Traveling to a Halloween party. seeing friends. household members or complete aliens dressed up in their competition winning costumes. is all a portion of a good clip. Hiding your individuality behind a mask. and moving in ways you ne’er would is wholly in good merriment. Sing adult females dressed up in little-to-no vesture. uncovering their organic structures is acceptable behaviour at events like these. Work force flocking over adult female who are dressed as medical professionals. inquiring if anyone is in demand of a nurse. is “hot” to the bulk of work forces ; but. is it “hot” to the nurse who earned a grade in nursing or is it degrading and potentially seting “real” nurses in hazard for their lives. ”

The sex crave over hot sexy nurses has. in my sentiment. gotten out of manus. A requirement of nursing school is non about holding a “pin-up” costume in your cupboard. instead. it is about accomplishing good classs. acquiring accepted into a nursing plan. ( which is non easy. “According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing ( AACN ) . “the latest information show that 75. 587 qualified applications to professional nursing plans were turned off last twelvemonth. including more than 14. 354 applications to graduate plans. ” ) and eventually. sitting for your province boards. None of which have anything to make with looking sexy in a nursing costume

Second paragraph- per centums of nurses
Third Paragraph- talk about the discourtesy and how it can play a function in the population of possible pupils inscribing in nursing school decision

hypertext transfer protocol: //media. beta. photobucket. com/image/sexy % 20nurse/jazzy31362/nurse-1. jpg
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aacn. nche. edu/news/articles/2012/enrollment-data

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