SierraHuntUNV– 108 1/22/18ThomasChristner  Planning for Success The question “Who are youpersonally?” Seems like a very simple question. This is a question that I askmyself every day and I still don’t have the answer to. Simply saying that I amSierra Lynn Hunt doesn’t answer who I truly am. I am one of the many humanbeings on this planet who is still seeking a niche for myself. I am stillfiguring out who I truly am.

“Where are you from?” is a question that a personcan answer one-hundred different ways. I am from a family that would beconsidered a dysfunction within society. I am from a small town that no one hasheard of before. I am from a German-Polish father and an Italian mother.

Thereare many other ways I could answer this question but to be less stubborn, I amfrom Toboso, Ohio. My background and family values shaped who I am todaybecause they are something I can look at as inspiration to be something better.Coming from a family who raises themselves has allowed me to shape myself intoany person I’d like to be. I see the world in a realistic way. I know that if Iwant something in my life I must work hard for it.

It has allowed me to becomea very independent and determined person who is not afraid of creating my ownviews or opinions and for that I am thankful. My family is a very dysfunctionalone. It has allowed me to learn so much and be thankful for not only the good timesbut the bad times as well. My strengths and weakness tend to contradictthemselves at times, I consider my stubbornness as a weakness.

There are somedays I could consider my stubbornness as a strength because I disguise it as determinationlike when I am attempting to do something, and someone doubts me it fuels me tobe even more determined to complete it. I have many weakness and strengths, butI tend to focus more on my weakness so that one day they could possible becomeone of my strengths.Throughout my life I have attendedmany schools. It was not until my seventh-grade year that I realized I wantedto become a teacher. After that I ended up moving my sophomore year to theschool where I would end up graduating at. My grades had always fluctuated,especially in the classes I lacked interest in. After graduation I slacked offrather than preparing myself for the courses I enrolled in at Ohio University.I was working over fifty hours at our local pizza shop to make sure I paid offmy first semester before it was over.

I had horrible time management skills andalways waited until last minute to complete my assignments. Something that Iliked the most from my previous schooling is that the high school I graduatedfrom was very small. This made the teachers to student ratio much smaller whichallowed a lot of one on one time if it was needed. The lack of diversity issomething I always disliked about my small-town school. Throughout my academicexperiences prior to GCU I had so many different teachers that I would considerto be my favorite. Each teacher meant something to me. I’ll pick one teacher,Mr. Comras.

Mr. Comras was my Junior and Senior Year Journalism teacher. He isthe most accepting teacher who appreciates diversity and individuality.

He gaveme the freedom to write about anything my little heart desired. He appreciatedthat I wanted to become a teacher and that I wanted to keep my alternativepersonality. As he always said, “We need more punk teachers”. He’s one of myfavorites because a student could come to him no matter what they looked like,what their sexuality was or what their religion was he accepted them. That issomething I will always appreciate. After I stopped going to college sometimelast year because I didn’t have enough time in the day to commute to work andschool I knew I wanted to go back. It wasn’t until after a very close relativeof mine unexpectedly passed away I realized that I was ready and more motivatedto go back to school. I knew that it was important to find an online accreditedschool, so I began researching to find a school that had my major of interest inan online setting.

I had found three different schools, one being GCU and I hadspoken to a representative from each. After speaking to the one from GCU I knewright away that it was the one for me. The biggest thing I expect to gain fromattending GCU is a new perspective on the way I see everyday life.As of today, academically I standat an “A” in UNV-108. My academic goals are probably what every student hopesto achieve.

My academic goals are to pass every class with an “A” or a “B”. Iwish to graduate with at least a 3.0 grade point average.

A personal goal Ihave is to simply be more positive. Life is so much easier with a positiveoutlook. I can now begin to change my overall view on life and begin to have apositive mental attitude to ensure I stay positive even on the hardest days. Toensure I reach my academic goals I can now begin to exercise my time managementskills so that I will always be prepared to complete my assignments asefficiently as possible. I hope to stay on track and take all of my coursesback to back so that I can expect to complete my program of study by the year2022. Upon graduation I hope to be in a position that leads me to teaching at ahigh school, but I expect to be working at the same preschool I currently am employedat.

I chose teaching as my profession because I always wanted to be like theteachers that stuck by me no matter what and always inspired me to be my verybest. I want to inspire and have a connection with my students like my teachersdid with me. I know better to have any high expectations salary wise being ateacher. Being a teacher should not be about the money, for me its about makingan impact on my students.

Once I graduate from GCU my life will then begin anew journey, I will be able to begin my dream career to change students livesand will then have something to show for myself. Life can change in an instant, itis always throwing curve balls and derailing you off what you had taken so muchtime to plan. It is hard to predict what my future will hold, I can only hopewhat it will hold. Anyone in my life within my planned profession is someonethat I can learn from. People come into your life for a reason and there issomething you can always learn from an individual.

Some qualities from thepeople in my life that I admire is that they are creative, curious, respectful,prideful, and simply happy. The way my previous teacher achieved her successwithin our chosen field is by “Staying determined and always keeping my familyin mind to stay motivated. With responsibility comes accountability. My familyhelped me keep myself accountable to the commitment I made starting my academicjourney.

” (Suttle, A. 2018.). Within the next 10 years I plan to be going backto school for my masters while teaching a high school class. I even plan tocreate a family with my husband.

Within the next 20 years I see myselfgraduating with masters, obtaining my own home, day dreaming about retirementand appreciating my life and where it has taken me. My life will contributepositively to others because I will hope to give the inspiration and motivationthey need within their academic or personal life. I will take it upon myself,to lead and serve my students so that one day they hope to be someone like me.I define success by happiness not fortune. In the future when I am elderly andam thinking about where I am in life I won’t be thinking about how much money Imade.

I will be thinking about whether or not I spent my time making myself andothers happy.   ReferencesSuttle, A. (2018)Personal conversation. 

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