Sports have an important role to play in today society,they bring communities together, they have a social and cultural impact, theycan help reduce crime and develop a social capital. Sometimes the associationsassociated with these sports can sometimes be unfair towards their players. TheNational Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), is a non-profit organizationthat organizes the athletic programs for many colleges and universities in theUnited States and Canada. Many argue that collegeathletes should get paid due to the facts they that put their bodies on theline each time they play, they generate an incredible amount of money for theirschools, the NCAA organization, and others, and they also need to support theirfamily financially.One of the biggest fear that college athlete parentshave is getting that phone call and hearing that his/her sons would not be ableto play sports anymore because of an injury. Although student-athletes face alot of health risks, they still not eligible for worker’s compensation in acase of injury because of the NCAA rules and regulations placing as studentsinstead of employees. According to Gale, “College athletes devote more thanforty hours a week to practice, risk their safety and health”.

On top of notgetting compensated if student-athletes got hurt, they need to possess someform of medical insurance to even be considered to play. In 2010, the CollegeFootball Assistance was created because of the number of seriously injuredstudent-athletes but then again only a certain type of students called “Elitestudent-athletes” are eligible to apply to the Exceptional Student-AthleteDisability Insurance Program in the case of a career ending injury. A sadreality is if these student-athletes are unable to play their sport they canlose their scholarships and even jeopardize the ability for them to complete theirdegree.College sports is a multi-billions dollar business andstudent-athletes should get compensated.

Everyone else is being paid, theschools get paid, the medical staff get paid, and the coaches get paid exceptthe athletes themselves. It seems like everyone gets their piece of the cakeexcept the person who make the cake. Student-athletes are the right hand ofcolleges and universities when it comes to generate money.

While sports eventsproduce millions dollars for each school, the works (student-athletes) are not paid.Economist Andrew Zimbalist stated that, “Big-time intercollegiate athletics isa unique industry. No other industry in the United States manages not to payits principal producers a wage or a salary.”

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