Introduction and context analysis

Halpenny Golf is one of the largest golf retail merchants in Ireland and the UK and stickiest with shops located in Swords. Lucan. Grafton Street and Drogheda. It is a golf installation retail merchant in Ireland who provide over 1000 golf merchandise. Halpenny golf is amongst the top 10 golf retail merchants in UK & A ; Ireland. They have four entity shops and one web site store. and serve over 60. 000 clients with rather high trueness. Their client acknowledgment engineering is the most sophisticated and advanced of its sort in the universe. They work to demanding international quality direction criterions with little trough group. Since it is a large retail merchant in Irish golf industry it still affected by the crisis erupts since 2008.

They have to alter their store topographic point and brand is smaller and more profitable. More and more these clients prefer to make less buying in golf. And some of them were seeking online store such as golf online in UK which can supply more and cheaper equipment. The context of Halpenny is losing client and net income in hapless economic yearss in Ireland. It is easy to happen the people in Ireland still have immense buying power at athletics. However we still can happen the alterations between 10 old ages ago and now. Peoples would wish pass more money in gym and swimming pool which can easy to loosen up and much cheaper than play a unit of ammunition of golf. Less people golf lead less golf buying.


Before we talk more about Halpenny itself. we need happen some benchmarking for it. In this essay will supply three benchmarking for Halpenny Golf. There are American Golf. Footlocker and Boshang golf Facility Company. First one is American Golf in Ireland which is another large golf retail merchant in Ireland. American golf is the Europe’s largest golf retail merchant. They have 95 shops in the UK and Republic of Ireland and they are still turning! Most of their shop directors are acute golf players merely like their clients and the mean disability of the staff is 7. Since this company come from US. tonss of its concern civilization is efficient and advanced. For illustration they have their ain callings website beside its online store. This web site is really professional and helpful for its new staff. Here are some ordinances about Training and Development: “We have a comprehensive online Induction Programme for all new co-workers which is to the full supported by Store Management.

Gross saless Advisers must finish a 9 hole Induction Programme in their provisional period. usually 12 hebdomads. Management initiation consists of in shop preparation. completion of our 18 hole Induction Programme in your provisional period. usually 24 hebdomads. A 3 twenty-four hours visit to our retail support centre in warrington to run into the squads and receive gross revenues floor direction preparation. You will hold regular reappraisal meetings with your RSM. ” ( americangolf. 2013 ) And they besides have each role’s developing lesson from regional gross revenues director to gross revenues adviser. All inside informations about application. preparation and working with any American golf store were on this their calling web site. Compare with Halpenny golf the American golf have more clearly working enchiridion and better calling way for staff which can take better development in presents golf retail merchant industry. The following one benchmarking is the Foot cabinet. As we know foot cabinet is an international places and athleticss installation retail merchant company come from US. Foot cabinet in Ireland may confront many similar jobs with Halpenny Golf during these old ages but the pes cabinet still has good gross revenues public presentation.

From my point. one really important ground is foot cabinet can catch the female and kids market better comparison with Halpenny. In other words. pes cabinet does hold adequate merchandises for female and kids when they provide male merchandise as chief gross revenues. We can easy happen out than in each pes cabinet store in Dublin or another metropolis. they have two walls for all places to demo. One for male and one for female. that will maintain female have enough merchandises the ticker and choose. For this point. we can happen that the pes cabinet make see about their female and kids. In Halpenny store although we can some female merchandise. they are ever on the corner and can non vie with the male’s merchandise and infinite. In modern clip female do hold the temperament in buying activity. For this ground. if your gimmick a miss or a lady’s oculus and you can acquire her money. And it is much easy than to carry a adult male to acquire something from you.

The last 1 is a Chinese golf installation called Boshang. It is besides a golf retail merchant in China but it was come from an on-line golf store so go a No. 1 golf store in southern China. The history can make assist with Halpenny in today’s state of affairs. At the first phase of it. Boshang was merely a sweeping company for golf store. And it merely has a little store in the metropolis town. However the trough does more focal point on its online store edifice. The online store aid Boshang maintain really low storage with high net income and acquire celebrated among all China golf retail merchant industry.

