Sony Alpha A7S II ReviewSummary:Sony recently introduced its high-end full frame camera Alpha A7S II that ensures incredible performance in low light conditions with its 12MP camera.

The immersive shooting range and amazing video quality make this camera unit first choice of filmmakers and photography experts. The essential thing you need to know about A7S is that this mirrorless camera can record 1080p footage internally as well as can be used as a 4K video output provider with an external recorder. The first appearance of A7S is much more like Sony’s popular rivals A7 and A7R models; however, the features vary by a large extent. It is more useful to professional videographers with its latest high-end features. Pros:• High ISO range that goes up to 409,600 maximum.

 • It has internal 4K recording ability. • The AF system works perfectly fine in low light.• Efficient and improved ergonomics. • Weather sealed body.• Impressive noise performance. Cons:• Needs some improvement in burst performance.• Placement of video record button is not ideal.• Produces 8-bit videos instead of 10 or 12-bit videos.

 Sony Alpha A7S II Review:Although, Sony’s latest A7S camera unit looks much more like the previous A7 series models but there are so many exciting additions to features that are especially useful for video shooters. This full frame camera is finished with compact and easy to handle design. As users were already dissatisfied with control features of other A7 models so this time manufacturers have made some efforts to make it appear better. The grip has been changed a lot, now this tiny DSLR camera manages a nice feel in hands.

The buttons are shifted little closer to the fingers so that users can press them without any additional struggle. Sony Alpha A7S II makes use of 2.36-million dot viewfinder where magnification level is varied from 0.

71x to 0.78x as compared to previous models. Hence, the images will naturally appear little larger. Users are also satisfied with its rear screen quality where the resolution is also much improved. It has a movable 3 inch 1.23 million dot screen that makes shooting task much easier for efficient tilting as per head height. Most of the professionals as well as beginners prefer to share their captured images on social media instantly and to do this they need efficient connectivity options. You will be glad to know that Sony Alpha A7S II supports NFC and Wi-Fi so that users can easily share their photos over other devices.

 A7S is loaded with the advanced autofocus system that works with 169 focus points and the f/2 lens make it able to focus well even when the light levels fall below -4EV. You can expect great image quality even in dark light conditions. Users also find it much easier to change focus within very less time. The Bionz X Camera processor is solid enough to perform at 5fps range and if you start working with continuous focusing arrangement, it can handle 2.5 fps range as well. Sony has also added an optional electronic shutter to Alpha A7S II model that enables silent shooting feature. The amount of vibration is reduced with this smoother version of the shutter as compared to the mechanical designs.

One more essential feature of Sony Alpha A7S II is its 5 axis stabilization that helps to produce clear and crisp images. The image quality of Sony Alpha A7S II is pretty good; it produces large sensor pixels with satisfactory ISO dynamic range. The ISO settings can be easily varied between 100 and 409,600 so it performs better in sensitive areas as well. With Sony Alpha A7S II, you can easily shoot up to 4K resolution level.

However, quality is not excellent but it is satisfactory with great optical stabilization feature. You can easily get an impressive look without any external recorder as well. Note that, it stores details in XAVC S format so you will definitely need a high-performance memory card for storage. The battery life of A7S is tested to produce around 380 shots with one full charging; however, extended use of electronic viewfinder and Wi-Fi can naturally decay the battery life. Sony Alpha A7S II – Good For:You cannot find such an impressive low light performance with other similarly priced cameras in the market.

Also, the 4K shooting quality can be further enhanced with an external recorder. If you are a slow-motion shooter, its advanced autofocus system will help you to achieve better results. Further, excellent noise control feature with impressive low light performance makes this camera best choice for indoor shooting. This camera is good for evidence gatherers and news reporters. Sony Alpha A7S II – Bad For:Probably, this camera is not designed by keeping video shooters in the target. Some control layout troubles like the placement of video activation button and poor ergonomics make this task much difficult. Also, the quick AF point selection ability is missing; one need to spend more time while messing up with the navigation buttons. The 12MP camera sensor is not suitable for those who want to print their captured images.

Verdict:Sony Alpha A7S II is loaded with many professional level features and it provides impressive results in low light. You can easily carry this lightweight and compact camera unit to your journeys while enjoying 4K shooting. Also, the camera is weather sealed with the magnesium alloy material that makes it suitable for outdoor adventure hours. Those who are much concerned about low light performance will definitely find it a better alternative for many other high-end DSLR units. In short, Sony Alpha A7S II demonstrates the impressive combinations of technology so that users can take the best advantage of latest features to get desired shooting results. However, you may find many other compelling options in the market but it is one of the most suitable alternatives for your limited budget range and low light performance needs. However, if you need professional quality 4K shooting results, it is good to invest in additional recording device as well. 

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