Should Exams Be Obolished Essay, Research PaperExams. The word that most student fright off. Exam is a portion of school life that all pupils have to travel through. There are advantages in tests that are held in school. But there are people who think that exams give more disadvantages to the pupils. Even though some people say that tests should be abolished because they encourages jaming, I believe that they should non be abolished because tests are the lone manner for instructors to acquire feedback from their pupils build high moral criterions and subject in the pupils, and gives force per unit area that will be utile subsequently in the life for the pupils.

Some people say that tests should be abolished because they promoting. One type of jaming is last-minute survey. Because of this, the pupils jaming will hold to set aside his or her societal life, have to give their slumber and even worse the pupils will be in great force per unit area and tenseness. Well, I think, they are incorrect because jaming is a portion of survey method. If a individual has a good surveyMethod such as maintaining in touch with the books everyday, he or she don & # 8217 ; Ts have to analyze last minute. If they have a good survey method, they will certainly acquire adequate slumber, free from force per unit area and tenseness because they know that they are ready for the test.

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And, at the same clip the pupils can hold their societal life and survey at the same times. Therefore, test does non promote jaming. It is the pupil & # 8217 ; s mistake non to hold a good survey method.First of all I think that the tests should non be abolished because through tests, the lone manner for the instructors to acquire feedback from the pupils.

To guarantee that the pupils understand what the instructor had taught, the tests are held. So through the tests the instructor can categorise the smart pupils and the weaker pupils because non all are born smart. At the same clip the instructors can happen a solution to assist the weaker pupils to better themselves by giving more attending towards them. So without the test there is no manner for the instructors to assist the weaker pupils to better. Our state, Malaysia, is a developing state and need a batch of intellectuals in the hereafter. To guarantee Malaysia’s vision to go a developed state, tests are of import to bring forth more intellectuals.Furthermore, through exams the pupils can construct their ego subject andEncourages moral criterions.

A pupil can construct his or her self-denials when he or her knows the of import of the tests. So as a consequence they will get down analyzing before without waiting for the last minute. Some may even set aside their societal life for a certain period.

This shows that the pupils are good disciplined becauseThey can command themselves. When the pupils know their precedences, they will be good disciplined and the moral values come automatically to the pupils. When the pupil is really good disciplined they become more mature and cognize what is good and bad for them.

So the test prepares the pupil to be a well disciplined individual with good moral values.Even though, exam causes force per unit area to the pupils, the tests should non be abolished. This is because if we look at it from the positive side there is some good values in the force per unit area given by the test towards the pupils. The force per unit area will do a pupil a more mature individual in the hereafter. This happens when he or she enters the working universe where he or she has to complete their occupations in a certain clip bound.

The force per unit area state of affairs that the pupils come across can be utile so. He or she can be more relaxed and manage the occupation state of affairs easy without any force per unit area or break. He or she tend to be more relaxed during any gives force per unit area because they have been in exam force per unit area all their Lifes.All in all, we can see that tests should non be abolished.

Although some people say that exams gives pupils a batch of troubles, I think that they should alter their head because exams give a batch of experience for a pupil. The exams makes the pupil a ego subject individual and prepares him or her for theFuture to get the better of all the obstructions. At the same clip tests are theThe instructors to assist the weaker pupils to better themselves.

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