The intent of the survey is to look into production of tea from guyabano foliages. It besides deals with the probe of the quality of the tea produced and compares it to commercialized tea.The tea was produced by following the method of cutting. drying and warming. The finished merchandise was so tested for its quality through proving and comparing to commercialized tea.

As based on the consequences. the guyabano leaves can be made into a tea. The tea produced from guyabano foliages following an easy stairss. the tea was observed xanthous brown in colour and pure in olfactory property. It is an environment friendly because the stuff used was natural. Compared to commercialized tea. this produced merchandise from guyabano foliages has a great advantage to the consumer because it is low-cost. It besides helps to relieve the refuse in the environment.

The merchandise has a possible to be commercialized. Chapter IIntroductionBackground of the Study cell slayerAll works parts are used in natural medical specialty. including bark.

foliages. roots and fruits. but the portion that contains the greatest concentration of active ingredient is the foliage.Guyabano foliage and bark ( Powder ) . remedy diabetes by modulating blood sugar. which shows its high effectivity in endocrinal committednesss: liver. kidney.

thyroid. pancreas. ovary. prostate. bowels. musculus relaxant smooth ( bosom ) .

gall vesica. appendix and battles lung malignant neoplastic disease or Lewis. chest malignant neoplastic disease and encephalon tumours. hypotensive. anti-spasmodic. vasodilative.

eliminates dust touchs that cause asthma and bronchial diseases. The leaf tea remedy liver jobs. improves the map of the pancreas. It is effectual to deworm kids.

malaria remedy. indicated to raise the defences in patients with chemotherapy and besides for people with HIV ( AIDS ) .The research workers aim to bring forth high quality tea merchandise out of guyabano foliages that are cheap.Statement of the ProblemThis survey aims to do guyabano tea out of guyabano foliages. Specifically. it answers the undermentioned inquiries:V Is it possible to do high quality tea out of guyabano foliages?V Is at that place important difference between guyabano tea and the commercial tea?Hypothesis1. Yes. it is possible to do high quality tea out guyabano foliages.

2. There is no important difference between guyabano tea and the commercial tea.Chapter IIReview of Related LiteratureGuyabano. or soursop in English ( Scientific Name: Anona muricata Linn. ) is a little tree. normally about 5 to 7 metres high. Guyabano is a fruit bearing tree. broadleaf.

blossoming. and evergreen that is native to Central America. the Carribean and South America. Guyabano can be found in Mexico.

Colombia. Brazil. Peru. and Venezuela. Guyabano or Soursop is besides native in sub-Saharan African states. Guyabano or Soursop is adaptable to tropical clime and are presently cultivated for its fruit in most Southeasterly Asiatic states such as Malaysia.

Indonesia and Philippines.Guyabano foliages are egg-shaped shaped with smooth. glistening texture. Guyabano foliages are 7 to 20 centimetres in length. pointed on both terminals.

with leafstalks about 5 millimeters long. Guyabano or prickly custard apple is besides known to possess medicative belongingss that include malignant neoplastic disease contending activity.In a survey published in the “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry” . fourteen structurally diverse Annonaceous acetogenins. found in Guyabano infusion were identified and tested for their ability to suppress the growing of adriamycin immune human mammary glandular cancer cells.

This cell line is known to be multidrug immune malignant neoplastic disease cells. Some of the acetogenins from the guyabano infusion were found to be more powerful than adriamycin and therefore may hold chemotherapeutic potency. particularly with respect to multidrug immune tumors” .( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ncbi. nlm.

National Institutes of Health. gov/pubmed/9207950? dopt=Citation )In a study that was published in “International Journal of Molecular Sciences” dated 2010. Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of the ethanol infusion from guyabano foliages ( Annona muricata Linn ) were investigated in carnal theoretical accounts.

. In a chemically induced hydrops to the paw of rats showed that the guyabano ethyl alcohol infusion has significantly reduced the exudations volume. These consequences suggest that Annona muricata can be an active beginning of substances with antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities.( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ncbi. nlm.

National Institutes of Health. gov/pubmed/20559502 )In a survey published in the “Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology” . infusions from the fruit and the foliages of Guyabano ( Annona muricata – Annonaceae ) contains three alkaloids. annonaine ( 1 ) .

nornuciferine ( 2 ) and asimilobine ( 3 ) . that upon trials have shown to suppress binding of [ 3H ] rauwolscine to 5-HTergic 5-HT1A receptors in calf hippocampus. These consequences imply that Guyabano fruit ( Annona muricata ) possesses anti-depressive effects.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ncbi. nlm. National Institutes of Health. gov/pubmed/9401954 # )Concoctions of foliages. seeds and barks are non recommended for internal ingestion to immature kids.

pregnant and wet adult females. In surveies done from a Caribbean research lab. Guyabano contains annonacin that is suggested to hold a connexion in the development of untypical Parkinson’s disease. Guyabano is non recommended for people who have motor control trouble or suspected of holding Parkinson’s disease.Tea is a drink made by immersing the dried foliages. buds. and branchlets of the Camellia sinensis works in warm to hot H2O.

Depending on how the works stuff is handled. the spirit and colour of the drink can change widely. and many besides include extra flavorers. which complicate the spirit even further. Some people besides refer to drinks made with other workss as teas. although this is really wrong ; unless the drink contains Camellia sinensis. it can non be called by this name.

Once the tea has been roasted. it can be packaged for sale. or blended with other ingredients. All kinds of things are added to it. from orange Peels to lavender.

The tea is brewed by pouring H2O over the dried ingredients ; the less fermented it is. the ice chest the H2O needs to be. and the shorter the steeping clip. Depending on the civilization. the drink may be consumed field. or served with a assortment of ingredients such as milk. pick. honey.

sugar. or lemon.Because tea is such a familiar drink around the universe.

the term is sometimes used to mention to herbal tisanes such as Aspalathus lineariss. sometimes called “red tea. ” and blends of flowers. roots.

foliages. and stems from other workss. Technically. such drinks are tisanes or extracts. non teas. In add-on to missing Camellia sinensis.

they are besides handled really otherwise. and they have a markedly different spirit and chemical composing. Tea. for illustration. contains caffeine. while herbal extracts do non. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wisegeek.

com/what-is-tea. htm # )Scope and RestrictionThe observation and experimentation was done at Imelda. Labason. and Zamboanga del Norte. The portion of guyabano or prickly custard apple tree used is the foliages. The observation and proving were done by the research workers. Comparison of the guyabano tea and commercialised tea was besides conducted. The proving for the chemical constituents of the guyabano tea is non covered in this survey.

Significance of the StudyThis survey could truly assist the people financially and the people who are seting guyabano. it will assist particularly to those who have Arthritis. diabetes and malignant neoplastic disease. Once this merchandise will be approved. endorse and sold out already in the market. the research worker might assist in adding or making occupations for our fellowmen.

The people will be encouraged to sell this merchandise in the market and gain money. During the crop clip. the foliages of the guyabano are sold.

The guyabano tea helps to bring around the unwellness of a individual and it will assist to relieve the refuse in the environment.

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