Ancient Greece is one of the most ancient civilisations in history and some historiographers say it is one of the greatest. They have survived many invasions and onslaughts from savages and Persians every bit good. The Greeks those times were divided into metropolis provinces and they don’t have any signifier of confederation with each other. They don’t help each other on wars they except for times that they don’t have a pick. The Grecian society is fundamentally alone. Greece had ne’er been united under one exclusive swayer. And even the metropolis provinces are fought among each other on whom or which city state should govern Greece.

These qualities of the Greece made the Grecian history interesting. Mark Golden’s book. Sport and Society in Ancient Greece. had elaborated the cardinal points of the Grecian society subjected on common subject. The book uses the Grecian athletics and games to give really good description of the Grecian society. It expressively explained the athletics as really of import portion of the society of Greece. In add-on to this. he related the Grecian athletics to faith. societal position. gender. age and other things that constitute to analyze of its society.

Golden uses the athleticss sphere to come up the differences among persons and groups of the Grecian society. The fact that it is theme-oriented made the book readers friendly. Most history professor uses this book as a really good usher to learn history. The subjects use in the Golden’s book made it reader friendly. Identifying the subjects of the book would be comparatively easy. One of the subjects he used is the Grecian athletics. In fact. it unites all thoughts in the book. He used the Grecian athletics as a point of view of the differences of the Greeks. He explained it utilizing assorted events in the competitions and its rivals.

He explained why most explained that in every event there is a sort of group that can take part. He besides expressly give stress the difference of participants in the athletic events to the equestrian events. In virtuousness of this. he elaborated the tenseness between to the two types of competition. He explained that he sees the difference on the participants of the said events reflect on how the Grecian society was comprised. Another subject he used in his book was the narratives of Iliad and Odyssey. He uses explain the start of the games and the spiritual beliefs of the Grecian society.

The narratives of Iliad and Odyssey was widely usage in their spiritual activities. The fact that most of the games was done in testimonial to the Gods of Greece. They do this by live overing the great narratives of both Homer’s heroic poem novel. They believe that Homer’s epic novel were really accurate about the Gods activities. They had lived with this belief with so many old ages. The following subject which Mark Golden used in the book was the historical background of Greece. He stated several historical events in Greece that influences the Grecian civilization and the games.

He had explained briefly how some games had started and the alterations that the Greeks had implemented to the games. He had emphasized the importance of these historical events to the Grecian society. The last subject that I will name here is the relation of the societal position to events a Grecian can take part. He uses this subject through out the book. He fundamentally discusses the societal hierarchy the Greek have in their society as times came by. The book clearly differentiated the differences on how a group of Greeks or an single can take part in the athletics or the games.

Golden stated that in the equestrian events slaves can merely win as jockeys and other regulations they applied in this event. The societal favoritism in the Grecian society was highlighted in the book. The subjects he uses merely set the book in place that it is easy to read. can be use as learning stuff because of its dependability. and its distinguishable usage of other literatures of other historiographers. With this book. I could live over the minute the games had begun and gone on until today. I lived in Athens during the clip Olympics had been established. It was a glorious minute for the Greeks.

Everyone believed that these games can unify the whole of Greece where it could contend and map as one whole state. The start of the game signaled a bend in the history of the Greeks. The feeling of this glorious minute is really delighting to me and to other Greeks as good. Imagine that a Grecian won’t face another Hellenic in the battleground once more. I would fall in the games to turn out the laterality of Athens over other metropolis provinces. Joining the games as an Athenian is a privilege and a great award for me. And befriending other Grecian is as non bad as it looks in the yesteryear.

Bing at war with other Greek is hurting that a soldier must get the better of. Bing a soldier. killing other Greeks is the most painful thing to make. It is as if it was killing your ain brother. Nowadays that hurting is nil but a pigment of the yesteryear. I’m sword lily that my boies would non experience that hurting that any longer. They will non travel up against other Greeks except at the games. And it is for the Gods after all. They had blessed us of something great. I thank our Supreme beings that they found a manner to halt the quarreling between metropolis provinces of great Greece.

After reading the book. I’ve come to believe that the Grecian games and athleticss are done to unite Greece and for amusement. The universe had mimic the Grecian games and created Olympics. It symbolizes the integrity of the states take parting in the Olympic Games. The fact that civilization of Greek is carry out by the states in the Olympics. It raises a sense of pride among the Greeks. Another thing is a realisation that athleticss does come from faith. The games were held in spiritual festival in ancient times. The athleticss today are said to hold a intent of chumminess. enjoyment. and conflict of accomplishments.

It is flooring to cognize that it came from faith. The screening of facts in the book of Mark Golden had convinced me that athleticss started as testimonial to the Gods. And that the relation of the faith and athleticss is undeniable. He presented dependable groundss that strengthened a claim made by a priest. The thought of sorting the participants that participate in an event was a lurid disclosure. I thought at first that the categorization of participants was done merely to do the games just. And that is invented after the universe wars.

It is flooring to cognize that these categorizations were truly done due to societal position in ancient Greece. The construction of the games from those times to these yearss is really different. But to cognize that they have the same intent is rather a alleviation. The most of import thought that occurred to after reading Mark Golden’s book is that literature has something to make with athleticss. If you look at athleticss and literature at field logic. they are really different because literature uses mental capablenesss while the athleticss and games use physical abilities.

The connexion of literature and athleticss was established clearly in Mark Golden’s book. He clearly stated the relation of the two. The realisation of the relation between the two is rather interesting and head bugling. Mark Golden’s book clearly is one of a sort. Historians who read his book were really enthusiastic to discourse Grecian history to his category. The dependability of the book make more convincing to historiographers or even to non-historians. The book is truly a must read to people to who likes Grecian history. Works Cited Golden. Mark. Sport and Society in Ancient Greece. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1998

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