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Sexual Abstinence by: Tyler Whidby Foley College Prep Writing November 6, 1995 Today & # 8217 ; s universe is full of concerns and jobs which did non impact teens a coevals ago. New jobs keep looking in today & # 8217 ; s universe, such as STDs, increased gestation rates, and other factors confronting teens who choose to hold sex. Emotionally and physically teens and acquiring less developed before holding sex and are non prepared for the serious jobs which come along with their determination to hold sex. No thirster is it a affair which will merely travel off if we ignore it, but adolescent wellness and the wellness of our society depend on picks which today & # 8217 ; s teens make sing sex. With so many diseases and jobs confronting today & # 8217 ; s universe, abstention is the lone manner to protect ourselves. Abstinence is a safe pick in forestalling the possibility of gestation. One-tenth of immature adult females between the ages of 15 and 19 get pregnant every twelvemonth, 83 per centum of these gestations are unwanted or unplanned. One-half of the single teens who get pregnant do so within six months of their first sexual experience. In fact, between 1986 and 1990, adolescent childbearing increased by 16 per centum. What & # 8217 ; s worse, pregnant adolescents frequently don & # 8217 ; t see a physician until the clip of bringing. The dangers of traveling through a gestation without seeing a physician are non merely serious to the female parent and kid, but may put on the line the lives of both. “ I & # 8217 ; m making the organic structure count at 3 a.m. at Ben Taub [ Hospital ] , ” said Dr. Hunter Hamill, “ and I can state you that most of our ( adolescent gestation bar ) plans aren & # 8217 ; t working. We have blood on our custodies. ” ( Feldman 1 ) . Without seeing physicians or having right pre-natal attention, the hazard of complications for female parent and kid about quadruple. Not merely can these complications include still birth, but may besides do inordinate hemorrhage and hemorrhaging of the female parent. Harmonizing to an article in America magazine, “ The topographic point to get down battling adolescent gestation is in the household, non a clinic. ” ( Leone 19 ) . Although parents seem to be afraid to speak to their kids about sex, it is critical to the teens & # 8217 ; wellness. If teens feel their parents are loath to talk about sex, they may experience uncomfortable coming to theur parents with any jobs or concerns about sex. Teenss who feel they can non talk to their parents about STDs or gestation can now talk confidentially with their physician. Doctors are required to inform and handle teens with confidentiality if the adolescent seeks their aid. Another serious job environing adolescent sexual intercourse is the chance of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs ) . Each twelvemonth, three million teens are infected with STDs. Among 14- to 20-year-olds, chlamydia is the most common. It has no obvious symptoms, and can do sterility if left untreated. Another common disease is herpes, which causes sores and painful puffiness of the genitalias. Its symptoms can be managed, but non cured. Fifteen per centum of all adolescent misss carry the virus that causes venereal warts, another common STD. Gonorrhea, non uncommon in teens, is known to do pelvic hurting, discharge, and painful micturition. It may go forth its victims sterile. Possibly even more serious is the disease Syphilis, which killed celebrated gangster Al Capone. It causes sores, roseolas, encephalon and organ harm, and decease. It can besides harm an unborn kid. AIDS ( Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ) is a turning danger, and is by far the most serious sexually familial disease. “ Kids Don & # 8217 ; Ts take AIDS earnestly, ” said Dr. James W. Curran. “ One thing they do hold is sex. They have sex. They have sex. They have sex. ” ( Ferriss 16 ) AIDS is the 6th taking cause of decease among 15- to 24-year-olds. Cases among teens have grown 62 per centum in the past two old ages, and the figure of teens with AIDS doubles every 14 months. A fifth of all AIDS victims in this state today are in their mid-twentiess, and since the disease takes two to ten old ages to develop, those victims contracted it in their teenage old ages. Even scarier is that, harmonizing to a survey of 19 universities, one in 500 college pupils may