Someone once said “Smoking kills, If you are killed you have lost an important part of your life.” As silly as this sounds, dying younger isn’t as good sounding as you might think. Cigarettes cost more money to buy, but not as much money to produce them in a factory. Smoking is bad for you because it can kill you if you smoke for many years and don’t stop. If you die than there is pain for others around you that will live longer than you just because you smoked and that kills you with all the health problems it gives you. Smoking is expensive and causes health problems. Some people say that smoking is not dangerous but facts that scientists have given prove that it is very dangerous with all the toxins and chemicals it has in it. Smoking can lead to many bad things in your life such as financial strain, disease, and addiction. Every year millions of people spend a lot of money to buy cigarettes. The cost of smoking per pack is $7.00 in WI. Cigarette companies spend only pennies to make a pack of cigarettes (6 cents.) The more you smoke the more money the companies make. The government makes only dollar profits. Tobacco companies make more than 32 billion dollars each year. For 3 packs of cigarettes a day that is costing you $21.00, and for 3 pack a year costs $7,224. If you do your own tubes to make cigarettes you have a lot of money (200 tubs plus tobacco is only $15.) In New York you spend over $13 to buy 1 pack of cigarette (20 cigarettes inside.) Wisconsin’s total cost per smoker is $33,178. The out-of-pocket cost is $136,643 in our state. Health care cost per smoker is $177,100, but every state varies. The income loss per smoker in Wisconsin is $217,697. But if you compared it to the highest costing state it would be very different. Lastly, the other costs per smoker is $13,764. But you have to consider that the cost for a pack of cigarettes in New York is double the price in Wisconsin, it costs $13.00. Tobacco smoking is a major cause of death and disease, and responsible for nearly 434,00 deaths a year in only the United States. But now people are concerned that people who don’t smoke are all vulnerable to the health problems smokers can get. Some problems that non-smokers can get are increase the risk of lower respiratory tract infections such as; bronchitis and pneumonia. Increases the amount of fluid in the middle ear, a sign of Otitis Media or also known as chronic middle ear disease. It can bother the upper respiratory tract and is involved with a small but significant reduction in lung function. Increase the amount of episodes and severity of symptoms in asthmatic kids. The report estimates that 200,000 to 1,000,000 asthmatic kids have their conditions worsened by exposure to ETS. A risk of new problems in children who didn’t show symptoms. A marketing assessment of one percent of the support price is equally divided also between producers and the buyers. Scientists have found about 4,000 different substances in tobacco all of which have a toxic effect. At least 43 of them are known carcinogens. Smoking cigarettes is an important and single risk factor for atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disorders. None-smokers are also vulnerable for smoking related diseases. Smoking causes 6 million deaths a year. In present smokers, nearly 73% of smoking-related problems are serious lung diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD.) and lung cancer. Cigarette smoking is a major cause for COPD that is the third leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the U.S. Smoking is responsible for about 80-90% of COPD deaths and 90% of the lung cancer deaths in the U.S.                                         Second hand smoke is just as bad as original smoking a cigarette so don’t be near people who smoke or in a place where they smoked. Parents who smoke around their children may trigger nicotine dependence symptoms in their children. Children exposed to secondhand smoke experienced a number of withdrawal symptoms, including irritability, anxiety, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating and increased appetite. Residue from tobacco smoke that sticks to walls, carpets, furniture, dust particles and elsewhere. Secondhand smoke is breathed in. Every year, an estimated 46,000 people who never smoked a cigarette suffer heart-related deaths as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke. Third hand smoke is the stuff that sticks in the furniture and or in the walls or anything else that is not an objects. Third hand smoke may be an issue in more cancer cases. Jennifer Krauss was interviewed, she started smoking when she was in middle school, high school, and college. She started smoking because of the curiosity of wanting to see what it was like. She didn’t smoke that long, and didn’t get addicted to smoking like other people would. Other people in her family didn’t smoke, though her extended family smoked when they were younger. She chose to quit smoking because she heard of what it can do to you, and that she knows people who died from it. The cost of smoking, and being out of breath, and that it made her family mad is what affected her when she smoked. She didn’t affect anyone in her family because she didn’t smoke in the house, around the family, or in the car. She quit smoking at age 53. She wished that she could educate people about what smoking does to get people to stop smoking, or never even start. If she could never start smoking in the first place she would change that and not even of smoked one cigarette if she would of known what it of done back when she started. So, from all in answers given you can tell that nobody wants to smoke, but they get addicted before they can quit or even try to give up. Some people say that it can help you relieve stress if you smoke, but in all reality it doesn’t actually relieve stress it gives you more stress. If you are smoking to relieve stress than you should pretty much just quit it already, since if you quit smoking you will have less stress. However, during these feelings of relaxation, the body is actually experiencing increased stress, blood pressure and heart rate increase, muscles become tense, and less oxygen is available to the body and brain. Well, here we go again all these people thinking that if they smoke they will be more calm and have a better life and they won’t to be honest. Whenever a smokers not smoking or quit smoking they feel more angry and or even just mean because they cannot smoke. This is all because of the chemicals inside of the cigarette that makes them want it and getting mad and mean since they don’t have one. They feel like they need to smoke another one because of the chemicals that are inside of a cigarette, which makes me keep wanting more. Nevertheless it doesn’t calm them whatsoever, not even the tiniest bit. On the other hand, it actually increase the amount of stress, and also makes you less calm and makes you more uncontrollable, which makes it harder for you. But people don’t know all of this cuz of the good feeling they get when they smoke a cigarette, which makes them think its making them feel better.  Statistics has proven that smoking is known to be a bad thing to get started doing since it has addictive chemicals inside of it. Smoking makes you die at a younger age than others would live to. It can give you lung disease, or even worse lung cancer. Smoking is the leading cause of death, since it has all of those chemicals. Besides, the disease, it has a cost of 7-14 dollars, yet it only costs the cigarette making company 10-14 cents to make them. So, they are scamming you of a lot of money that they make a big profit. It cause problems for kids with asthmatic kids and others without it could get problems from second hand smoke. You might think that it helps you with many of problems, such as stress and or calms you down, but it increase that stuff because of the chemicals and nicotine, inside of the Cigarette (tobacco.)  Smoking can cause medical problems to you in your bones, by taking away the calcium. Smoking is a bad smell for non-smokers. People who don’t smoke can get disease from second hand smoke, and also or third hand smoke. Second hand smoke is the exposure to you when you are near someone that smokes. People don’t want to walk through a cloud of smoke when near a restaurant so they had to move 40 feet distance from the place so that it wouldn’t disturb the people eating or walking outside. Most people who do smoke know and want to stop smoking but can’t must wish that they never even started smoking in the first place, but it’s a little too late for them to quit now. If you smoke while pregnant you could give your baby some birth problems when they are born. If people would stop smoking the world could probably end smoking finally, but people don’t understand what smoking does to them. If a pack a cigarettes would say on the pack is big letter that is very noticeable that said “Smoking can give you problems and can be addictive, and has bad chemicals in it” they would probably not sell as good as they really do.

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