Shelby Moulden22 January 2018Marek 5th PeriodThe Lottery by Shirley JacksonIn the short story, “The Lottery,” it comes across as a normal day in a small town, but little did they know it would soon turn to be evil after a woman is stoned to death for winning the lottery. Jackson shows us the evils in today’s through this book. In the society today, we have a very casual reaction towards affliction. Jackson shows us our natural, almost evil human nature through the town’s casual behavior about the lottery. The men talk about “rain, tractors, and taxes” and all the women gossip. This is very similar to how we are today. Not just the guys always talk about farming and taxes, but they talk about work, cars, video games, etc. Many women, to this day, gossip.. A lot. Not saying that every woman does, but majority of the people who gossip are girls. I just don’t think guys really care all that much about it. The people in the book weren’t even looking at their own lives about this, all they wanted was to see a live stoning. She gives a lot of examples of hypocrisy in the book, which is a huge thing in our society today. Tessie was almost in support of stoning other people, but when she ends up being the one who is getting stone she says,”It isn’t fair, it isn’t right.” (Jackson 868). Mr. and Mrs. Adams talked of stopping the lottery to end the terrible things that come about it, but that all changes the day of the stoning. The men seem to be distressed about women having to have men draw for them, “Glad to see your mother’s got a man to do it” and “Don’t you have a grown boy to do it?” (Jackson 865). At the end of the book the men no longer care about the women. Being a woman doesn’t save you from death. I think a lot of people are like the people in the book; selfish, self absorbed, and really do not care about other people. They like to put up a front to end things, when in reality a lot of the people love to see bad things happen to each other. I know a lot of people who are like that and it’s really quite sickening. I see people treat each other like trash and then expect others to treat them with respect, I can’t see the logic behind that whatsoever.

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