The Writing Place Stephen King explained in his writing, “A door… You are will to shut,” a lot of good techniques for new writers. He goes over the basics of where the writers should write, or what the writers writing room should be. He also talks about setting goals in writing to help to stay focus, and compares setting a writing time to planning to go to sleep, all with which I agree when it comes to writing. Stephen King identifies “the room,” “the door,” and “the determination to shut the door,” when he explains a good place to write.

In the reading, he explains that the room should be someplace very quiet and private, for an example, a bedroom or an office. When he talks about the door, or the determination to shut the door, he writes when you shut the door it should cut off the rest of the world. He then goes on to explain the importance of have no telephone, TV, or videotapes to fool with. The writers want to limit his or hers distractions the best they can. Stephen King also identifies “a concrete goal,” in which he explains that it is important set goals in writing to keep the writers on track.

King suggests writing a thousand words a day, with only one day off a week. I do agree with what most of what King was saying. I think it is best to write in a private and quiet place with limited distractions. I also think it is a good idea set goals when writing a paper. If the writer has a week to write a one thousand word paper, its best to write one hundred and seventy-five words a day to even the work load. The difference between Stephen King and I is he likes to listen to music when he writes. I think it is a big distraction to listen to music and write at the same time.

Whenever I write, I like to find someplace quiet. I do not always write behind a closed door, sometimes I write in my bedroom or on the kitchen table. I usually like to check the scores on ESP., but I’m not saying it keeps me focus. Stephen King gave out some good ideas for where the best place to write is. It is important to work someplace private, quiet, and with limited distractions. I did learn about setting goals, which should help me on my next paper. Since I have a hard time staying focused, I could use all the help I can get.

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