In the twelvemonth 2001, the Airline Industry faced what would be its longest and deepest crisis to day of the month many of the air hose companies were losing hundred of 1000000s of US dollars ; several had collapsed wholly, whilst others had to be rescued by their authorities. This crisis was precipitated by the terrorist onslaught of September 11, 2001 in United States of America. Southwest Airlines, which had the enviable record of registering net income for 30 uninterrupted old ages, was besides severely hit by the developments post September 11 terrorist onslaught. Since 9/11 terrorist onslaughts, the air power industry went into a period of terror and somberness.

Situation was so bad that rider Numberss plummeted drastically for all air hose companies, balance sheets were demoing up in ruddy and investors hammered down stock monetary values of each and every company. Immediate reaction to it was that about all air hoses companies had gone into monolithic lay-offs and path rationalisation. This article will analyse the alterations that have occurred in the concern kineticss of the air hose sector and its impact on Southwest Airlines as the focal point of treatment.History of Southwest AirlinesGENESIS ( 1967 )In 1967, Rollin King and Herb Kelleher founded Southwest Airlines in response to a demand for increased capacity within travel paths of major Texas metropoliss. These paths were service by big bearers but the menus were high because about all bearers used these paths as intermediate Michigans. The thought for Southwest Airlines to do it successful was through maintaining costs low such that the menus for path between two Texan metropoliss was less than cost of driving a vehicle over the same path.THE GROWTH STORY ( 1967-2000 )Value Proposition of Southwest Airlines for the client has ever been the monetary value and convenience.

Some of the cardinal facets of scheme by which Southwest brought in the value proposition are captured below: Southwest Airlines was possibly the best air hoses success narrative of all time scripted worldwide. It shortly became the most widely implemented low cost solution in the premium industry across geographicss. Once Southwest Airlines had entered into the market, it wholly changed how people in United States of America took to air travel. The value subject that Southwest Airlines was following was to detect operational efficiency. Each of its patterns and stairss were cornered around this aim and this made it to achieve and keep market leading.

Southwest Airlines radiances above its rivals as the industry leader in low menu flights. They strive to give their clients that ( positively hideous service ) POS that they are known so good for. Southwest Airlines discovered a niche market for air travellers who wanted an easy and low-cost manner to go, Southwest flies doing it easy for clients to go within the provinces handily without all the fusss of a major airdrome or many transportation flights.

Southwest was established in the clip when economic system flights were steadily increasing, more and more households wanted to go in province but could non afford the high priced seats that Southwest ‘s rivals, Continental, Alaska or United offered. This was a great chance for Southwest because they now had a opportunity to increase their market cleavage and make trueness from these clients and new 1s from the value they offer. By supplying unfastened siting coupled with a corporate civilization of happy employees and self-generated attitudes Southwest has genuinely taken the tendency of economic system winging to the following degree.Southwest Airlines has come up with a program to offer its clients no in flight repasts, which cuts costs for everyone, a first semen foremost function seating, and outstanding client service to do the low cost experience feel like your winging first category to your finish. In 2002 Southwest introduced 250 new ticket dispensing booths throughout the airdromes, the end with these booths was to cut down the clip spent in line and better airdrome experience since September 11 2001.

Throughout Southwest ‘s history the lone barrier that they have encountered was in 1978 with The Airline Deregulation Act, which redefined the industry by extinguishing the ability of the Civil Aeronautics Board ( CAB ) to put menus, allocate paths, and command entry and issue into markets. Companies had no ability to alter menus, even if their costs were increasing. The lone effort to raise monetary values was through a request to the CAB for a menu rise. A petition normally took up to 6 hebdomads to be processed.

This effected Southwest since their concern tends to be really cyclical in nature. In certain months people are likely to pay more than in other months. To contend this new jurisprudence Southwest averaged their monetary values and went for a slow and steady growing concern theoretical account, understanding that this will finally set down them in first topographic point among their rivals.RivalsSouthwest ‘s rivals include another low cost air hose called Jet Blue. This air hose is miming what Southwest is seeking to make with its no frills flights. They could take clients from Southwest by making new ways to introduce this industry. This could be refering to Southwest client base because they must ever be cognizant of what they are making in order to fudge against their new offers.

Other Airlines that contribute to taking Southwest ‘s client base are Continental, United, and American air hoses. Of class these air hoses offer a fluctuation on the services to their clients, and are aiming different mark sections.Customer ProfileSouthwest Airlines have long since prided itself on a no frill low menu flights. This sort of service, in add-on with their outstanding client service, attracts mainly households and the traveller looking to salvage a few dollars.

This demographic cleavage allows southwest to offer their mark market the best possible service, and monetary values, by honoring being early with a pick place, and still offering that POS service. Since immature households are their chief clients Southwest offers promotional voucher with their flights in order to pull clients traveling on holidaies. Such as they created an confederation with a Ski resort based in Utah, Southwest so offered a weekend of skiing on them, if you chose to wing on their air hose. Besides southwest marks travel agents, corporate travel directors along with their single travellers.SWOT Analysis


Southwest Airlines is the leader in supplying low cost in province flights for its clients.

