Statement of the ProblemsThis study traces how the author of the above stated novels guides readers through words to pursue their journey towards self. What is ‘personal legend’ and this is described through its various dimensions like why is it important that most of his writings are dedicated to this theme and how he teaches his readers to reach their legend. These are described through the instances in these novels and how it is related through the whole humanity.Research QuestionAfter reading the novels and determining the topic, there are questions that could be raised. The questions are following:1.

What is personal legend according to Paulo Coelho on the basis of analysis of selected novels?2. What are the processes in the way to personal legend and why are these stages important?Objectives of the StudyRegarding the statement of the problems above, the writer determines theobjectives of the study are:1. To have understanding of term personal legend and to know what is personal legend according to Paulo Coelho2. To trace the theme of realization of self and personal legend i three of Paulo Coelho’s novels namely The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage and The Zahir. 3. To know the stages that one has to face to reach his or her personal legend.4.

To know the importance of these stages in life. Significance of the StudyThe first significance of this study is to gain the knowledge about an international best seller novels entitled The Alchemist, The Zahir and The Pilgrimage. Moreover, the issue about dilemma which is discussed in this novel is something familiar with everyone’s life.

It arises the fact that every human being must face a difficult decision making which is often caused by some choices are opposed to the crowd. The study aims to explain about the decision making process experienced by the protagonists of these novels.Scope and LimitationThis study will concentrate only on the concept of ‘personal legend’ and will just describe it through three novels. It analyses the factors of choice, freedom, subjectivity, freedom, and dread which are related to the process of making decisions.

Structure of researchThe research is divided into five chapters.First chapter is of introduction. It included background of the study statement of problem, significance of the research, objectives, limitation of study and definition of key terms.Second chapter is the research methodology.

It includes theoretical framework and sampling. Third chapter is the literature review. Fourth one includes the analysis and interpretation of data. It answers research questions. Conclusion is the last chapter and it summarizes the whole research.Definition of Key TermsExistentialism: a philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent.Decision making : the process of making choice.Dilemma: the circumstance when someone faces two or more choices at the same time in which these choices are equal.The crowd: the common opinions which are considered morally right and good  opinions because most of people believe that the opinions are true.Subjectivity: the individual’s perspective towards something.

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