Simplefive steps make hundred dollars a monthThe point of this is not to talk about thenew or revolutionary thing.

  It is toshow you that if you use the strategies you really can use them to make moneyonline. It doesn’t have to be rocket science; you don’t have to use expensivetools there are no magic tricks or wizardry going on. Just keeping thingssimple and doing what works. Here are five steps strategies:Step 1:Find a kick ass niche: Basically you justwant to find a kiss ass niche or topic to make a site about.

And to do this wejust need to use the Google keyword planner tool which is just a free tool thatGoogle provides that allows us to see how many time that any word or phrasegets searched for in Google each month. To access the tool, go to then sign in the account. Here you can come up with some great nicheideas.  Keep searching until you find onethat matches three different criteria and these are:·        A niche that gets searched for:1.

      At least a 1000 searches amonth·        A niche with good Google ads:When we search for inGoogle good and related ads appear. These are the same ads that appear on yoursites. So if they are good and targeted lots of people are going to click onthem and they are going to be worth quiet a big per click.·        A niche with low competition:Do your search in Googleand follow your niche and take a look at the competition and that is on thatpage. So really take your time andplay around with different ideas and niches until you really find a good nichethat matches all three of these criteria.  Step 2:Setup a site about your choice of nicheBasically head over to andpick yourself a domain name which will cost you much lesser than any otherproviders.

So for an example I register then you just want toget yourself a hosting account. I recommend because they arecheap and really reliable and also it has a baby plan. And also if you usehostgator coupon its way cheap. Once signing up your hosting account you canget your first month for just 1 cent.

So once you have setup your site itshould be ok.  Remember to make itthrough WordPress.Step 3:Start making posts from WordPress blog thattargets your keyword. So remember the related keyword from the Google keyword.So go back to the keyword planner tool write down at least all of the noteddown keywords leaving none. And now it’s time to make your first post from thekeyword you have made for.

I recommend at least 500 unique content about that subject.It should be contents that you wrote yourself. And not just that you copies andedit it from another site.  Google willlook and can tell that you copies and past your content from other page.

And ifyou do it that way than they are not going to rank you well in the searchengine.Step 4:Add AdSense ads to your site: So now thatwe have got our first post up and our site is good. It’s time to add some AdSenseadds to our site.

Just log in to your Google AdSense account. Then just add fewads to your sites. Don’t freak out too much about the best possible ways to addthem as long as they are nice and prominent then that’s good. You can alwaysplay around with it later trying to improve.

Get your code from AdSense and putthem on WordPress. Simple add AdSense to your WordPress site.Step 5:Promote your site on social networks. Sonow that all things are setup. It’s targeting good keywords. It’s got the adsthere and only thing we need to do is to get it to rank in Google. Rank ingoogle by getting other sites linked with your site.

And the easiest way to gethigh quality links from high value sites is by promoting your site in thesocial media networks. It really does work. Build up an account and promoteyour site on there. Build links on there. Setup up a pin interest account inthere and link to them as well. Share your site on redid.

  And basically create account on every socialnetwork that you can and build it up and post links to your site. You can alsobuild up links on other sites through forum and lots more. The point is withthis little AdSense site as long as they are targeting a really low competitionniche you usually only need a few decent links from social networks to get yoursite to rank. These are the exact five steps strategiesthat I have made for you. And that’s really all that there is to it.

This is afantastic way especially for newbie’s to start make first few hundred dollars amonth online. Or if you put enough time and effort you can make your first fewthousands dollar a month.  It soundspretty cool doesn’t it? It take a hard work, So work hard for it   

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