The following phase is Boshang acquire lawyer ship from Taylor Made and it helps Boshang to acquire more net income from it. In recent 5 old ages. with more fund they have Boshang unfastened 4 subdivision store in China and make more entity gross revenues than earlier. And we can compare the place page with two on-line Halpenny and americangolf. see some difference between them. Check Appendix image 1 & A ; 2. See the Halpenny one all the colour and design manner is old clip while compared with another. And there are besides some figure that show the economic job with Ireland. [ pic ] Figure 1 – The prostration in belongings related revenue enhancement gross which caused the financial crisis in Ireland ( European Commission ) [ movie ]

Figure 2 – Unemployment rates in Ireland and 12 euro country states 1993 – 2011 ( Beginning: Eurostat ) These two figure show that the lodging roar and the financial crisis in Ireland was take a great affect with Ireland economic. After do some brief analysis signifier Halfpenny’s benchmarking we can utilize SWOT analysis aid us understand the state of affairs of Halpenny golf. StrengthsWeaknesses

Historyless staff preparation

Loyal client base less trade name for female and immature client

Lots subdivision Poor web site and less on-line merchandising

Irish trade name Poor usage of fiscal resources

Playing culturenot adequate international cooperation with others

Located in shopping Centre non golf nine


Irish golf industry is hugeother golf retail merchants in Ireland and UK

Improve fiscal positionLosing based client with more online store

Attractive more customerfinancial environment

Develop best in staff preparation and managerother athleticss consciousness lifting

Literature Review

Reward is one of the biggest influencers of behaviour ( Elliott et al. . 2000 ) . Monetary value is frequently the most desirable and common method of wages. Dan Pink ( 2009 ) discussed the truth about what truly motivates us. The literature suggests that employee wage is merely one of the contributory factors taking to occupation satisfaction. These other factors are based more on intrinsic wagess. Needs Theory. ( Mitchell. 1990 ) in association with Maslows Hierarchy of Needs ( 1943 ) underpin the construct of holistic wages. Yukl. ( 2008 ) proposed how public presentation can be enhanced through direction plans and systems. such as. jump reward direction systems. and by cut downing procedure inefficiencies. The move off from the usage of extrinsically based wagess. such as. money and the fright of coercive penalty support the recommendation of switching towards a more holistic method of honoring staff. The adaptation of an surrogate. across-the-board system at Shamrock Rovers would propose that. wagess be issued. such as preparation and development chances.

Spreitzer & A ; Porath ( 2012 ) bespeak that employees want to larn and turn. and if given the opportunity they will boom. as will the organisation. When an organisation rewards its employees for public presentation it reinforces its values in a positive visible radiation. making a cultural continuity. taking to sequence. The Transformation Process Model ( TPM ) highlights the importance of sing several interrelated factors when bettering operations ( Slack et al. . 2007 ) . This should be the chief tool of this study. First. organisations must execute market analysis and benchmarking in order to place the demands of consumers and strengths of rivals. It shows that inputs lead to end products.

For this ground. issues with end products can be remedied by turn toing inputs and taking uninterrupted and appropriate disciplinary action. The last 1 should be notice is good planning. The foundations of success are based on planning. ( Mintzberg 1994 ) . Organizations program for sequence. and the direction of this allows them to fit the present endowment to its hereafter endowment demands ( Rothwell. 2010 ) . By set uping a endowment development system. an organisation can maintain their employees engaged. and promote the continuity of the civilization. acquisition and other elements that are indispensable for success. ( Rothwell. 2010 ; Edmondson. 2011 ; Spreitzer & A ; Porath. 2012 ) . Development of operational and strategic program

Based on the three chief issues we find and the literature reappraisal about them. Now there are the TPM ( transmutation procedure theoretical account ) utilizing for the mission. vision of Halpenny Golf and some strategic program. The Mission of Halpenny is:

Best merchandise with best service
No. 1 golf store in Ireland

Our input for TPM is our merchandise in storage at this minute. some capital and our staff. We can travel organize the portion of understand the rival capablenesss. And we have done some analysis about our three benchmarking. There are three parts of our strategic and the TPM for Halpenny golf instance. [ pic ] Figure 3. Transformational Process Model ( adapted from Slack et Al. 2004 ) Part 1 is for staff preparation:

