Should We Genetically Engineer Ourselves? Essay, Research PaperSHOULD WE GENETICALLY ENGINEER OURSELVES?Should we utilize new familial information to change our ain Deoxyribonucleic acid to do ourselves more adept? Last winter, scientist made a major interruption through in familial technology. They finished a complete map of DNA of a complex being. Although the animate being that they broke down is a simple level worm, over 40 % of its DNA sequence fit our ain. This is an amazing leap forward for familial applied scientists.

Familial technology is the usage of optical masers and/or chemicals to change the sequences of bases, which are the bases of DNA. Many people throughout the universe greatly oppose familial technology. Naming it & # 8220 ; unethical & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; anti-Christianity & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; unsafe & # 8221 ; . I feel genetic sciences can assist us so much, all these contentions are nil when amounted to the Utopian wellness of the full human race that could be achieved.Many of the Islamic states have Torahs forbiding such research in genetic sciences. The Islamic sanctum book, The Koran, forbids any adult male from altering himself.

Allah, the Islamic God, made the Muslim people in his ain similitude and project off all people who change his work. Likewise, in Christianity, God made Adam and Eve in his similitude. He besides makes it that any adult male that changes the organic structure that the Father has blessed him with shall be exiled off to Hell. I counter this statement with the inquiry, If God and Allah loved their people so much, so why did they allow their people become ill and have pain? I believe as a Christian, God would non hold given us the cognition to utilize genetic sciences if he did non desire us to alter ourselves. The exact same theory applies to all faiths. We are merely better accommodating ourselves to delight our God.Ethical motives are ever a major factor in wars, medical specialty and political relations. Ethical motives play the portion in genetic sciences by presenting the inquiry & # 8220 ; why? & # 8221 ; Ethical oppressors believe that the human race should be left as is.

They fear a & # 8220 ; super-human race & # 8221 ; taking over the universe and a new type of racism and favoritism would resulT between the new human race and the old human race. I believe such a theory is really foolish. Geneticss can non be used to do one more intelligent or faster reacting.

The genetic sciences that scientist are researching the cistrons that cause familial diseases, such as Down Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, haemophilia and colour sightlessness. They are pull stringsing Deoxyribonucleic acid to take away diseases that slow down patterned advance and cause households to be hurt. Imagine a universe without sickle-cell anaemia, or Diabetes.

A universe where malignant neoplastic disease is really small known of and when found can easy be treated by familial therapy. Small disease would be tolerated in our organic structures. Virus would be destroyed by genetically engineered white blood cells ; AIDS would be cut down in a few old ages. Life anticipation would be about 90 old ages old. Even the common cold would be gone, even with the viruses’ changeless mutants.

One last fright of DNA use is the fright of what if a bacterium or virus found a failing? What if an epidemic started and spread ferociously that our great new genetically enhanced white blood cells could non manage? All of the human race would be susceptible to? True, it has happened in the past with maize that was genetically engineered. But such an epidemic is really extremely improbable. It did go on in maize, but that maize was simply an experiment. If we would make this to ourselves, it wouldn & # 8217 ; t be an experiment ; it would be a medical intervention. Where all possible outside onslaughts would be known and could be stopped rapidly. There is no fright that an epidemic would interrupt out and it is unrealistic that the full human race could be wiped out to the point of extinction in a affair of a few hebdomads.I feel familial technology can give us so much. There are some good grounds why we should non go on such research, but I think that the positive effects of doing ourselves more perfect are dominant over small ethical issues.

With DNA use, we can take better, healthier, and longer lives. A Utopian life of wellness awaits us in front and such unfavorable judgment can merely detain and ache ourselves.

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