Status Quo   There are many days in a year ,specifically 365 days in total.

In a small town in Oregon a girl named Milli would have many conflicts throughout her life .Milli would have to defeat a mental illness and grief due to her sister Mary’s brain tumor that will soon take over and kill her within 60 days.Milli would do anything to save her older sister no matter what it takes.

                  Six months earlier      White walls and cold cement floors of a mental institution was everything Milli has ever known since she was six years old, however she would soon become familiar with the outside world. The day she got out of the institution wearing a white gown doctors used for patients and gray baggy sweat pants, she took a walk down a wet and muddy path full of pine needles that lead from the back entrance of the mental institution. This path was familiar because she had once found it  when she was seven but had been told to never go back there again by one of the nurses taking care of her. “Milli,Milli!!”  Shouted Mary,      Milli had heard Mary’s voice and would run for what seemed like faster than the speed of light .

As she was running she could feel the cold breeze on her face and hear whistle in the air.When her sister soon became in sight she jumped in her arms and hugged Mary as tight as she could.Milli had began to tear up with happiness but would also feel like something might just be to good to be true.     A week later after Milli gets out of the mental institution         Milli and her sister had arrived apartment after going out to eat.As Milli and Mary headed up to the roof they would make a decision to stay up there all night..

That night would feel best night the stars had been the brightest Milli had ever seen them. Mary was bringing marshmallows up to the roof but before she was able to, she collapsed by the door leaving a bruise on her head ” HELP!!!!!!””HELP!!!!!!”Cried out MilliMary would not wake up that night. Milli quickly ran down the stairs and had knocked on what seemed like every door that night.Finally someone had answered “Hello”Replied a woman who had looked like she had just woken up”My sister!””My sister!”Milli answered in a desperate voice”She fell there’s something wrong and she won’t wake up””Let me get my keys to my car”Said the woman,   In a rush the woman ran in her apartment and took keys off her dresser and then had rushed off to find Mary and take her to the hospital.That night is a night Milli would never forget. Doctors all over were rushing Mary to the O.

R .Later that night when surgery was over Mary was hooked up to all sorts of tubes and needles. Soon a doctor with the name of blaze would walk in and tell Milli that her sister Mary would be diagnosed with a brain tumor.The horrible news of what might happen to her sister Milli would be scared so overwhelmed that she fell to the floor in tears.

“This can not be happening,she is suppose to grow old and have a great life.”Milli cried so much that night When the doctor heard he had said that”Many families come in here and the hospital will take great care of your sister and will do everything we can to save her life”      Milli did not believe these words and would take things into her own hands.Early that morning she researched everything about what was going to happen to her sister but had stopped when she saw that her sister would lose all her memories good and bad.Milli was so scared but she had vowed to find a way to save her sister’s life.  Soon her sister would wake up and would hear the worst news of her life.Their are no ways of describing the aching pain you get from losing a loved one.

As Mary woke up she could hear the beeping of the heart monitor setup.Milli quickly sat up and wiped the tears off her face. “How are you feeling?”Said Milli in a worried voice “I don’t know but my head kinda hurts”Replied Mary in a soft voiceEverything stopped for a moment there had been complete silence in the room Milli would soon break the news of what happened.”You fell we brought you to the hospital and you were diagnosed with a brain tumor you have 6 weeks or less to live.”Said Milli in a hesitant voice”NO!!””NO!!”” No,no,no this can’t be happening.””Your kidding right?””TELL Me you’re kidding!!”Bursting into tears Mary would live to know she would die soon. Since the news Mary had said few words throughout the week,she would keep to herself and would rarely ask for any help.Mary stayed on her phone most of the time looking at solutions to try to stay  alive none but one would make sense but would not be the right thing to do.

It had said in order to save a life you must kill 4 other innocent people, Mary had debated for a while later that day she would start coughing up blood she soon knew what needed to be done.Mary would have to find a way to tell Milli without out sounding crazy and soon.        Milli walked in the room after talking to Dr.Blaze most of what he had said was bad.