It systematically offers frequent flights, ask foring cabins, realiable service, and astonishing client service. Since every Southwest aeroplane is operated by merely 71 people, the lowest of all time in their history, labour costs have decreased and those who are left are extremely trained and specifically chosen out of 1000s of appliers to reflect Southwest ‘s client oriented civilization.Since Southwest air hoses has been the leader in low cost flights for the last 36 old ages, and have been profitable for 33 old ages, they use the scheme of buying the same aeroplane for their full fleet. The Boeing 737 is their aeroplane of pick ; they have chosen to hold a individual aeroplane because you merely need to hold your employees trained on one type of aeroplane and because of that their efficiency additions. All of these, low cost flights, smaller hubs, first-class client service, and cost film editing techniques, have led to Southwest being the leader of its industry.As per our outlook Southwest can acquire a net income of $ 2740714 for Detroit path, $ 570905 for Dayton path and $ 4146613 for Baltimore path. Though the expected net income is most for the 3rd option but if we would see the scope of worst to outdo state of affairs ; in the first option the possible gross results would be between $ 18, 59,289 net Net incomes in the worse state of affairs and in the best instance it is $ 37, 56, 708.

For Dayton path, the Company can gain ( $ 1, 92, 529 ) cyberspace net incomes in the worse state of affairs and in the best instance it is $ 15, 96, 325. For Baltimore path, the Company can gain $ 22, 55, 947 net net incomes in the worst state of affairs and in the best instance it is $ 63, 94, 353.Hence It is clear that scope is highest in 3rd option so alternatively of highest expected gross it has the highest hazard. While 2nd option has the least fluctuation but the opportunities of giving negative returns in worst conditions is high. Hence first option seems to be best option.


They respond to client petitions and besides maintain up the “ Luv Culture ” – Better Brand image and better connect with clients


South west ‘s competitory advantage remainders with pricing or providing services at low menus. From the sensitiveness analysis, we come to cognize that southwest can acquire the net income of $ 2740714 for Detroit path, $ 570905 for Dayton path and $ 4146613 for Baltimore path where the monetary values are quoted at $ 114, $ 49 and $ 87. If the monetary value war occurs in these topographic points by the rivals of south west, the company can travel for worse menus and increase the gross still in viing with their rivals.

The grounds being:Cost control activities adopted by South west such as- Cost cutting- Pilots lending new thoughts to salvage fuels, Fuel costs- Buying fuel from sellers who offer best monetary values by transporting stock list if possible, Gate costs and set downing fee’s- Average fee in little airdromes is $ 2.50, and in little airdromes it is $ 2.00, No of departures- Maximum productiveness of riders through 20 goings a twenty-four hours, Low cost service- Offering services at low cost as it was 7.3 cents per rider

Hazard analysis: –

From NPV and interrupt even analysis we get the 3rd option as the best as it has least period for interruption even and highest NPV. The first option comes 2nd and so the second at last. But this does non give us a holistic image to do any suggestions right off.

We should besides analyze the hazard in a certain investing along with the returns. Some factors which would originate as hazard factors are follows:Operating costFuel costEmployee costWeather conditions

Choosing the best option: –

After traveling through the hazard and return portion will take the best option. From return point of position it is really clear that 3rd option we should take. It has $ 3.2 million NPV while first option has $ 2.4 million. Third option has merely one major hazard which is weather status. Let see how important it is.

Normal “ in and out ” clip is 15 proceedingss for sou’-west air hoses. It helps to cut down cost and salvage clip besides. This is a large differentiating factor for them. In our options it is same expect for the last option which have 90 proceedingss clip for “ in and out ” . This hold in clip by 6 times is really important from cost every bit good as gross point of position. Taking 10 O & A ; D in topographic point for one twenty-four hours, if 15 proceedingss is in and out clip so clip for entire 10 O & A ; D would be 15*10*2= 300 proceedingss. If it increases to 90 proceedingss because of bad conditions status, so it means in same twenty-four hours and same clip we have merely 300/90= 3 O & A ; D is possible.

It means diminution of gross to 1/3rd.Due to more clip for “ in and out ” there would be more fuel ingestion which will take to increase in cost. A flight from Detroit to phoenix, which is around 1000miles, takes 3 A? hours to cover. It means a flight covers around 5 stat mis in one minute. So if flight has to wait for 90-15=75 proceedingss more it means it will lost fuel bing t0 75*5=375 stat mis.It has given that per hr cost of operation of air hose is $ 4000. So due to detain by 75 proceedingss runing cost will increase by 4000/60*75= $ 5000.

A So after sing the hazard portion, 3rd option gives negative returns as the gross is worsening and cost is increasing. So we will extinguish the 3rd option


Southwest should Choose the first option of spread outing within the system since this options gives positive return, is less hazardous and besides will assist the organisation keep its “ Luv Culture ” . This option will besides better their trade name image as an air hose bearer that cares non merely for its employees but its riders as good.This scheme besides falls in line with their thought of controlled enlargement.

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