Spain is beautiful and rich in history. During
Franco Francisco people was speaking on Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque.

From 1936 to 1939 Burgos was the capital city and after until 1975 was the
capital city.    

One of the most popular and who hard impact on
Spain and Europe is Francisco Franco Bahamonde, who was born 4 of December. He
was Roman Catholic, Franco showed his religion to people.                                

Franco had two sisters Pas and Pilar and two
brothers Nicholas and Ramon.

He is Spanish, who ruled in Spain. Also he is famous as fascist lead?r and milit?ry dictat?r.Who is fascist people? It is cruel people who was merciless and killed almost all people except their nationality. F?scism is a f?rm of g?vernment in whi?h a c?untry is c?nsidered more import?nt th?n an? p?rson, gr?up, fre?dom or p?sition.Spanish Gen?ral Fr?nco Franco def?ated the Republic?ns supported b? the USSR. This happened in 1939. The victory ended the bloody and exhausting civil war that lasted for three years. The victory over the Republicans predetermined the economic growth in Spain and contributed to the growth of its population. But at the same time it gave birth to many current problems that the country is facing now. Franco was supported by fascists, big businesses, the church, conservative people and Spanish nationalists.          The ?ivil W?r was in Sp?in 1936-1939, aft?r ?ivil War milli?n pe?ple di?d. Th? fa?t th?t the c?untry beg?n a ?ivil w?r, the Sp?nish th?mselves are to blame. Of course, the USSR, Nazi Germany and fascist Italy sought to establish a l?yal regime in Madrid. But ?ven in Spain itself there was no force cap?ble of saving the c?untry from a c?tastrophe. Th? right did not intend to abandon medieval privileges such as l?rge priv?te and eccl?siastical l?nded est?tes and opp?sed th? r?forms on the p?rt of the l?ft. The l?ft did not beh?ve in th? best way, trying to defeat the remnants of the past, ph?sically destroying the opponents. Actively used and explosives, and firearms.

From April 1, 1939, the dict?torship of General
Francisco Franco was established, which became known as the
“c?udillo” (Spanish leader). In th? USSR he w?s consid?red a
“Hitler”, but Franco did not destroy the Jews, but, on the contrary,
saved at le?st 60,000 representatives of this p??ple who fl?d fr?m the Nazis.

In addition, the head of Spain was a zealous Catholic.

In August 1942, he formed a n?w cabinet of
ministers. In the cabinet, phalanges were presented in smaller quantities than
before. Su?h a “maneuver” t?stified to Fr?nco Franco’s desire for
sweat. “Spanish phalanx” after the end of the Civil War.

The gov?rnment (Council of Ministers) was headed by
F. Franco. No bills could be submitted to the Cortes with?ut the consent of the
government. The dict?tor had a veto over any bill passed by the Cortes. The
ministers were app?inted and disl?cated also p?rsonally b? Franco. He also
appointed governors of 50 provinces, high officials, judges, generals,
admirals, gave cons?nt to the m?vement of p?rsons of s?iritual r?nk in the
structur? of the C?tholic Chur?h. The Cath?lic religion was declared state. The
clergy rec?ived fr?m the st?te treasur? sal?ries.

Eloquently speaking about Franco Francisco and
the data of demography. He severely punished for abortion, pederasty, supported
the institution of the f?mily. From 1900 to 1932 years. the population of Spain
increased b? 5.5 million people – from 18.6 to 24.1 million. But in a shorter
period – from 1932 to 1959. Despite the death of a million civil war, the
increase was 5.8 million people. And in 1959 – 1977 years. the population
increased by 6.4 million people.

The growth of
Spain’s economy was less connected with material assistance from the United
States. The first years the country was isolated and developed independently.

Its economy blossomed later, during the C?? ld
War. This was promoted by Am?rica, f?r which Spain was interesting as an adv?ntageous
ally against the USSR.








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