low or no self regard for themselves frequently tend to make what others tell them to make. As in George Orwell s, Shooting the Elephant the constabulary officer did non desire to kill the elephant he was persuaded by the Burmese people to hit it.

I had halted on the route. Equally shortly as I saw the elephant I knew with perfect certainty that I ought non to hit him. ( Orwell 65 ) Orwell continues to state And all of a sudden I realized that I should hold to hit the elephant after all. The people expected it of me and I had got to make it ; I could experience their two thousand volitions pressing me frontward, overwhelmingly. ( 65 )Here in the narrative the European constabulary officer feels force per unit area and realizes that he will non hold the strength to travel against a big group of people who already dislike him. This is a good illustration of how a individual who does non hold a strong sense of dignity would respond. He would make what the crowd wanted him to make even though he knows its incorrect and non ethical.

He thought that it would be most good to him to make what they wanted even though it wasn & # 8217 ; t ethical.A great philosopher from the yesteryear besides had an thought like this. His name was Machiavelli and he didn T attentionat all about moralss. He thought that a individual should make whatever it takes to go well-thought-of. Even if the determinations consist of making something unethically, merely every bit long as it keeps the crowds happy. Whatever the crowd wanted done, the prince would make merely to derive their regard and award. He believed that if a prince did something like this his people would love him and he would be able to remain in power.

The people would honour and esteem him every bit long as he did what they wanted done even if it consists of immoral determinations. Although this is a good attack there was another great philosopher who thought wholly opposite of Machiavelli. This great adult male was Plato. Plato thought that in order to derive any sort of regard a individual should be independent and battle for his determinations.

Plato was a great philosopher who would decease for his ain beliefs. Plato besides thought that a adult male would hold regard and earn regard if he followed ethical motives and moralss. He thought that a individual would derive the most respect by merely lodging to what he believes in and contending for that belief every bit long as it is an ethical determination. Plato thought a individual should ne’er give in unless he heard all the different point of views and sentiments.If we look back to Orwell s determination doing we realize that he went with the Machiavelli attack and did what the people wanted. Although he did utilize Plato s attack and believe about some other results to the state of affairs if he did non hit the elephant. He worries that if he does non hit the elephant the Burmese people will hold even less regard for him though. In the terminal the adult male truly thinks of his self-respect and suggest that if anything went wrong the Burmese Peoples would once more express joy at him and this did non sit good with him.

He says For at that minute, with the crowd watching me, I was non afraid in the ordinary sense, as I would hold been if I had been entirely. A white adult male mustn & # 8217 ; t be frightened in forepart of & # 8220 ; natives & # 8221 ; ; and so, in general, he isn & # 8217 ; T frightened. The exclusive idea in my head was that if anything went incorrect those two thousand Burmans would see me pursued, caught, trampled on and reduced to a grinning cadaver like that Indian up the hill. And if that happened it was rather likely that some of them would express joy.

That would ne’er make. ( Orwell 66 )Here it is clearly stated in the terminal that the constabulary officer is more concerned with what the Burman people would believe of him than, instead than following through with his original programs.Bing pushed into doing determinations because person has a small or no self- regard for himself is non the lone thing that can go on to him. In service instances a individual could populate their life like a anchorite and avoid the whole universe. Didion points out that people with low self-respect frequently alienate themselves from others. They become so paranoid about sharing their ain feelings that they retroactively bottle all feelings up inside them self. ( 218 )In life a individual needs a strong sense of dignity for himself or herself in order to do good determinations for themselves. Peoples should ne’er sell out to other people s thoughts so that they look better in their eyes.

Peoples should be true to themselves and ne’er have to set on an act for person. It may take a strong sense of self-respect to do the right determinations in life but down the line in life you will experience better about yourself if you ever make the determinations you feel are right.Plants CitedAnand and Kulbir. Spoken Words: Self Respect.

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