Short Narratives Essay, Research PaperShort Story/Short FilmThe two short narratives are similar because they both involve love. The narratives are and different because they deal with two alone facets of life. One of the narratives was about a immature gentleman by the name of Giovanni and his love with the beautiful Beatrice. The other narrative was about a immature male child by the name of Paul and his love with the theatre.The being of love was present in both narratives and both times the love lead the characters astray.

The being of love lead both characters in to problem. Both characters were warned about the problem that they were headed for by the people that were looking out for their best involvements. In Rappaccini? s Daughter, Giovanni? s professor warned him about a myth of a adult female who was fed poison small by small until she was immune to this toxicant and could kill with her lips or touch. This was a analogue of the state of affairs environing Beatrice, Rappaccini? s girl? s evident toxicant organic structure. Giovanni disregards his professor, therefore disregarding the warnings. In the narrative Paul? s Case, Paul? s male parent forbids him to travel to work as a Ussher in the theatre, because of Paul? s problem in school.

His male parent calls the hall and Tells Paul? s boss non to use him any longer. His male parent even tells all of his friends in theatre non to see Paul. Paul, like Giovanni does non listen to his equals.

Paul steals money from the print-shop and goes to New York to populate the good life like the people that he used to sit at Carnegie Hall.The narratives trade with three different types of love. Rappaccini? s Daughter, trades with the love of scientific discipline and the love of a adult female. Today there are scientists, who are making experiments on people & # 8220 ; for the better of human sort & # 8221 ; . These scientists are excessively busy believing if they could, without believing if they should. This is merely similar Rappaccini had done to his girl, he turned her into a monster with out believing if it was merely to make this even for the interest of scientific discipline. Another type of love was Paul? s passion for theatre and the good life.

In Paul? s Case, Paul is different than every one else. He grew up in the industrial revolution and money was every thing. Paul loved the theatre which made him different from all the other childs. I think that one of Willa Cather? s biggest influences? for this narrative was her teaching calling. She might hold taught a pupil with similar behaviour jobs as Paul and built off that personality.

And she probably knew childs who were different and were treated like and castawaies.Movies adopted from narratives frequently depend on ocular AIDSs instead than descriptive linguistic communication. This is why in Rappaccini? s Daughter and in Paul? s Case there are differences between the movie and the short narrative. Although the narratives are comparatively the same as the books there are minor differences and have a little consequence on the thoughts they are seeking to acquire across.In Rappaccini? s Daughter Giovanni witnesses flowers, butterfly, and a lizard dice, at the custodies of Beatrice, but in the movie we merely see the flowers and the butterfly dice. The lizard likely does non decease in the movie because that would be more money, while non conflicting on the authority of her toxicant.

Another clip the movie was different from the narrative was when Beatrice came out and hugged the deathly works. This is out of order from the books perspective, in the book this happens after he is in the garden. Another cost cut would be Beatrice? s purple frock was the same one throughout the movie. One event that was changed was in the book at that place he breathes on a spider in his room and it dies ; this does non take topographic point in the movie, likely because of cost. The movie substitutes this with a scene which is non in the narrative.

Giovanni is walking down the street and his category mate gives him flowers, they die about immediately. This showed he excessively had become portion of Rappaccini? s experiment.In Paul? s Case most of the difference was the budget cuts, but some of things were merely changed.

One manner that they kept that they kept the budget depression was that they did non utilize Carnegie Hall. Alternatively they showed a little concert hall. Besides in the movie it gives a hapless portraiture of Paul? s room and of Cordelia Street. The bad room and street was another budget issue, it had to be this manner because it would be really dearly-won to movie the existent Whaldorf Astoria and the street as it would hold been in that clip period. One scene that ne’er took topographic point in the narrative that is in the movie is when Paul saw his male parent inquiring the clerk about him in New York. I think that this is shown to allow the audience know that it is the terminal of Paul? s rich male child parody.

While in the narrative he merely reads about the larceny in the newspaper, Then leaves the hotel.Nathaniel Hawthorne and Willa Cather were two authors who were born on the E seashore, but schooled at opposite terminals of the continent. Even though they were of different sexes and backgrounds they both became respected and celebrated authors.

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