Spending months on the research and study, this beard oil is made from thepurest forms of natural oils. One of the best beard oils you will find on themarket to date. This beard oil made up of delicate ingredients makes your beardvery light weight and doesn’t make it look greasy. Most of the complains fromthe consumers usually are that the oil makes the beard greasy. With this beardoil you can have your beard fully non-greasy as well as looking shiny, healthyand smooth. This company also claims that none other than Tea Tree Beard oilcan provide you with the same scent as they do.

They promise to maintain theirquality or even improve it to much better quality.·        Ingredients they use: ·        Grape fruit seed extract·        Vegetable derived glycerin·        Naturally-derived fragrance·        Castor oil·        Grapeseed oil·        Almond oil ·        Jojoba oil Specialties:·        Unlike other beard oils, itis very easy to apply·        A natural remedy to cureyour unruly beard hair·        A very unique and distincivescent ·       Mutual and most used Ingredients: ·       Jojoba oil:Jojoba oil is specially considered for its effect on healthy hair growth.Jojoba oil comes out of jojoba trees which is found inside the seeds. Mostlythey are considered Wax Ester rather than oil.

Jojoba oil balances theproduction of the oil on your skin as it imitates the oil that is producednaturally on your skin. These are commonly used despite the fact that these donot have any side effects and treats the acne on your skin as well. Here aresome of the benefits of Jojoba oil (mentioned below).1.       It strengthens your scalp or your skin and acts as aremedy to your hair loss, be it your beard or your hair.2.

      By applying it your hair reproduce themselves at a veryquick pace3.      It moisturizes your scalp or skin ·        Almond oil:Almond oil is full of potassium, zinc, proteins and vitamin E. These aresome of the best properties for your beard growth as it eliminates thebeardruff and helps reduce the inflammation. By using this oil you actuallystrengthen and nourish your hair which is optimal for preventing hair loss andhaving healthy hair. A few drops of it can make your beard look shinier andhealthier.

It is also very useful by applying it on your skin as it gentlycleans the pores on your skin and remove the sitting debris on it. Some of thebenefits of this oil are as follows:1.       It contains such properties that deal against the UV raysand protects your hair from it.2.      Contains very important properties like Vitamin A,B and Ewhich help your hair shine.3.      Contains some properties that help and prevent thebreakage of your hair. ·        Argan oil:Argan oil which comes out of a very special kind of tree is also one of thebest and most commonly used ingredient that helps strengthen your hair and givea decent look to it.

This oil is proved to be one of the best to have yourbeard thicker, shinier and smoother. It is widely used as a conditioner as wellas it fixes your unruly hair in a quick pace. It contains antioxidants thatboost the production of cell. It also helps prevent the damaging impact on yourbeard or hair by the overuse of other dangerous synthetic products. Benefits orArgan oil:1.       It acts as a hair mask so that your beard is notvulnerable to the environmental damaging debri.2.

      Can be used as a conditioner if you want your hair tolook silky and smooth3.      It can also be used as a styling agent as it gives yourbeard a nice light shiny look. SideEffects of beard oils: The global misconceptionthat such essential natural oils do not cause allergic reactions has beendenied by various experts. According to some researches these oils are provedto be even more viable to allergic reactions and makes your skin vulnerable toit. These oils are to be stored in a dark and cold environment so that they arenot exposed to light and air. If it is exposed to light or air it may havehigher chances to be oxidized and become a risk by causing allergic reaction. Synthetic Fragrances:Most of the companies propose that their product is expertly producednaturally and not synthetically.

Many experts have reported that while theseproducts contain natural properties, also contain a trace amount of syntheticfragrances that are harmful for your skin. Experts say that while these oilsseem optimal choice, these can also be very harmful. So if you feel like you’reallergic to these, experts recommend that you use other beard products thatcome without the oils.How to apply beard oils:Applying the beard oil isnot necessarily the most difficult task of the day, although you have to be atiny bit careful about somethings like, applying the oil when your beard iscompletely dry.

So whenever you take a shower, make sure that your beard iscompletely dry, then apply it. This is the most optimal time for applying it asyour beard softens and  it helps the oilto absorb almost completely to the roots of your beard. The most optimum amountof beard oil is that you pour 2 to 3 drops on your palm, rub it and then gentlyapply it to your beard.

 Availability of branded beard oils in Pakistan:Compared to foreign brandsPakistani beard oil brands are not very effective. The foreign quality is farmore better than the quality is available to us here. However, we can alwaysorder it online, although it will be a little costly but it will definitely beworth it. There are many Sites from you can order these products.

Some of thesebrands’ very own websites provide with the facility of shipping it to differentparts around the world. If you cannot find a brand that does the shipping toyour country, you can find these products on other ecommerce sites like www.wabees.com or www.daraz.pk etc..

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