Should Medicinal Marijuana. . Essay, Research Paper

Weeding Through the Argument: Should Medicinal Marijuana be Legal?

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& # 65279 ; Legalize Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

The argument is hot. Each side has its statement and is ready to fire away with statistics and

facts. Should marijuana be legalized for medicative intents? Is marijuana really safe for the

organic structure? Can marijuana truly help patients in demand of a hurting slayer? There are people who support

the legalisation of marihuana for medicative intents, and there are those that are against it. But

the fact is, that marihuana should be legalized. It is non just to the patients that are in demand. There

is a possibility that marihuana could be harmful, but there are many more ways that marihuana

could be a beginning of aid.

There are people in this state that are enduring from hurting caused by chemotherapy, and

others whose organic structures are full of stringency due to their medical status. The Los Angeles-based

Americans for Medical Rights, along with many other groups across the state want marihuana to

be made a Schedule II or III drug. That would intend that it would be able to be lawfully regulated

and prescribed ( Torassa ) . Currently it is a Agenda I drug significance that it has no medical usage

approved by the Federal authorities and is illegal to turn or utilize.

Marinol, a manufactured pill with the chemical THC ( THC, the active

pain-killing chemical in marihuana ) , can non assist every patient. Because it is taken orally, it takes

longer to digest and longer to absorb into the blood stream. Besides, it is easier for patients to

overdose on pills than to o.d. on smoking existent marihuana. Imitation THC drugs, such as

Marinol, are non traveling to assist everyone. Bill Zimmerman, a member of Californians for Medical

Rights said, This is an effort to convey medical specialty to people who are needlessly enduring for deficiency

of it ( CNN The Debate ) . Most people get better alleviation from marihuana than any other drug.

Patients that have no other pick B

Greenwich Mean Time to smoke marijuana illicitly risk arrest and/or mulcts, can

hold their belongings taken off, or even stop up in gaol. Now, what is better for a agony homo?

Marijuana or prison?

While there are legitimate grounds to legalise marihuana, there are besides possible jeopardies.

Peoples that believe this say that there is a opportunity that heavy usage could impact male and female

endocrines, could do intense anxiousness, panic onslaughts or paranoia. More short term possible

effects include an increased bosom rate, dry pharynx and oral cavity, and take a breathing jobs ( CNN

Possible Hazardous Effectss of Marijuana ) . These are really minor, and patients would most

likely instead be relieved by marihuana and endure these effects, instead than non holding their hurting or

problems travel off. There is no difficult grounds that shows that smoking marihuana for medicative

intents will ache the human organic structure. Doctors have to weigh the hazards and the benefits, and they

would happen that there are more benefits than injuries of ordering marihuana to patients in demand.

The possible medical benefits of marihuanas are eternal. There are so many ways that

smoking marihuana could assist the patient in demand. Chemotherapy patients could be relieved of

their sickness and emesis by the THC in marihuana. Besides, pretreatment anxiousness could be calmed

by smoking a marihuana coffin nail. Peoples infected with the AIDS virus could hold their appetency

brought back to them and forestall the loss of musculus mass. Marijuana could cut down musculus hurting

and cramp, assist bladder control, and relieve shudders in multiple induration patients. Epileptic

ictuss could be forestalled. Glaucoma is a disease in which the force per unit area inside the oculus could

lead to blindness. Marijuana has the power to take down the force per unit area here excessively, perchance forestalling

sightlessness ( CNN Medical Conditions That Marijuana Helps ) . Any tension in the organic structure of a

patient, be it physical or mental, could be reduced or even destroyed by marihuana smoke. With

this many utilizations for medical marihuana, why is it still illegal?

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