Sharecrop Contracts of the 1882 was a contract that seemed to be for the landholders and non for the existent sharecrop farmer. The landholders seem to non truly take attention of the sharecrop farmers in any manner.

The landowner’s duties seem to merely be to provide the land or more like leasing it and harvesting the net incomes of the portion sharecrop farmers in order to maintain them in debt to the landholders and ne’er really liberating them to have their ain land and freedom really maintaining them non. as slaves. but still acquiring the benefits of bondage.

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The landholders agreed to provide 30 to 35 estates and supply them. or fundamentally lease them. a squad of Equus caballuss. a plough. and farming implements.

Landowners insisted that the sharecrop farmers give them half of their harvests no inquiries inquire or at least do up for half of the fresh fish even if the sharecrop farmers harvests failed for any ground. The sharecrop farmers wasn’t even supposed to be concerned with where the seed to the cotton or maize went or even cognize how much merchandise they produced. the Landowner kept it housed and took it to the market and sold it and the sharecrop farmer had to merely swear that they was being honest in giving them what was left after the Landowner took out all the disbursals and tax write-offs.

The landholders besides made it where the sharecrop farmers could non works any produce at their topographic point of life if so the Landowner received a part of it. The Landowners besides said what when and where the sharecrop farmers should set their fencings and if it is non to his liking they would hold to rupture it down and reconstruct it from the underside up every bit good as if the land proprietor furnishes the mule or horse the sharecrop farmer must set 1000 good sized tracks and maintain it up as seen tantrum to the landholders. The landholders besides insist that the sharecrop farmer can merely work for him as to maintain them from having any money from anyplace else to assist help with life disbursal in order to do certain that they are in changeless debt to them.The sharecrop farmers that sign these contracts have 10 old ages to carry through their contract if non everything that the sharecrop farmer has goes back to the landholder and they are made to travel or work for free for the landholder until their debt is paid off in full. Most every sharecrop farmer ne’er gets out of debt to the Landowner so at that place for they are ne’er truly freed from them and it was illegal for any inkinesss at that clip to non be working and could be prosecuted for being a drifter. which held high punishments back so.

Sharecropping back so was no more than glorified slave having in my ain personal sentiment. Which today sharecropping is still in pattern but in a whole different regard and a wholly different contract. which benefits both the Landowner and the sharecrop farmer.

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