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Sexual activity Education Messages In The Media

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The media should non be blamed for the gender of American

young person.

First concern in sexual activity is excessively much media. Television is

something that kids ticker all the clip. Television shows that show sexual

activity and kids pick up on those events rapidly. Adolescents dream about

get marrieding person who is good looking and has money and so get downing a

household with them. A batch of teens watch soap operas and romantic shows.

Teenss see childs, their age, holding sex and acquiring pregnant and they think they

can make it, excessively. Parents should watch what types of Television shows and films that

their kids are watching. Television commercials are expressed when it comes to

demoing sex. Teenss can pick up thoughts about sex from commercials. Such as,

the Trojan Man and the Durex commercials shown often on MTV and

other Stationss. The media could be more distinct about that kind of stuff

on the airwaves. In visible radiation of these statistics, it would look that the

nonjudgemental/safe-sex attack can add up to a unsafe combination.

Dr. Theresa Crenshaw, a past president of the American Association of Sexual activity

Educators, Counselors and Therapists, in testimony before a House

subcommittee in February 1987, said, ? To state that the usage of rubbers is

? safe sex? is in fact playing Russian roulette. A batch of people will decease in this

unsafe game. ? Yet despite warnings like this, school teachers routinely

present homosexualism to their pupils as merely another option about which

they must make up one’s mind for themselves ( Kilpatrick

598 ) . On the other manus, with

the popular telecasting show, Ellen, the chief character and the actress who

played her, Ellen Degenerous, was an unfastened tribade. This views homophiles

as nice, fun loving people and non the despised figures that some community

militants portray them as. In bend, the media can be a approval to the homosexual

community because they show the lighter side of their sexual penchant.

Then once more, some parents view this as a incorrect statement and garbage to allow

their kids watch this show. Another show is Will and Grace, Will is a

homosexual adult male populating with his friend Grace. This show was aired after the Ellen

show was cancelled because of it? s bad evaluations after she came out into the

spotlight with her? secret? .

Second concern in the media. All kinds of adolescent? s and adult females? s

magazines that are in shops today are filled with sex and what types of

protection to utilize. Parents should watch what their childs are reading. In

magazines there are a batch of images that kids and adolescents wear? Ts need to


Following concern in the media. On the wireless they talk about sex and many

different ways to hold sex. Teenss and kids listen to the wireless and they

shouldn? T be listening to some of the subjects discussed on those wireless shows.

Children pick up on things rapidly and are easy influenced by things traveling

on around them. Planned Parenthood? s Alan Guttnacher Institute, published

the consequences of two big surveies, both of which failed to demo any decrease in

sexual activity for adolescents who had taken sex instruction classs ( Kilpatrick

591 ) .

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