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I didn`t want to ache them, I merely wanted to kill them. This is a quotation mark from

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David Berkowitz, A.K.A. , the Son of Sam. David Berkowitz and all of the other

consecutive slayers tend to believe in alone ways. This paper will speak to you about

features, motivations, different stages, and the correlativity between behaviour

and aggression. Consecutive slayers like everyone else have certain features

that set them apart. To be considered a bonafied consecutive slayer you must slay

at least three to four people with a chilling off period between each slaying.

These violent deaths are normally one on one and are insistent, happening with greater

or lesser frequence over clip ( Characteristics of Serial Murder ) . Consecutive slayers

normally don`t have a connexion with the victim and they really seldom if of all time

hold a rational motivation. The consecutive slayer likes to slay people in the same

form, normally with a high grade of overkill. This grade of overkill sets

them a portion from different consecutive slayers. Consecutive liquidators besides have different

motivations for their slayings. One of the most obvious is that they turn to

slaying for a sense of power ( Forwood ) . For this sense of power they normally

onslaught societies weakest members and those weaker than themselves ( Forwood ) .

This includes the homeless, impaired, and normally the immature of both sexes. When

they kill the homeless and impaired they are normally moving on the Missionary

Motive. This is when they feel that it is their duty to free society of

its unwanted dwellers. There are besides Visionary slayers which are normally

instructed to kill by the voices that are in their caput ( schizophrenic disorder ) . The

last type of these motivations is the Hedonist. They kill because it brings them the

pleasance to make so. This group is separated into three sub-categories which are

lecherousness slayers, bang slayers and addition slayers. Lust slayers kill for sexual

pleasance. They are normally sexually developing and they kill for sexual

satisfaction. Thrill slayers kill people because it brings them a haste. These

types of pagans normally kill a batch more because they are addicted to this

haste. Derive slayers ever kill people for some type of addition. This is normally

money but it can besides be something like a occupation publicity. Another point of a

Consecutive Killer is that their head is invariably traveling through one of their seven

stages. The first of these stages is the Aura Phase. This is the portion where the

slayer reveries about decease and devastation. After awhile these demented

phantasies normally have the impulse to be acted upon. This leads into the 2nd

phase which is the Trolling Phase. In the Trolling Phase the consecutive slayer attempts

to happen the perfect victim for their demands. They normally tend to look in school

paces or lovers lanes or even ruddy light territories. This might travel on for hours

yearss and sometimes even months, until the perfect victim will be found. This

will get down the Wooing Phase. Consecutive slayers normally act really debonnaire to acquire

their victims to swear them. After the Wooing Stage comes the Capture Stage.

This is where the slayer reveals what he is. He may pull you into his auto where

there`s no door manage for you to acquire out. This is disturbingly fun for them and

is included in their ill sadistic game. Then comes the flood tide, the Murder

Phase. They may merely make up one’s mind to kill you, but sometimes, they will make up one’s mind to

anguish you to decease, seek to resuscitate you on the threshold of decease to torment you

more ( Scott ) . The 6th phase is the Totem Stage. This stage is where the slayer

will take a memoir of you. It might include your jewellery or apparels or even a

piece of your organic structure. After this, comes the 7th and five

Al stage which is

Depression. There is great emotional allow down for the slayer. They may even

become so down as to try self-destruction. But sooner or later they will get down

twenty-four hours woolgathering more and this whole rhythm will maintain reiterating itself until the

slayer is either caught or dies ( Characteristics of Serial Murder ) . There is

besides some correlativity between behaviour and aggression in consecutive slayers. This

agencies that as a kid, consecutive slayers experience the same childhood

troubles. About all consecutive slayers have gone through one of the Awful

Triad. The Awful Triad includes bedwetting, sadistic maltreatment of animate beings and

pyromania. Many consecutive slayers as kids have been known to kill and mistreat

animate beings. The most popular pick of these animate beings is cats. They have been known

to be thrown out of Windowss and sliced unfastened, merely to see how long they would

live. Besides cats have had a bad blame of being set on fire. Pyromania is another

trait of immature consecutive slayers. They normally keep themselves occupied with this

until boredom sets in and so travel on to bigger and better things. Bedwetting

is the last of the Terrible Triad. Sixty per centum of all consecutive slayers have moistures

the bed past the age of 12. This causes great emotional hurting. Alton Coleman

was one of these bed wetting agents. He recalls being called Pissy by all of his

vicinity friends. He went on to kill eight people as he tried to perpetrate a

new act of force each and every twenty-four hours. However these are non the lone

connexions. Many of the mental jobs that occur with consecutive slayers is

related to bad parenting. As childs, most of the slayers suffered from sexual and

or physical maltreatment and besides child disregard. Henry Lee Lucas was beaten and starved

rather often as a kid ( Forwood ) . He was sometimes made to have on his female parents

frocks, and even forced to watch his cocotte female parent with her clients.

Other mental issues have besides come away through consecutive slayers. Normally

ignored kids find ways to be noticed. This is shown in the consecutive killers`

instance because they are killing people for the attending that it brings to them.

They see themselves on telecasting and in the newspapers and sometimes even the

magazines. This makes them believe, wow person out at that place does cognize that I exist,

and these ideas are what keeps them traveling. Sometimes consecutive slayers even find

out that they are the merchandise of an unwanted gestation. This tends to take down

their ego regard and it seems to do them desire to derive power. To derive back

these feelings of power and self deserving consecutive slayers take it out on the

community, tormenting and killing many guiltless people. In decision there are

many factors that affect the manner that consecutive slayers think. Consecutive slayers are

mentally confused but most of them have good ground excessively be. It is said that

consecutive slayers do non travel through the individualization phase as a kid ( `Characteristics

of Serial Murder ) . This means that they are non able to state that what they are

pain is a life, external respiration, experiencing human being. Consecutive slayers are non

something to be scoffed at. They are a serious job to society. Remember the

most scarey fact about consecutive slayers is that its non merely a random act of

force, its planned at first sight.

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