Many of us have
siblings and we know how annoying they can be but we still love them…or at
least our parents tell us we
do.  Although having bothersome siblings
can be tough sometimes, there are benefits to having them around…like carrying
your things.  Although siblings can be
mean to you, they are with you throughout your life and shape who you are. 

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When you have
a sibling, the good thing is that there is ALWAYS someone around.  Someone to share the highs and lows of your
day, play a game with, ask for help or just make fun of!  The bad thing is that there is ALWAYS
someone around.  You are NEVER alone.  They know when you are sleeping and they know
when you’re awake.  But seriously,
sometimes they are just always in your face! 
You go to the washroom and they are there, you go to the kitchen for breakfast
and they are there, you want to sneak something upstairs without your parents
knowing and they are there.  Yes, having
siblings around can be beneficial because you’ll never be lonely but they are
just annoying when you want some peace and quiet!

When you have
a sibling, it is often nice to have an honest opinion and an objective input.  It is good to hear the negative and positive voices.  That way you know what to improve and what
you may be doing well.  Warning though,
sometimes siblings just give negative feedback for no good reason.  Once my younger
brother made some cookies and my older brother said they tasted terrible.  They actually tasted great but my older
brother was just trying to mess with him. 
Need better STORY!!!!!  Anyways,
siblings can also help give you advice as they might be able relate from their past
experiences.  They are an extra set of hands
on a project and make less work when shoveling the driveway or building a snow
fort.  Siblings know you well and can be very
helpful in your times of need. Although, they are there for you through hard
times and will support you to the end.

Honestly, having
siblings does teach you patience… patience to tolerate mean brothers, patience
to wait for the bathroom to be free, patience for them to MATURE…  Having siblings actually teaches us many life
skills.  Research shows that siblings can
boost mental health and physical fitness as well as have social bonds that may
help you live longer.   It also says that having a sibling can make
you more selfless and help you develop sympathy.  This may be because you develop a selfless
concern for the well-being of your siblings. It teaches you humility because you
learn to accept that you are not the best at everything.   It teaches you not to need all your parents’
attention because you know they need to tend to the issue most at risk like the
sibling that is crying the loudest. 
Having siblings teaches you how to love and support others, like by cheering
them on at their soccer game.  It can
also teach you teamwork and cooperation as working together with difficult
siblings can teach you how to get along and work with people with different personalities
and opinions.

              In conclusion, siblings are part
of our growth and personal development; they are part of our lives.  Our interactions shape us, make us better
people.  I know my brothers and I are
going to fight…a lot but deep down, it makes us appreciate and love each other
more by making us stronger people.  Through
all our good times and our arguments, I know this sibling bond guarantees a
lifetime of support, a never-ending friendship and an infinite number of inside

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