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Short Story Essay

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I noticed that one enjoyed most of the narrative non merely for the obvious

grounds such as good charactors, temper, and imagination but besides because of

composing manner and eloquence. I noticed some narrative I enjoyed reading even

idea nil in it truly interested me excessively much, while other narrative that

were about subjects I usally bask reading about I had to set down because I

would stop up traveling over every sentence two or three times each. So on that

note I belive the most of import portion of authorship is doing it fluid and easy

to read. The three narrative I will compare and contrast are: & # 8220 ; The Jade Peony & # 8221 ; ,

& # 8220 ; Horses of the Night & # 8221 ; , and & # 8220 ; The Masqe of the Red Death. & # 8221 ; I intend to ticket

wether o non the writer of these narrative was sucessful in doing it clear

in the sence of comprehanceability and eloquence.

The first narrative I will be discoursing is called & # 8220 ; The Jade Peony & # 8221 ; by

Wayson Choy. I did non bask what this narrative was about nor did I bask

reading it. Luckly it was short, If It wasnt I doubt Is would hold made it

throught the whole thing. The chief job with this narrative was the

inconsistance of the sentences, some sentences were excessively long while others

were really short. The lone manner to truly repair this narrative would be to re-write it.

The 2nd narrative I chose to compose about is called & # 8220 ; Horses of the Night & # 8221 ;


Y Margaret Laurence. I did bask reading this short narrative dipite the fact it

seem to leap around alot ; it would speak about somthing reasonably in-depth so

merely all of a sudden jump to a different topic or time-era of the narrative. The writer

seem to demo really good authorship ability nevertheless so I think possibly she did

this on intent either merely for somthing different or possibly to give you a

interruption from what she was presently composing about.

And eventually the 3rd and personal favorite narrative I chose to include in

this paper is called & # 8220 ; The Masqe of the Red Death. & # 8221 ; This narrative is nice and

easy to read even though it uses reasonably big words and complex sentences.

This narrative merely happens to be writen by one of my favorite authors aswell:

Edgar Allen Poe. I enjoyed this narrative chiefly because like I said it was easy

to read and it was really disputing to calculate out, like much of Poe & # 8217 ; s

work. The eloquence of the narrative gave you clip to merely believe of what he ment

by it.

As you can probibly see the short narrative seem to really when it comes

to composing eloquence and authorship construction when it comes to this paticular short

narrative book. One may dissagree with some of my sentiments toward these

narrative but one think to the mean novice reader like myself these sentiments will

remain reasonably consistant.

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