Stem cells are cells that turn into other types of a cell stem cells come from to different sources Embryos and adult stem cells. Both have the ability to turn into skin muscle and bones. Adult stem cells exist throughout the body while in the process of embryonic development. The adult stem cells don’t activate until your body is hurt or is under a type of sickness. Embryonic stem cells are a five day old embryo that resides in the blastocyst phase of growth for the baby. There are several different embryos that are fertilized by the sperm and begin the development of a baby. The embryonic stem cells is only one out of multiple types of stem cells which requires a fetus to get stem cells from. The other stem cells don’t use any stem cells from a fetus instead they use the stem cells inside of our bodies.

This makes the argument of killing a human life when extracting stem cells from our bodies doesn’t require killing the fetus. Whenever we use humans as lab rats we  have them sign a waiver which basically says that whatever happens don’t blame us because you signed up for it. What makes stem cells unique is the fact that they replicate themselves which is really useful unlike red blood cells they don’t replicate themselves when they are injured or killed this alone makes stem cells useful. Just imagine how much this would help people with diseases like for instance we insert stem cells inside a human with a disease the stem cells are just going to attack and replicate until the disease is erased from the body. This is the future of curing diseases or even curing cancer which would significantly help the human race and all our problems. Stem cells could provide a resource for testing new medical treatments like Aids or all types of cancers. This does have low success rate but this could gradually increase with more research and perfecting the use of stem cells which would let us cure anything with the right resources. Stem cells were founded in 1998 and were immediately researched by scientists in 1999.

It’s been 18 years since the founding of stem cells and stem cell research has come a long way with a bunch ground breaking discoveries of different stem cells. We are so close to finding a way to be able to cure any disease that pops up out of nowhere and some of major diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Yes killing a human is wrong but we aren’t necessarily killing the embryo without the permission of the mother. The mother has to give permission for the scientist to extract the stem cells from the embryo so the mother knows what’s going to happen to embryo. She has to be prepared for aftermath of the experiment to extract the stem cells.

In the summer of 2006 President Bush vetoed a bill made to counteract stem cell research but President Bush beloved in the potential of stem cells. Stem cells are not bad  unless you use the embryonic cells which uses a developing fetus and extracts stem cells from it. There are tons of research being done in America and overseas. They are on par with our research in America in which we are just a few years away from biggest breakthrough in the medical and science field for the greater good.

The  process to get the stem cells to the clinic so they can try it is a long process s that takes time for the clinic to use. The process of maturing stem cells into from pluripotent state to the adult tissue type is called differentiation this process is a really big process for scientist to use for the changing  of stem cells into other forms of the stem cells. Which supposedly make the stem cells better in every way like for instance embryonic stem cells are really controversial type of stem c los so controversial to the point that they consider using these stem cells as killing humans. In my opinion this is a process that helps humanity with some sacrifices like I said the woman that is carrying the embryo sign up for this process so they know what’s going, to happen before they are experimented on. When scientists extract stem cells they use a type of signal to trick the system into releasing stem cells without killing the actual embryo and getting a whole crowd against this process. This is significantly better than our medicine today of we use stem cells we wouldn’t even have a problem with curing the diseases we have today.

Remember there are multiple types of stem cells so don’t be alarmed when you hear a baby is being killed in order to extract the stem cells from the embryo. Scientists have been experimenting with how the stem cells react when they are put into the body and not be killed destroyed by the white blood cells. Surely the white cells would think that the stem cells was some kind of virus that needed to be destroyed. The transplant was done on animal not on a human so we don’t know if it would work on a human at all. Testing an animal doesn’t give us enough information so the scientists decide that instead of using one animal they would use two instead. This process proved to have been successful which made the experiments of scientists more success then they ever been.

There is a low percentage of stem cells ever working on human or that human would get a disease in the out come of the experimentation done on him or her. This is extremely dangerous to humans who just want to be a benefit to society and help out. This will give them a high percentage of picking up a disease of their own that may be one of the curable ones or just incurable. In conclusion stem cell research will help us but it will come with a high risk.

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