Once the ink is dry on the divorce documents. it seems that some exes are going friends with each other. I am ever surprised to hear that a divorced twosome becomes so near once more after everything ended. I would presume that they were unhappy together and looking frontward to run intoing new people and happening new ways to pass their clip.

The “BFF with your ex” phenomena is non fiction. These yearss. in many post-divorce state of affairss it’s become fact. Recently. I attended a friend’s daughter’s nuptials. He had been divorced from his ex-wife for many old ages and didn’t speak much about her. At the response. I was surprised to see that his relationship with the ex-spouse appeared to be sweeter than the marrying bar. They were chew the fating up a storm. Laughing at each others’ gags. Dancing closely together. Sharing narratives with their friends over cocktails. They were even feeding each other marrying bar. moving as though they had merely met and fallen in love! I found this to be genuinely absorbing. Certain. I have heard of exes being civil following their split. even passing vacations together. However. this seemed to be more than merely a affable hullo and “how have you been? ”

Curious about what would motivate two people to rekindle a friendly relationship after a divorce. I pulled my friend aside and asked him about it. Point space. he told me that he and his ex-wife were best friends. Best friends? I thought. Truly? He went on to state nothing’s perfect and that possibly they expected excessively much from each other during the matrimony. Now. they both feel that they make better friends than they did a married twosome. Staying close with your ex

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In Hollywood. it seems that being close with your ex is going platitude. every bit good. Kate Hudson and her ex-husband Chris Robinson were spotted late at a park in Malibu with their boy. Besides in attending were Robinson’s present married woman and their girl. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz who filed for divorce. both made it publicly known that they still care for each other. It looks like clip does mend all lesions and household comes foremost. In all of these instances. kids were involved and it’s great to see that many parents put aside any difficult feelings so they can concentrate on the demands of their kids.

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