transport the AIDS virus. With these scaring statistics, it & # 8217 ; s easy to see why many teens are taking non to hold sex. Many bold adolescents think they can wholly avoid gestation and STDs by utilizing assorted signifiers of preventives. However, while it does decrease the opportunities of disease and unwanted gestation, birth control is non ever reliable. Harmonizing to Dr. John G. Sholl. the term “ safe sex ” is a “ misleading, incongruous combination of words. ” ( Ferriss 16 ) Dr. Sholl is peculiarly concerned with the mistakes of the most popular signifier of birth control, the rubber. “ Condoms do leak, and they do steal off, ” Dr. Sholl said. ( Ferriss 16 ) Not merely that, but STDs and even HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, have been known to go through through rubbers made of lambskin. Believe it or non, even unwritten preventives ( better known as “ The Pill ” ) aren & # 8217 ; t ever foolproof. Although “ The Pill ” diminishes the opportunities of gestation, it does non offer any protection against STDs or AIDS. Other medical drawbacks include side effects such as minimum weight addition, sickness, high blood pressure, benign liver tumours, and an increased hazard of blood coagulums and shots. Recent surveies have linked its usage with the development of chest malignant neoplastic disease. In tobacco users, it may besides increase the hazard of bosom onslaughts. “ The Pill ” is non inexpensive ; it costs from $ 10 to $ 30 a month, plus physicians & # 8217 ; fees. Womans who are taking anodynes or antibiotics should NEVER take unwritten preventives, as those medicines can interfere with “ The Pill & # 8217 ; s effectivity. All things considered, if today & # 8217 ; s abstention plans were working, “ The Pill ” wouldn & # 8217 ; t be necessary, anyhow. An older signifier of birth control, the IUD ( intrauterine device ) has many drawbacks. IUDs can merely be inserted by a doctor, and those incorporating Cu or slowly-released Lipo-Lutin ( a female endocrine ) must be sporadically replaced. More recent surveies have revealed that IUDs may besides do pelvic inflammatory disease, an infection which could take to blockage of the fallopian tubing or an ectopic gestation ( within the fallopian tubing or elsewhere outside the womb ) . It has besides been linked with the increased hazard of sterility, even when there are no obvious grounds. Other methods of birth control are besides troublesome. The stop, sponge, female rubber, IUD, and cervical cap must all be inserted into the vagina. Most are mussy and awkward to infix, and must be left in topographic point for six hours after intercourse. Norplant, little capsu

lupus erythematosuss placed in the tegument that release endocrines sporadically over a period of five old ages, are expensive and have to be inserted and removed by a physician. The “ backdown ” method ( remotion of the phallus prior to interjection ) is really uneffective, because pre-ejaculate fluids some-times transporting diseases and incorporating little sums of sperm can leak from the phallus. It takes merely a individual sperm to fertilise an egg! By far, the best signifier of birth control is abstinence. It’s a hundred per centum effectual, clean and easy to utilize, prevents gestation and STDs, ever available, and it costs nil. The lone major drawback is that it requires self-discipline on the parts of those who pattern it. Possibly an even more convincing factor is that of faith and moral value. As the Christian church puts it, sex should be for the intent of reproduction and nil else. In the Bible, 1st Corinthians 6:13 provinces: “ Now the organic structure is non for fornication, but for the Lord ; and the Lord for the organic structure. ” And 6:18 says that we should “ fly from fornication…he that commiteth fornication sinneth against his ain organic structure. ” In scriptural times, any married adult female who was proven to hold had prenuptial sex was stoned to decease at the door of her father’s place by the work forces of the metropolis. If an occupied adult female was seduced by one other than her bride-to-be, she and the adult male who seduced her were besides stoned to decease she for non shouting for aid, and he because he’d violated the virginity of another man’s bride-to-be. The bible clearly states that “ God wants you to be holy and pure, and to maintain clear of all sexual wickedness so that each of you will get married in sanctity and