Senior Citizens Essay, Research PaperActivity: Chapter 9After passing an afternoon questioning my aged neighbors I gained insight into how they perceive the aging procedure and its impact on the quality if their lives. First, and foremost they viewed aging in a really positive and healthy mode. The believed that a positive attitude aids in accepting physical and psychosocial alterations. They enjoyed the fact that they were both physically fit and cognitively watchful. They both felt confident that with the progresss made in wellness attention that the quality of their lives would go on to authorising. They enjoyed the benefits of being Senior Citizens, discounted travel, free instruction, and other inducements marketed towards the aged. The expressed a sense of wellbeing with regard to the legion lodging options geared towards the greying population, such as Retirement Villages, and assisted life.

However, the topic of Long Term Care or Nursing Home arrangement was something that they both regarded with really negative emotions. There was besides a sense of unhappiness and yearning for more contact with their progeny and grandchildren. In states like China where grandparents are an built-in portion of the household, the United States has seen a major displacement off from the atomic household.It is my personal belief that America is a state that suffers from agism. It is the fright of turning old and the stereotypes that aging brings that causes agism. Daily we are faced with advertizements that focus on young person, on looking, feeling, and moving immature.

However, as babe boomers move nearer to the age of retirement this age class, have and will do intelligent, authorising demands on how they are viewed.Age sets are defined as groups unifying persons born during a specific clip. These group associations unite members through material ownerships, typical dance, and rites. As a corporate, this age set move together through their life span.

In the United States where the construct of individualism is of import, we do non see the practice of age sets. There are rites the assorted age classs participate in such as verification or come ining Head Start. However, these patterns can non compare to the construct of age sets.Research:Tribal societies grew from scrounging set with the debut of nutrient production. Different subsistence systems, plantsmans, and pastoralists characterize these societies. Horticulturists that depend on agribusiness can be found in the rain wood and tropical countries. Pastoralists such as the Nuer, who are involved with animate beings, are found in countries of Africa and the Middle East. Due to environmental alterations the Nuer, spend a part of the twelvemonth on the Bankss of the Nile and during the rainy season, they move to higher land.

Due to nutrient production the tribal society is able to prolong a larger population base than that of the little mobile scrounging set. urdock did a cross cultural survey of both groups in 1067 and found that, the population base of the plantsmans can run from 100 to 5000 people compared to the base of 2500 for the pastoralists. The tribal society can besides spread out when confederations are formed with other neighboring folks. As in most modern forage sets, there is some trust on trade and nutrient production. Both groups besides experience slow population growing likely due to the limited resources of both group. Both groups pattern infanticide and signifiers of birth control.

This patriarchal society settees within defined boundaries, unlike the foragers who are really nomadic ever seeking for nutrient in order to keep endurance. It is because of these defined boundaries that tribal societies find warfare more prevalent that that of scrounging sets. When anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon ( Chagnon, 1997 ) , studied the Yanomamo he found that the motion of this South American folk was due to warfare with other folks. Chagnon was able to therefore conclude, that in order for a folk to keep a venue there must be confederations formed with other neighboring sets.

Scupin Raymond. ( 1998 ) Cultural Anthropology A Global Perspective

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