Our end is have better staff and make more net income with them. As we can cite our rival americangolf. we need do a staff preparation enchiridion for bing staff. Take more clip in golf accomplishment and golf cognition beside merely some gross revenues technique. And besides assist every staff from director to seller do a elaborate calling way program. Sometime wages was non merely the money but something that can assist him future development. After we have high-quality staff in all stores. we besides need some new staff. The interview item show besides in one enchiridion for all stores interview. All new staff will hold at least 4 hebdomads developing about playing golf and golf cognition. so travel to our store as internship until their supervisor hold the to be a new staff. What we required is a trough who can manage all sorts of state of affairs that may go on in our store and a staff have non merely smile face but besides smart head during they are working. There are some KPI ( cardinal public presentation indexs ) :

1. Staff assurance lifting

Training does more aid with staff in field with golf and installation to assist and besides communicating accomplishments 2. Customer satisfaction lifting and trueness rise
We need make some study among our client to acquire some feedback about our staff and preparation lesson and some the alterations for better. 3. Better sell public presentation This should be showed by our gross revenues record and day-to-day net income 4. More employee coming and better working ambiance That is a long-run indexs show our company civilization is activity and celebrated Part 2 cleaning over-time merchandise and acquire more female and kids merchandise This program is aim to alter the storage of us. It is non difficult to happen that Halpenny have more and more over-time stock with male merchandise.

For more healthy operation both in hard currency flow and budget. we need clean these stocks at really low monetary value and acquire some expendable fund for following measure buying. These clean yearss should be every bit short as possible. so what we need to make is seek to do propagandise about our clearance or sell stocks to other Sellerss such as TK maxx. Equally shortly as we get the money for the clearance we need utilize them for alteration our store layout. And the program is more balance for female client and more colourful merchandise. This tendency as dong in all golf trade name such as Taylor Made. Cobra and so on. More texts and mails should be sent to our female clients and that will convey them come clip and clip. There are some KPI ( cardinal public presentation indexs ) :

1. Clean all stock shortly

If we can clean over 75 % the over-time stocks that show the clearance is successful. 2. Get adequate money for alteration layout of our store for more infinite
of female merchandise show window Cash is the best that can assist us do more net income every bit shortly as possible. 3. More merchandise for female and non merely golf nine but more bags and shoe As position form female and kids. golf is non merely a sort athletics but besides can be a show topographic point. More manner and colorful should be attractive for them. 4. More female semen to the store and make some shopping

This is another index that we need rely on our client study that show how many female semen to our new store. 5. More female besides conveying more male that will assist with our male sell public presentation If a household come to our store should be better than merely a adult male or male child. Better buying power and more sums.

Part 3 online store reconstructing

As we can happen that more and more golf player prefer store at place with their Personal computer. Shoping online is going a tendency of presents. Constructing a new and beautiful and professional web site for our client is of import step of us. Since Halpenny already have an online store but non really successful. What need we do is to reconstruct it with the aid from some IT professional that we can engage from our new staff using system. This or these staff should hold rich experience about edifice web site and online store. After constructing. we besides need do some price reduction when our client foremost clip shopping online such as free bringing or verifiers. There are some KPI ( cardinal public presentation indexs ) :

1. Comparison with our benchmarking Americangolf. and some celebrated online store like golf online It is non difficult to make some comparison with other online store from the page. classify and design manner. 2. Make some study with our client and golf player about our website Get feedback for every item alterations can assist our web sites acquiring better and better 3. Check the sum about our web site visited and utilizing for shopping Visitor is really of import for a web site and more visitants will convey more possibility of eventually buying. 4. Upgrade all merchandise with entity store and online store. maintain all monetary value fresh It is a occupation that our IT staff should make and look into every twenty-four hours with our store. a web site with newest information should be more attractive than one ne’er update. 5. Make net income with on-line store in 1 twelvemonth clip

The truth is reconstructing necessitate some excess money for our budget. and the satisfactory state of affairs about our online store is that it can cover the edifice fee in one twelvemonth and do net income for Halpenny. With these 3 parts of the short-run program. the strategic program of Halpenny Golf was need to be check every twelvemonth and season. And the long-run program is based on the vision of it. Leading the golf retail industry among Ireland and make some international concern.


The truth is Halpenny still at top of Irish golf retail industry at this minute. The strategic program of this essay is based some possible job that they may confront to and stock them maintain traveling frontward. In order to maintain it in in front. make some alteration is besides necessary during these clip. Through the usage of aims and KPIs. Halpenny can so operationalize the scheme. as seen for three illustrations within this study.

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