award – non in lubricious passion as the pagan do, in their ignorance of God and his ways. ” “ Honor your matrimony and its vows, and be pure ; for God will certainly penalize all those who are immoral or commit criminal conversation, ” says Hebrews 13:4. The Catholic faith is really rigorous in its instructions of abstention. They believe strongly in that sex is for reproduction merely. In fact, the lone signifier of birth control approved by the Roman Catholic church is the “ rhythm method, ” or the turning away of intercourse around the clip of the female’s ovulation. ( This method is non effectual in forestalling gestation. ) However, nine out of 10 Catholics do non believe that gestation bar is incorrect, and six of 10s are utilizing some signifier of unreal contraceptive method. Catholics are prosecuting in prenuptial sex more than any other group of individual Americans. Merely 17 per centum think that prenuptial sex is ever incorrect. These facts are merely another illustration turn outing that abstention instructions are weak in our churches and schools. Adolescent members of the Baptist church have signed understandings stating they’ll abstain until they’re married. The plan is called True Love Waits, and more and more high school and college childs are vowing to stay chaste.13-year-old Kenneth Legary thinks it’s a great thought, “ I don’t want to catch anything, and at the same clip, I can be loyal to God and my parents, ” he says ( Maynard B3 ) . The promise reads: “ Believing that true love delaies, I make a committedness to God, myself, my household, those I day of the month, my future mate, and my future kids to be sexually pure until the twenty-four hours I enter a covenant matrimony relationship. ” “ The nucleus of the whole thing, ” says Margaret Gleason, young person group leader at the First Baptist Church of Lakewood, “ is that God tells us to wait, ” ( Maynard B3 ) . So retrieve what the Bible says in Psalms 119:1 “ Happy are all who absolutely follow the Torahs of God. ” In add-on, sex is surrounded by many emotional and mental effects. “ Sex, particularly the first clip, can go forth you feeling really emotional and really vulnerable, ” says kid and adolescent psychologist Joan Kinlan. ( Rodriguez 52 ) . Many people feel used after holding sex for the first clip. Others may experience as though they’ve been exploited. Sexual activity can be really dissatisfactory, due to differing physical sexual responses and uncomfortability between two spouses. Guilt is besides non an uncommon feeling after sex. Peoples who weren’t ready feel like they’ve Lashkar-e-Taiba themselves and others down. Sexual activity, in contrast to popular belief, does non ever lead to emotional familiarity. Many teens who have sex before they’re ready have complicated and disappointing relationships, and shortly the bond between the twosome deteriorates. Sexual activity can’t make one individual like another more than they did earlier. Having sex doesn’t mean that a individual will remain in a relationship, and it surely won’t repair a crumpling one. It may protract one, but can non mend one. It can merely do things worse. While adulthood plays a big portion in the determination to hold sex, it may non be plenty. Other factors are involved. There is no certain “ right ” age to get down a sexual relationship. “ Sex is a really single, personal determination, ” says New York clinical psychologist Laurie Stein, ( Rodriguez 52 ) . Besides, a individual can hold a warm, fulfilling relationship without sex. Priscilla Reynolds, a Maine mother-of-two, says, “ Equally far as I’m concerned, you don’t necessitate a sexual relationship to be involved with another individual. ” ( Ferriss 19 ) . In decision, I believe Marjorie Love says it best: “ Complete monogamousness is the lone safe manner. ” ( Ferriss 19 ) It’s true there is no better manner to protect yourself from all the dangers environing sex. After all, you’re a function theoretical account. You have criterions to keep, and duties to carry through. Take it from Timothy 4:12 “ Don’t allow anyone believe small of you because you are immature. Be their ideal ; allow them follow the manner you teach and live ; be a form for them in your love, your religion, and your clean ideas. ” In a affair of life and decease such as this, abstaining from prenuptial sex is the lone sensible and safe pick for today’s teens.

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