This is an lineation of three texts about individual maternity.

“Mothers without Men” is an article by Amanda Riley-Jones is about why some adult females prefer to raise kid on their ain. “Survey dispels myth of neglecting individual parents” by Denis Campbell is an article that gives us three positive point of positions on individual maternity. “Single Moms by Choice or Circumstance – Required Reading” by Dawn Zamanis is a more realistic position on individual parentage. The first text negotiations about the twenty-first century where individual maternity is accepted by society.A new type of household is looking and donor insemination allows adult females to cut down the relationship to the male parent to a biological dealing. Furthermore the text gives an illustration of a individual ma. Caroline Webb. who justifies individual maternity by stating that it’s much harder for kids to lose their male parents than to ne’er hold had one.

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In the 2nd text the three individual female parents Penny Turner. Teresa Goodman and Stephanie Gear wholly agree on the positive sides on raising a kid on your ain.Among other things they all agree that it’s better for the kid to populate without struggles between parents. The child’s demands are the precedence. Single parentage is more than broken places ; it can besides be a woman’s ain pick. In the 3rd article Dawn Zamani negotiations about that you shouldn’t hold a kid to make full a nothingness.

She uses her ain experiences as being a individual female parent to five kids to exemplify the difficult facts of the troubles but besides the joys of being a individual parent. At last she says that nil should take precedency over your kid.

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