Sexual activity Before Marriage Essay, Research Paper

It is Saturday dark ; you are acquiring ready to travel out for a

dark on the town. Since it is singles dark at the local saloon

you decide to travel at that place and pass your Saturday dark,

possibly acquire in a game whilst you indulge yourself in drinks. At

the saloon you non merely run into person to your wishing but after a

twosome of drinks you find that you wake up the following forenoon

with her beside you, non retrieving precisely what

happened last dark. All you can retrieve is the wild

dance and the loud music. It takes you a long clip before

you can recognize that you really kip with person that you

had know for a mere twosome of hours. But that is absolutely

normal and you return to work the following twenty-four hours as if nil

happened over the weekend. After all it? s the 90? s.

This state of affairs might look really familiar to a figure of people

for this seems to be the on-going tendency in run intoing people and

geting pleasance. Sexual activity without Love has become common

pattern in the twenty-first century, with really few people halting

to inquire, “ Is it truly worth it ” , or “ Is that the right thing to

make ” . Well has anyone stopped to inquire, “ How do they make it ” ?

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How is it possible to hold sex without doing love? Sexual activity has

go a mere signifier of amusement, a signifier of geting

pleasance without the feeling of love. It is non necessary to be

in love to do love. That seems to be the dominant position in

present society. Nightclubs, bars, saloons, are non merely topographic points

where person goes for a drink but is someplace where

person can really run into person and slumber with them the

same dark. Peoples spend a great trade of clip on themselves

working out, looking good so they can pull a member of

the opposite sex trusting that they would pull off to kip

with person who looks good. Whatever happened to

really cognizing what person truly is like before really

kiping with them? After all is non the best pleasance

acquired merely when we fall in love? Or is it that love has

go a rare portion of life?

The twenty-first century has experienced Sex without Love, and in

the sentiment of this newsman the American society has

witnessed the loss of basic human values. But I am certain that

there are people who might differ. Although I feel that it is

imperative to halt and inquire us, Why? This is an issue that

should be addressed lest it is excessively late.

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