(Shendge, Shelar, & Kapase,

The Research
paper focuses on effects and significance of cashless strategy in India.

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to the Government of India the cashless strategy will build business, decrease
money related theft in this manner diminishing danger of conveying money.
Cashless strategy will likewise decrease money related debasement and pull in
more outside financial specialists to the nation. The study also tried to analyse
future trends of cashless transactions. This study only used secondary data
from various sorces.


(Malhotra, 2017)

This study was conducted to find out the effects of the cashless transactions and its impact

Indian economy. They
study was conducted using primary and secondary methods. They found out the
various cashless options used for sending and receiving money by the help of
interviews conducted primarily on the common people. they found out the various
benefits associated with a cashless economy. The study concluded that the cashless economy is the need of the hour but
there is need to educate people about the various modes of transacting using
various modes of transaction. They also concluded that there is need for
the infrastructure to be put into place to move towards cashless economy.





This investigation concentrated on the present
arrangement of paper money and coins. It focused on devising a model that beats
the weaknesses of money. This investigation likewise talks about how the
concurrence of money with plastic cash serves nearly nothing. With the
assistance of innovation, a totally cashless economy isn’t as a long way from
us as one anticipates. It additionally takes a looks at the current card based instalment
framework. It additionally isolates the distinctive cards being utilized by the



(Gorlamandala, 2017)

This report basically focuses on how the objective of
demonetisation was to move towards a cashless society. They mainly used the
secondary sources to publish the report. This report talked about the various
benefits of moving to a cashless economy. It also drew comparison with several
countries to show the benefits of cashless economy. It also talked about
various tools which will help the country to become a digital economy.

(SWAIN & SAHOO, 2017)

This research paper focuses on the effect of demonetization on Banking
Industry. It also takes into consideration the cooperative banks. The study
also focused on the cooperative banks and how the rural economy will struggle
due to demonetisation. This study concludes that demonetization is good but it
has to be taken into consideration that most of the black money is kept in the
form of land, buildings or gold or kept abroad. Only 4% of the total amount of
black money is in cash, on which taxes are not being paid. Out of this, a lot
of money is in circulation in everyday transaction.

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