Later then Mary knew that she would not have long to live.Mary would talk to Milli about how their was one chance to save her life they would talk for hours until Mary convinced Milli to do what she asked.Milli would Dread doing what Mary asked she would have to collect the blood of the twelve innocent lives she killed ,so that when she was done completing the ritual her sister could drink the blood and it would heal her.

Not knowing what to do Milli would soon find her first victim.    Searching  Walking through the hospital Milli would enter a room where an old lady would be staying Milli would quickly take off her coat and put on some gloves the doctors used.Milli would soon slit the wrist of the old lady by the name of Saide Jones with a pocket knife her sister had gotten her,to do the task.As Milli collected the blood in a glass vial  when she was done ,Milli quickly disposed of her gloves and got out of the room without trace leaving the old women to bleed out to death.          Leaving the woman to die would be the hardest thing to do Milli knew it was wrong,soon she would quickly rush to the bathroom lock the door and cry her eyes out she washed of her pocket knife and carved the initials on the wrist of her arm s.j tears in her eyes would soon come visible.Milli cried for at least an hour leaving the bathroom unusable.              Bleeding uncontrollably   Out of the bathroom wandering the blank halls until a sight of a woman wearing a blue top hat and a spotted shirt would soon approach Milli with a gigantic smile on her face.

  Milli thought it was weird,why would someone be smiling in this part of a hospital and why was she dressed up so weirdly?        As the woman walked up to Milli in a hyper voice she would start the conversation with”MY NAME IS CRAZY DAISEY !!!””Hello” Milli had said in a curious voice.”HI i am one of the therapist here making sure everyone is in a hopeful and good minded mood” replied in a open minded tone    Milli soon wrapped up the conversation and walked away thinking they might be on to her in a paranoid state she would wait outside for the therapist to make her next kill.Soon the therapist arrived at her car Milli quickly ran up to her before the therapist named daisy could open the door she soon slit the therapist throat blood splattered everywhere, leaving Milli literally red handed.

Milli quickly ran off not thinking clearly she threw the pocket knife in a bright green plant while she was running she needed to figure out how to hide the car and the body but before she could do that ,the evidence of anything happening needed to disappear.       Crime scene     Milli didn’t want anyone else to die or get hurt,but when she would get paranoid or mad it would just happen her instincts were all messed up. Later that day Milli had found some supplies in the hospital janitors room when she got back to the car she cleaned up the mess and quickly disposed of the body in a dumpster behind the hospital with yet another vial of blood.  This time she had no emotion except the instinct to do it again.Leaving the scene she called the police on a burner phone, the echo in the room would be so loud that each step sounded like loud stomping in high heels.Milli would soon return to Mary’s room, Milli noticed that Mary began losing her hair and right by her would be their mom holding Mary’s hand.                         Mother Issues   Remembering all the things Millis mother did to her she would begin to feel overwhelmed and unforgiving for locking Milli up in a mental institution.

Without no filter it would just come out.”HOW DARE YOU!!!” Screamed Milli”What?””I don’t understand.”In a puzzled voice the mom says.

“You lock me up in a mental institution ,hardly visit and of course you show up now in a life or death situation!!”explained Milli    No words her mother just began focusing on Mary and ignored Milli.Later that night when Mary began to fall asleep their Mother would soon leave to her hotel. Milli would follow her mother without her knowing in a black vehicle she rented.Wandering the highway she would finally arrive at the hotel, Milli would put on a gray cap trying not to be noticed by her mother.

Millis mother checked into the hotel and Milli would follow ,knocking on the door “Room service”Milli shouted Creeeeeeeeeeeek the door slowly opening Milli barged no words said but the urge to kill her mother.Pulling out a pocket knife she tried to stab her mother but instead there were people in the room trying to take her and bring her back to the mental institution in a hurry Milli ran out of the room not trying not  to get caught.Reality  Later that night there would be one more dead body ,which would be Milli that night she would commit Suicide  by slitting her throat right before the men that worked at institution could touch her.They were after her the whole time she would escape through the forest behind the institution.Her sister turned out to be already dead Milli could not handle the news and got out of control trying to save her sister but couldn’t and made up her sister in her head.               

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