Shoeless Joe Jackson Essay, Research PaperFor anyone who knows anything about baseball, the 1919 World Series brings to mind many things. The Black Sox Scandal of 1919 started out as a few gamblers seeking to acquire rich, and turned into one of the biggest, and easy the darkest, event in baseball history ( Everstine 4 ) .

This great athleticss dirt involved many, but the most memorable and most known for it was Joe Jackson. The wake of the great World Series Scandal left many people oppugning the character of Joe Jackson and whether or non he should hold dealingss thenceforth with baseball. There is still question today whether or non to allow Joe into the Hall of Fame.Many people still question whether or non, Joe Jackson was involved in The Black Sox Scandal of 1919. The dirt even left its ain bequest that is still inciting statements among fans today: the destiny of Shoeless Joe Jackson ( Everstine 3 ) . As the word was being spread to wager on the Reds, ( Everstine 3 ) , an astronomical sum of money was needed to do the final payment to all involved, including the baseball participants of the White Sox who were take parting in the dirt. Before the beginning of the game on that disgraceful twenty-four hours, Joe Jackson begged the proprietor of the White Sox ; Charles Comiskey to listen to him in respects to the hole of the game that was about to go on. The grounds was proven that Jackson had even asked to be benched for the series to avoid any intuition of his engagement in the hole.

Unfortunately, Comiskey did non listen to Jackson. Heavy betting was taking topographic point ( Everstine 3 ) . The game was played, after being fixed ; the White Sox lost, even though there were 17 other participants on the squad that attempted to make their best. Despite their best attempts, the hole was successful ( Everstine 3 ) .

As many fans sat in the bases and watched the game, they were non able to state that the game had been fixed and thrown for the benefit of the Reds and the gamblers ( Everstine 3 ) .Joe Jackson knew of the hole. Jackson did non take the fiscal cushioning that was offered to him. In the 6th game, Jackson made two hits and nailed a Cincinnati smuggler at the home base with a perfect throw ( Gies and Shoemaker 58 ) . In fact, the Black Sox on the whole really made a better screening in the games than the Clean Sox ( Seymour 333 ) .

Joe had gone into the game to play his bosom out and he did. Joe Jackson led both squads with a.375 batting norm, doing 12 hits still a record for an eight-game series, and ( Seymour 333 ) . Jackson decidedly was the star of the Series ; he hit phenomenally, and had the lone place tally in the series. He besides had a really good series in regard to his fielding abilities. In an interview with Furman Bisher, Jackson told of his histories with the 1919 World Series games.

I went out and played my bosom out against Cincinnati. I set a record that still stands for the most hits in a Series, though it has been tied, I think. I made 13 hits, but after all the problem came out they took one away from me.

Maurice Rath went over in the hole and knocked down a hot ground ball, but he couldn t do a throw on it. They scored it a hit so, but changed it subsequently ( Bisher 1 ) .Joe tells it as he sees it. He had the best public presentation by any universe series participant of all time. However, after he was convicted of take parting in the Black Sox dirt baseball functionaries revoked his controversial, but record interrupting 13th hit. And Shoeless Joe Jackson, indisputably one of the greatest baseball players whoever lived put a World Series record by doing 12 hits ( Gies and Shoemaker 59 ) . Possibly it merely isn t easy for a good baseball player to play severely ( Gies and Shoemaker 59 ) . Before the first ball was of all time thrown in the 1919 World Series, rumours were distributing that the game was fixed.

Cicotte and Jackson, the first to check, confessed the twenty-four hours after Maharg s narrative broke ( Seymour 302 ) . Jackson told of traveling easy after balls hit to him, doing throws that fell abruptly, and intentionally striking out with smugglers inhiting place ( Seymour 303 ) . Joe, nevertheless, did non see it this manner. In his Grand Jury testimony, Joe told two diametrically opposed narratives, one squealing his guilt and the other professing his artlessness ( Facts 2 ) . Some people believe that Joe s attorney prompted him to lie about the dirt in hopes of decreasing the penalty.

In today s justness system, you are guiltless until proved guilty. You have to hold grounds to turn out a individual guilty, in Joe s instance there is no grounds that Joe did anything incorrect. His World Series statistics speak for themselves, out of all the participants and gamblers that testified under curse, non one said Joe Jackson was present at any meetings between the participants and gamblers. The gamblers besides testified that they had ne’er spoken to Joe refering throwing the World Series. Joe tried twice to inform his proprietor about the hole and for whatever ground, his proprietor would non run into with him and when he did run into with Joe he did non listen to what Joe was stating him.As described by Joe Jackson, he played his best and at no clip during the series made an attempt to throw the games.Jackson was one of the greatest batters of all time to play the game of baseball. His fielding abilities far surpassed that of the mean baseball participant of the clip and of the present.

He played outfield and he had a cannon for an arm. Jackson s lifetime batting norm came to.356, a grade exceeded by merely two work forces, Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby ( Seymour 164 ) . This is an unbelievable effort to carry through. Many participants today struggle to make a lifetime norm of.300. Jackson was besides a first- category outfielder endowed with velocity and a powerful, accurate throwing arm ( Seymour 164 ) . He hit place tallies, caught apparently impossible high flies, and could throw the ball more than four-hundred pess on the fly ( Black Sox 2 ) .

Jackson was such an all around participant, that even on a bad twenty-four hours he still managed to astonish the fans that came to see him twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out. . .

. and outstanding running and fielding abilities would hold finally put him in the Hall of Fame, if it hadn t been for this calamity ( Quest into Hall of Fame 2 ) . Many critics say that merely this one small error has kept his face out of the Hall of Fame for all these old ages.Shoeless Joe was non the lone participant to of all time do a error. As most baseball fans remember Roberto Alomar in 1996 tongue in the Umpire s face for doing a questionable call. However, a twelvemonth or two subsequently he was chosen by the fans and baseball functionaries to get down for the American League all-star squad.

But merely every bit certainly as clip heals lesions, it besides dulls indignation ( Jenkins 1 ) . It merely took a small piece for the imperativeness and the fans to chill down from that incident and recognize that he was one of the most gifted baseball participants in the conference. Most fans believe that Joe should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It has been more than eighty old ages since his incident.

That incident does non look as bad a expectoration in person s face. Joe was banned for life by Judge Landis, and his life is over so give the adult male his due topographic point in baseball history ( Everstine 4 ) . He went on to state that many Hall of Fame participants besides support Joe s initiation into the Hall ( Everstine4 ) . The preceding was stated by Ted Williams, a baseball great and besides a member of the Hall of Fame.

Eighty old ages after the World series that resulted in Shoeless Joe Jackson s lifetime prohibition from baseball, the House of Representatives passed a declaration naming for him to be honored ( AP B4 ) . Shoeless Joe was indicted by a Federal Jury, and even they think he deserves the recognition he is due. By go throughing this declaration, the House took its first measure towards doing the celebrated Shoeless Joe a Hall of Fame inductee.

Although throwing ball games was non a offense in Illinois, Landis said, Jackson s confession barred him. . . ( Seymour 331 ) . Even though the jurisprudence stated that these participants had really committed a offense, Judge Landis saw it as dishonourable and disrespectful to all of baseball, so he punished the accused harshly.

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