First and foremost, after pursuing real-world banking internships, I have reviewed my career path thoroughly and now know in what areas I still need to improve. I consider that I am short in the relevant knowledge in corporate finance, which is the core topic in the MS program at Carroll, as it provides courses like Corporate Finance Theory and Financial Econometrics.

With the rigorous courses instructed by world-class faculty, I believe that I will be well-versed in finance when I start my career.Secondly, the Carroll School has a strong networking relationship with its community, alumni, and financial industries, which proves its good reputation. It provides its students with the opportunities to develop their potential value by serving the local community and to gain substantial on-the-Job experiences. Everyone could be a good follower, but not everyone can become a successful leader. I believe I have accumulated many experiences in leadership, which is a precious skill for me.With these skills and the critical thinking I have developed during my study, I will be able to contribute to the program by providing keen thoughts in class, actively interacting with faculty and fellow students, and adopting proactive approaches to course materials, rather than simply covering the requirements. Additionally, my international background would be beneficial to the program’s global scope since I not only possess classic Asian cultural characteristics like conservatism and reduce, but also I am infused with U.

S cultural features like vibrancy and courageousness. Hence, by combining the strengths of these two cultures, I will surely contribute to making Carroll a more diverse management school. As a future alumnus, I would still consider myself a part of Carroll and will come back to share more practical, tactical strategies with young students. As a future professional, I would like to establish a link with Carroll students, helping them step into the finance world more easily.

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