Sisyphus Essay, Research Paper

Sisyphus was given a penalty by the Gods, to force a stone up a

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hill, merely to hold it fall down on him once more. Mersault is a individual

accused of slaying who has spent over a twelvemonth in gaol. What both these

characters have come to recognize is that they are forced to populate in these

state of affairss created by the Gods, therefore they might every bit good bask or

get used to them.

Mersault is forced to populate in a cell, without his coffin nails,

and with limited trial rights. When this happens, Mersault recalls

what his female parent told him. She said, ? One gets used to everything. ? When

Mersault realizes he is non traveling to acquire out of gaol, he becomes

indifferent, merely like he ever does, and accepts his state of affairs,

seeking for any positive facets to his captivity. He defies

penalty by accepting his state of affairs and basking himself in gaol.

Therefore, the whole point of Mersault traveling to imprison is obliterated.

When Mersault is condemned to decease, he does non move surprised, although

he wishes he did non hold to decease. After a piece he besides accepts that. It

does non count to him that he is deceasing, so long as he is deceasing for a


Sisyphus is damned for infinity to turn over a stone up a hill. If he

were to see his destiny decreed upon him as penalty, for the remainder of

everlastingly, so he would merely disgust an already terminally sick state of affairs

( talking metaphorically of class ) . Sisyphus starts to happen significance in

his work, starts to bask his work, about to take pride in his work,

like a true labourer.

Mersault is like Sysiphus, in many ways. The lone existent noteworthy

difference is that Sisyphus has been punished by the Gods, whereas

Mersault does non believe in God. Mersault is apathetic to his

state of affairs, as is Sisyphus, as apparent from Camus? description. Mersault

and Sisyphus both expressed a love for life ( Mersault? s bosom jumped at

the thought of being pardoned, Sisyphus is being? punished? due to his

desire to remain in the existent universe ) . And most significantly, Mersault and

Sisyphus both defy their disparagers. They overcome their swayers.

Mersault does non make it to turn out anything to anybody. He merely does it

because it would be unpointed to move any other manner. With Sisyphus he can

keep his caput higher than the Gods n

ow, his work has ceased to be

penalty, the Gods have lost, he has won.

For Mersault and Sisyphus to get the better of their battles, they had

to be placed in one. Their background for making their battle is

what makes them alone. Remembering such people with different

doctrines, like the Denver Nuggets most explosive participant

Mahmoud-Abdul Rauf, who believes in non standing up for something he

does non believe in, he has shown that by standing up for a different

doctrine than most people believe in can take to rejection and

calamity. What was particular about Mersault was where his precedences lay,

which made him believe different from everybody else, hence enabling

the universe to trade name him. Mersault is the anti-Christ because he smoked

and imbibe java at his female parent? s funeral. Sisyphus was non regarded by a

society as a despicable individual, but he was non accepted, he did non hold

interaction with them. These uneven state of affairss placed them both in

battles for their un-redeemable Acts of the Apostless.

Mersault converses with the warden to detect that? prison

deprives one of freedom. ” He understands that captivity is

penalty, merely as Sisyphus did. They both move on to see their

places from a different position. Sisyphus moves from his place

of unhappiness, to a place of felicity, chiefly, in my position, to withstand the

Gods, therefore it is non true felicity merely rebelliousness. He? & # 8230 ; obeys

destiny without cognizing it, ? as Oedipus did. Similarly Mersault accepts his

imprisonment with the same sort of indifference that he takes everything

else. Mersault, in fact, makes his ain freedom by hanging on to his

memories, he overcomes imprisonment, because he truly is non imprisoned

any longer.

Mersault can be considered a existent universe reading of

Sisyphus, merely a batch different and emotionless. Mersault has ne’er

truly expressed a desire for anything, whereas Sisyphus? biggest desire

was that to get away his bounds of human mortality and became an immortal


Both the penalties are what would be considered merely in our society? s

thought, although sing the persons both the finding of facts seem rough

and horrid. Overall, both these persons accomplish a necessary end

that defies pressures put upon them, and that is their illustriousness.

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