? Essay, Research PaperClearly, in such a populated state such as Great Britain, a Second Chamber of Parliament besides known as the House of Lords is necessary.

Although the House of Lords can non put to death much power, compared to the House of Commons, it is a critical portion of British Government. The House of Lords plays an of import portion in rewriting, potentially detaining statute law and every bit good as maintaining a cheque on Government by size uping its activities. It complements the work of the Commons, whose members are elected to stand for their components. Members of the Godheads are non elected and are unpaid. Most equals have a broad scope of experience as most have retired from a political calling.

For illustration, there have been 158 members of the House of Lords that were one time MPs, ( the dislocation is as follows ; Conservatives 77, Labour 55, Liberal Democrats 14, Crossbenchers 9, other 3 ) . Peers besides provide a beginning of independent expertness as the House has among its members a figure of University Chancellors, professors, and authors. The House besides has a judicial function as the concluding Court of Appeal. Although the House of Lords execute many maps to assist Government flux swimmingly, it has many defects including being undemocratic as members are appointed, non voted in by the people ( as mentioned before ) .

In this essay, there will be statements both for and against the Second Chamber being portion of British Government. Besides, it will be discussed how the function of the Second Chamber has changed throughout history.To understand the maps of the House of Lords, one has to first expression at how it has evolved throughout history. The House of Lords has easy lost its power throughout clip. During the 1800 & # 8217 ; s, the two houses of Parliament remained about equal in power. Although the Commons had control over money measures, the Lords had the power to veto statute law.

Soon, in 1909, a difference broke out between the House of Commons and the House of Lords over a budget that was rejected by the Lords. Two old ages subsequently, the Parliamentary Act of 1911 came into consequence and the House of Lords lost its blackballing power. Under this new act, the Godheads were permitted to detain money measures for merely one month and non-money measures for a lower limit of two old ages. Soon, the Parliamentary Act of 1949 reduced to one twelvemonth the length of clip that the Lords could prorogue non-money measures. Under Tony Blair? s Labour Government, the figure of equals in the House of Lords has dropped. The Labour Government was unhappy with that fact that merely approximately 20 % of all equals of all time bothered to go to on a regular basis. Besides, Labour was dissatisfied that most members of the House were at that place because they had a familial rubric.

In December 1999, the figure of equals in the House of Lords dropped from 1296 ( 759 being familial equals ) to 666 members ( 92 being familial equals ) . There was besides the debut of 33 new life equals. The decrease in familial equals means that for the first clip the bulk of equals are affiliated with the Labour Party alternatively of the Conservatives.The House of Lords plays an of import portion in revising statute law ( 58 % of the clip in session is spend revising statute law ) and maintaining a cheque on Government by size uping its activities ( 38 % of the clip in session is spent making that ) .

Unlike the House of Commons, the House of Lords does non hold a certain timetable ( known as a closure by compartment ) so equals can discourse of import issues in more item than in the House of Commons, although equals usually seek to maintain to a fifteen-minute clip bound for their addresss. There have besides been many cases of late-night fixtures, last one being in October 3rd, 2000. With size uping measures in head, equals have distinguished themselves in many Fieldss of survey including the scientific disciplines, jurisprudence, instruction, industry, industrial dealingss and many others. They can look at relevant statute law from the position of practicians in the field instead than from the position of elected party politicians.

The House besides serves as an of import rheniumvising chamber as equals try to guarantee that the measure represents its thought clearly, for illustration, so Judgess will understand them clearly. In order to better a measure, the House suggests amendments, the concluding determination though comes from the House of Commons whom most of the clip accepts alterations. In this facet, the House is really of import as it complements the work done in the House of Commons. The House of Lords is a really of import as a revising chamber. For illustration, the House of Lords have made more amendments to statute law than the House of Commons. In the 1995-96 session, for illustration, 422 amendments to Government Bills were made in the House of Commons compared to 1,133 amendments made in the House of Lords. The House besides has many commissions including the European Union Committee, which undertakes examination of draft European statute law.

All these points clearly show that the Second Chamber has much power to act upon GovernmentThe House of Lords is the highest tribunal of entreaty within the United Kingdom.Arguably, its most powerful portion is its ability to detain statute law for a upper limit of one twelvemonth. First, a measure has to travel through a procedure of three hearings ( same as the House of Commons ) . First reading is known as a formal reading as the measure is non discussed merely introduced. Second readings, constitute arguments although vote is rare at this phase.

Third hearing constitutes more arguments and at the terminal, voting takes topographic point. The less crowded timetable of the House allows such a process to hold all the clip it needs, every bit good as accents on guaranting that the measure is good drafted and coherent. The vote system is simple bulk and if the bulk ( 50 % +1 ) ballot yes for the ballot, the measure is passed, if the bulk ballot no for the measure, the measure is defeated. After it is defeated, the House of Commons may take to present it once more but without holding the blessing of the House of Lords ( after one twelvemonth ) .

In this facet, the House of Lords plants besides as a strategic House in many facets. For illustration, a party may seek to go through a controversial measure and be rejected by the Godheads in order to give the public adequate clip to understand the specific issue. Since most people in the Lords favour Labor, ( as most familial equals that were Conservative have left ) equals may favor rejecting more? conservative? measures and holding an easier clip go throughing more measures proposed by the Labour Party. This can turn out to be really strategic in the hereafter. For illustration, if the Conservative Party happens to win a general election in the close hereafter, they will hold a really difficult clip go throughing measures because of the Lords? association with Labour.

Although, the House of Lords hold many positive facets, it has facets that need to be changed. For illustration, equals are appointed, non elected. Besides, their representation does non mimic society. For illustration, the mean age of all members is 67 old ages, there are merely 111 adult females compared to 565 work forces, there are really few cultural minorities and the 21 seats entitled for the Church of England should be entitled to stand for other faiths. The House besides does non stand for the political association of the people.

The Wakeham Report specifies many proposals for the new House of Lords of the hereafter including alterations to the above. Besides, the study calls for elective regional members so it can, ? Give a voice in Parliament for all parts of British society. ? .

All in all, the House of Lords works really good and it would non do sense to take its presence from Government. The House of Lords plants to revise statute law guaranting it is consistent. It besides works by maintaining a cheque on Government by size uping its activities. Many people do non gain that the House of Lords is influential in Government.

For illustration, it can detain statute law for a upper limit of one twelvemonth. It is besides made up of many commissions that make certain that Government is working expeditiously. Although there are some jobs with the House of Lords including being undemocratic, overall it works really good.

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