Shakespeare And West Side Stor Essay, Research PaperMovie ReviewWest Side StoryWest Side Story, a 1961 production starring Rita Moreno and Natalie Wood, is an version of William Shakespeare s drama Romeo and Juliet.

West Side Story is a brassy production filled with music, dance and visible radiation. It presents Shakespeare s drama from a 1960 s interior metropolis position.In the film two rival packs, the Jets and the Sharks, demonstrate cultural biass between Puerto Rican and American inner metropolis inhabitants. The hate between the two groups is apparent from the beginning of the movie. The drama opens with the Jets, the American pack, rolling the streets snarling their fingers and dancing.

The Jets run into the Sharks while singing and a battle that is filmed as a dance ensues. The cops semen and interrupt up the battle. The groups pretend to be friends when tie ining with the bulls. When faced with the chances of acquiring in problem the packs work together to forestall this from go oning. By demoing the members of these packs working together, the managers want to remind the audience that the packs are made up of male childs who do non understand that their bias is cycling out of control.The hatred displayed by the two groups is destined to oppress the west side equivalent of Romeo and Juliet, Maria and Tony. The scene where Maria and Tony meet is the most dramatic scene in the film.

The two groups are dancing in the same hall when Maria and Tony see each other. The music, which is loud, the dance, which is fast, and the lighting, which is bright, alterations when they see each other. The floor becomes wholly dark, merely lightened by a limelight focused on Tony and Maria. They dance easy to soft music and so snog. Equally shortly as they kiss, the visible radiations come back on and the loud music sketchs.

Bernardo, Maria s brother, pulls them apart ; nevertheless, they continue to look at each other and the audience becomes cognizant that their love will non be squelched.As the film continues, the love between Maria and Tony grows. In a scene similar to the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet, Tony comes to Maria s balcony and professes his love to her. The scene is characterized by what the audience envisions as a stereotypedintercity flat balcony. The similarities between the two different scenes show the common nexus between the two dramas, that is, the ageless nexus between love and relationships, even though times change.

Music has a dramatic affect on the audience in West Side Story. In the balcony scene, music draws the audience into the scene in a more emotional sense. Tony s profession of love is apparent through the celebrated vocal Maria. Musical and dance composings give the film more entreaty to the Sixties audience. An particularly memorable vocal occurs when Bernardo and his girlfriend Anita, who is played by Rita Moreno, sing on the roof of their edifice about American life.

Bernardo displays his contempt for Americans in the vocal, while Anita sings about the things she loves in America. Dancing Numberss add to the consequence that the music provides. Many of the battle scenes are portrayed in a dance manner. The rumbling, which is organized between the two packs and is meant to be a just battle, is an illustration of one of the battles portrayed as a dance. In the dance Bernardo ends up drawing a knife and knifing Tony s friend, which is so followed by Tony knifing Bernardo. The dancing Michigans when the violent deaths occur, and the film takes a serious bend. At this point in the film the hate between the two packs has changed from dancing, typifying a boylike competition, to a more somber ambiance which is symbolized by the deficiency of dancing. The eventual consequence of the packs disdain for each other is the crumbling of the love of Tony and Maria.

Bernardo s friend, Geno, shoots and putting to deaths Tony. Maria is enraged and blames the packs on his decease. The film leaves the audience with the perceptual experience that the two packs will no longer contend, though it took decease to do them recognize that their bias was incorrect.

West Side Story does an exceeding occupation of turning the Shakespeare drama into a film with entreaty for the modern civilization. West Side changes the household feud that destroys Romeo and Juliet into the cultural feud that tears apart Tony and Maria. The dance, illuming and music addition the entreaty to the Sixties audience and performing artists such as Rita Moreno and Natalie Wood, who are accompanied by the legendary mark written by Leonard Bernstein make West Side Story a authoritative.

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