Shiloh Essay, Research PaperENG 113-Essay 1September 28, 2000? Shiloh? ? And Norma Jean? Shiloh? by Bobbie Ann Mason represents a alteration over the class of a immature adult female? s life. Bobbie Ann Mason uses Norma Jean to assist clear up that relationships can neglect and that functions do alter in today? s relationships.

Mason uses the character Norma Jean to give her audience an thought how times have changed every bit good as people. Norma Jean, who was forced to get married at a immature age, sees a new way as the modern yearss draw near. Norma Jean is a adult female who has really low assurance, really dependent on her female parent, her hubby, and is motivated to alter her life.

As clip base on ballss, she begins to alter from being dependent on everyone to a adult female who is really independent and additions assurance in herself.Norma Jean has many traumatic events in her life. At the age of 18, she was pregnant and was forced to get married Leroy, the babe? s male parent, because of? southern traditions? . When the babe, Randy, was four months and three yearss, Randy died of sudden baby decease syndrome, as Mable thinks Randy died of disregard. As they took Randy to the exigency room, the physician told them, ? It merely happens sometimes? ( Mason 48 ) .

Here she was married to a adult male that she made a error with and lost the babe that brought them together. What would go on to them now? Would they remain together or would they travel their ain ways? On top of covering with her hubby, and the decease of her kid, Norma Jean? s female parent is really commanding over her life. Norma Jean is frequently felt intimidated by her female parent. When her female parent visits, ? she inspects the cupboards and so the workss, informing Norma Jean when a works is drooping or yellow? ( Mason 48 ) . When Norma Jean was 34, her female parent caught her smoke.

Mabel does non like the fact that her girl is smoking and she brings up a narrative about a Canis familiaris that chewed the babe? s legs and is on trail for disregard. Subsequently that dark when Mabel leaves, Norma Jean tells Leroy? She merely said that about the babe because she caught me smoke. She? s seeking to pay me back.

? ( Mason 52 ) Bobbie Ann Mason is utilizing Norma Jean to demo how relationships between her female parent is going tense and is doing Norma Jean recognize how commanding her female parent is over her life. Leroy is non making anything to assist the relationship between Norma Jean and her female parent better. Mabel is sitting with Leroy and tells him? I don? T know what is traveling on with that miss? ( Mason 52 ) . Mable wants to be commanding over Norma Jean, but Norma Jean wants her freedom.Norma Jean is a typical American adult female. She stays at place, while Leroy is off working, she cleans the house and cooks. She has no occupation, and no activity she can turn to until Leroy buys her an electric organ for Christmas.

Norma Jean used to play the piano is high school. She told Leroy? It don? Ts leave you, it? s like siting a bicycle. ? ( Mason 47 ) She bought a songbook and learned every melody in it. As she began to play, she cried, ? It? s an orchestra! ? ( Mason 47 ) she was so aroused she had something she could make, she did non hold to hold anyone else, it was all her. At this point of her life, this is the lone thing she can turn to. Leroy had an accident and injured his leg, now he stays at place all the clip.

Norma Jean Begins to construct her assurance degree up. She realizes she doesn? Ts have to depend on Leroy, and now Leroy is dependent on her. Norma Jean got a occupation at a cosmetics counter, she begins to exert, and begins to make things for herself. Her relationship between her and her hubby begins to turn farther apart. Leroy is remaining at place while Norma Jean is away at work, exerting, and making her ain thing. She begins to acquire frustrated with Leroy and wants him to get down looking for a occupation. She reads Leroy a list she has made, ? Thingss you could make, ? ( Mason 49 ) as she reads the list, he says, ? Don? T concern, I? ll do something.

? ( Mason 49 )The basic, overall changed that Norma Jean goes through is altering into a individual that was really dependent on her hubby, into a individual who in really independent. She thought that she needed Leroy to pay the measures, and to hold a occupation so that she could hold a life. When Leroy was eventually at place with her she got to see his true side, she came to a realisation. Norma Jean eventually realized that she did non necessitate Leroy in her life in order for her to last. She was a strong adult female mentally. Norma Jean had graduated from a six-week anaerobic exercise class and now is taking an adult-education category at the local community college. To Leroy, she is intimidating him with the English lessons. Leroy asks, ? What are you making this for, anyhow? ? ( Mason 52 ) as she shrugs, she says, ? It is something to do.

? ( Mason 52 ) The relationship between Norma Jean and Leroy is going non-existing. Since she has realized that she doesn? Ts need him, she is traveling out and doing a life for herself. She felt that she had the power while she left Leroy at place while she went away to work. She is eventually deriving the power she ever wanted.

Although Norma Jean is motivated by the altering times, by herself, and by Leroy, Norma Jean? s and Leroy? s trip to Shiloh, seemed to convey Norma Jean to the truth. This trip brings Norma Jean to see the truth. She realizes that they are two different people. As they were sitting in silence staring at the graveyard, Norma Jean says, ? I want to go forth you? ( Mason 54 ) .

After silence Leroy eventually says, ? No, you don? T? ( Mason 54 ) . Leroy is seeking to deny it. He doesn? T want to confront the fact that she is traveling to go forth him. What will Leroy make? There is non traveling to be anyone to back up him.

Norma Jean wanted this alteration in her life for the longest clip. She did non desire to be in the? forests? her whole life. Norma Jean did non desire to decease before it was excessively late. Shiloh helped her spread her wings and leave Leroy.Mason? s character, Norma Jean, is a character that goes from an unconfident teenage female parent to a confident adult female who does non depend on a adult male. The relationships between Norma Jean and her hubby, and mother do her realize that she does non hold to be dependent on anyone.

She has to be strong and do her ain determinations. They were running her life and non Norma Jean. As she told Leroy at Shiloh, ? She won? T leave me alone-you won? T leave me entirely. I feel eighteen once more.

I can? t face that all over once more. No, it wasn? t mulct. I don? T know what I am stating. Forget it. ? ( Mason 55 )

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