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Adult Crimes Deserve Adult Treatment

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Thursday, May 21, 1998. In Springfield, Oregon, 15-year old Kip Kinkel opened fire in the cafeteria

of Thurston High School. Two were killed and 25 others were wounded. Tuesday, March 24, 1998. In

Jonesboro, Arkansas, 11-year old Andrew Golden and 13-year old Mitchell Johnson pulled the fire

dismay and shooting at the pupils registering out of the school. Five were killed and ten were wounded.

Monday, Dec. 1, 1997. In Paducah, Kentucky, 14-year old Michael Carneal pulled out a handgun and

began firing on a pupil supplication group. Three were killed and five others were wounded.

These incidents are merely a bantam sample of the school shots that have been committed by juvniles

in the United States. More shots have happenned in Onalaska, Washington ; Johnston, Rhode

Island ; Endinboro, Pennsylvania ; St. Charles, Missouri & # 8230 ; the list continues on and on, non to advert


Lynbrook junior Stephanie Tsai disagrees with this stating, & # 8220 ; At the age of 18, teens are allowed to

ballot because people believe that by that age they can believe rationally and sensibally. Until childs are

18, they can non be held responsible for their actions. & # 8221 ; Let & # 8217 ; s analyze this age 18 issue more closely & # 8230 ;

Granted, our or society does give juvniles the right to vote at age 18. However, many provinces give them

the right to drive at age 16 and the right to imbibe at age 21. The fact is that declaring an 18 year-old an

grownup is an arbitrary criterion to find adulthood every bit far as prosecuting offense goes.

The juvenile tribunal system was orginially implemented to protect juveniles from the & # 8220 ; rough & # 8221 ; grownup

tribunal, for juvenile felons were thought to be more mentally & # 8220 ; immature & # 8221 ; than grownups. This may really

good be if we were talking of a 6 year-old. However, 17 year-olds classify as juveniles as good. Ar

vitamin E

we to state that 17 year-olds are significantly more & # 8220 ; immature & # 8221 ; and should & # 8220 ; non be held rsponsible for

their actions & # 8221 ; than that of an grownup 18-year old? I wonder & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; ..

Furthermore, if our justness system uses mental incompetence as the ground juveniles have their ain

separate and more indulgent tribunal, why aren & # 8217 ; t 40 year-olds with the head of a 10 year-old prosecuted in

the juvenile justness system? Are they non mentally & # 8220 ; immature & # 8221 ; as good?

An wrong premise about this controversial affair is if the juvenile were to be prosecuted in the

grownup tribunal, he would be condemned with an grownup sentence. The same goes for juvniles. If a 15 year-

old were genuinely mentally immature, the grownup justness system would take that fact into history of its

determination and opinion.

While others may reason that the juvenile justness system has the juvenile & # 8217 ; s best involvements in head,

basic freedoms such as due procedure are denied in the juvenile tribunals. While those prosecuted

in grownup tribunals are entitled to a jury, juvenile sentences normally lay in the custodies of an single justice.

The simple fact is that to the full competent and mature juveniles are to the full capable of perpetrating the same

offense as a competent grownup. The consequences of the offense are the same. In burglary, an guiltless individual was

robbed of his posessions. In slaying, an guiltless individual was robbed of his life. As Katrina Ng, Santa

Clara University fresher answered, & # 8220 ; If they commit the grownup offenses, they should pay the grownup

effects. It & # 8217 ; s non as if they don & # 8217 ; t know the difference between right and wrong. & # 8221 ;

And even in the extreme instances where right and incorrect were identical to the immature

juvenile, the grownup justness system would be better equipped to prosecute him, leting for extenuating

fortunes and giving due procedure. This manner, justness is best achieved & # 8211 ; on both sides.

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