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Compare & A ; Contrast

While comparing and contrasting information from, & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution, & # 8221 ; by Sonoma County Ski and Snowboard Guide, and an article written by Rich Taylor of Popular Mechanics called & # 8220 ; Shaped Skis & # 8221 ; I found information on many facets of the new molded ski engineering. Information ranged from safety to ski technique. Rich Taylor & # 8217 ; s article is a better beginning for my concluding research paper because of its relevance, accurate word picture, and it is a dependable and accurate resource.

This new molded ski engineering requires new cognition of the athletics, claims & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution & # 8221 ; . Skiers must larn to ski on the new skis, because their old skiing manner will non execute the same compared to the new skiing manner ( Sonoma 1 ) . The article & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution & # 8221 ; lacked specific information refering tips, accomplishments and direction on the new molded skis. This made the article harder to understand and grok. The article & # 8220 ; Shaped Skis & # 8221 ; included much more information including: safety statistics, history of the molded ski. Which made Taylor & # 8217 ; s article wide and was able to provide information of the whole shaped ski revolution. Making Taylor & # 8217 ; s article more utile and good.

The new molded skis have caused a revolution in the athletics of downhill skiing. Shaped skis have made intermediate skiers ski like experts ( Taylor 1 ) . From immature to old, the ski revolution has begun and many are sing its effects. Taylor & # 8217 ; s article focused on the history of the skis, claiming that the new skis are able to miraculously do skiing easier. Taylor gave first-class illustrations of who was utilizing the molded skis, such as novices to the experts. & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution & # 8221 ; left the subject of who was utilizing the molded skis unfastened ended. They did non give illustrations of who specifically was utilizing the new molded skis. This vagueness was something that hindered the article & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution. & # 8221 ;

Taylor & # 8217 ; s article had many subjects embedded in it, such as safety benefits, history and benefits for all skiers. Taylor & # 8217 ; s broad array of subjects will be more utile and relevant for a beginning for my concluding research paper. & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution & # 8221 ; lacked information of more so a few Fieldss. The information from the usher was slightly irrelevant for my demands and was excessively much in item.

The new ski revolution is here and it will go on to remain until the yearss of old convention skis are gone. Today, every major ski industry is doing at that place ain line of molded skis ( Taylor 1 ) . This new tendency or revolution has been stretched worldwide. For illustration, people from the Alps to the Rocky Mountains are sing the new molded skis. Major ski industries are puting 1000000s of dollars to increase the engineering of the new molded ski. This information of different companies and the outstretch of the new engineering will be really utile in my concluding research paper. & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution & # 8221 ; lacked specific company information of the molded skis, which was needed in my concluding paper.

Taylor & # 8217 ; s article makes an feeling that anyone can merely skip on a new brace of the molded skis and there will be instant betterment. The article & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution & # 8221 ; disagrees with this claim. It explained that the new skis required a new type of skiing manner. This manner is something that must be learned and developed by each skier at each skiing degree. With the combination of new skiing engineering and developing the skiing manner that goes along with the new skis. & # 8220 ; The Shaped Ski Revolution & # 8221 ; presented a better position of what the skis can perchance make compared to Taylor & # 8217 ; s article.

History is a major portion of anything, everything must come from someplace. I noticed in Deems taylors article there was a major difference in when the article was written. His article had

cardinal mentions to where and when the new molded ski revolution began. Whereas the article “The Shaped Ski Revolution” explains more the use of the molded ski. Time makes a major difference in the two articles, Deems taylors article was intended to do people be cognizant of the new molded ski, whereas the article “The Shaped Ski Revolution” helped explicate that the skis are on the market and this is how to utilize them right. For my concluding paper I am looking for a more wide and general expression at the molded skis, which Taylor’s article has.

Both articles proved to hold really utile information in them. When looking at beginnings one must look at who wrote the beginning. Rich Taylor is a author for a well known and respected magazine, doing his article more dependable. The Sonoma Ski and Snowboard Guide is non every bit good known or respected and the article is non looked upon as an article that dependable and trusty.

Each article presented specific information that will turn out to be utile in my concluding paper. The information regarding: history, safety, use and the new molded ski revolution will all be subjects covered in my concluding research paper. I found that Rich Taylor & # 8217 ; s article was more wide in the manner it covered the subjects I was interested in. Taylor & # 8217 ; s article will be a better beginning for usage in my concluding research paper.


Annotated Bibliography

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[ The Denver station had many articles sing skiing because of its comparative location to the mountain. In Claudia & # 8217 ; s article I found general information about how the intelligence skis worked and how they were being marketed to the general populace. Her article was a commentary on the new engineering. ]

Egan, Dan. & # 8220 ; Ski the heterosexual and narrow. & # 8221 ; Skiing October 1997: 162.

[ Dan Egan, an expert skier. Gives his grasp to the conventional ski. In my article I would wish to besides give grasp to the conventional ski. What the ski has done and some of its benefits. Skiing is a athletics that has been around for a long clip, I would wish to honour some of the history. ]

Hamilton, Kendall. & # 8220 ; Turn, turn turn. & # 8221 ; Newsweek December 1995: 76.

[ This article shows how the new skis has worked admirations for all skiers from: the novice to the adept race driver. The article explains where the ski has performed really good and where the engineering is heading in the hereafter. This article besides gives respects to a few of the pioneering companies for the molded ski. ]

Lito, Tejanda-Flores. & # 8220 ; Stop turning your skis. & # 8221 ; Skiing November 1998: 136-138.

[ The new engineering can non work out the job of larning how to ski. One must cognize basic accomplishments when larning. This article gave measure by measure instructions on how to utilize the new molded ski. It gave direction for rushing to pulverize skiing. I would wish to portion tips for utilizing the skis in my paper and I feel that this article give great tips and will assist me give a general thought of how to utilize these new skis ]

Oliver, Peter. & # 8220 ; Are super side-cuts safe? & # 8221 ; Skiing November 1997: 42-43.

[ Safety is a refering factor for many athleticss, I feel that many people will be interested to hear that the new molded skis offer a safer ski to ski on. This article explains how the ski is safer and surveies have shown that the new ski causes less knee hurts. This article will be good in the account of the safety side of skiing. ]

Taylor, Rich. & # 8220 ; Hourglass borders take over the slopes. & # 8221 ; Popular Mechanics December 1996: 22-26.

[ This gave a elaborate inside expression at the new ski engineering. This article proved to be really helpful. There were good images and elaborate drawings that show how the molded ski plants compared to its counter-type the conventional ski. ]

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