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In Albert Camus novel, The Stranger, the chief character Meursault displays a alone indifference to his milieus and the universe around him. It takes him a grade of clip to come to footings with his indifference, but when he does he experience genuinely free from society & # 8217 ; s compressing bonds. He leads an apathetic life style that is characterized by his changeless deficiency of a unequivocal personality. Meursault wanders through life as if in a bibulous daze, populating the life of a pleasance searcher. When he accepts his decease he is relieved of the force per unit area of covering with guilt and with relationships towards other people.

Meursault & # 8217 ; s guilt plays a big function in the novel every bit far as his mundane traffics with his attitude about life in general. Meursault feels guilty about non experiencing guilty. He knows when he enters a state of affairs such as when his female parent died he should hold felt guilt and compunction, but didn & # 8217 ; T and therefore his emotional province turned to an excusatory ambiance. The construct of Meursault experiencing excusatory alternatively of experiencing guilty is illustrated when he is inquiring for clip off from his occupation to travel to his female parent & # 8217 ; s funeral. & # 8220 ; Sorry, sir, but it & # 8217 ; s non my mistake, you know. & # 8221 ; p.1 He was regretful for go forthing work and therefore he apologized, but so he subsequently reasoned to himself that he knows under the fortunes he had no demand to be regretful for inquiring for a couple yearss off. Meursault subsequently wishes he reconciled with his female parent about directing her to a place. He was sorry for making it, but manager of the place assured him that he had done everything he could hold for her in visible radiation of his state of affairs. With Meursault working in a town a few hours off by coach he was unable to see his female parent every bit frequently as he wanted. He deemed that he should be upset over her decease, but realized his acquiring angered would make no good sing he experienced no true emotion at her funeral.

Meursault trades with others people as if they are merely at that place to delight him or they are merely taking up his clip. As evidenced with his relationship with Marie, Meursault was simply utilizing her for sex because that is what he wanted from her and at that clip in his life. He lives from pleasance to pleasure tungsten

ith Marie ; he merely looks frontward to seeing her when he knows he can hold sex with her. When sing twenty-four hours axial rotations around at the gaol he is non as enthusiastic about seeing Marie as you would believe he would be after non seeing her for several months. Because he knows he can’t have sex with her, it wholly cheapens the minute while she talks to him. Meursault drifts off into infinite fundamentally disregarding her. For Meursault there is no pot of gold at the terminal of the rainbow for him if he talks to her, the bang is gone and therefore the pleasance has dried up for him.

When Meursault trades with Raymond, he merely plays along with the thought that he is one of his close friends. He merely humors Raymond in making the favours such as composing the missive for him and merely hanging around with him. Meursault doesn & # 8217 ; t view Raymond as an irritation merely an familiarity. The force that caused the two to run into officially was Meursault grouching tummy that caused him to hold to come for a bite to eat in Raymond & # 8217 ; s flat. What keeps Meursault cognizant that Raymond is one of his friends, is Raymond supports reminding him. & # 8220 ; So we & # 8217 ; rhenium buddies, ain & # 8217 ; t we? & # 8217 ; p.41 To Meursault the vocalization of the phrase means nil, but he merely tells Raymond what he wants to hear by stating yes and so traveling on in life as if nil has happened.

When Meursault eventually accepts his indifference to the universe he feels free because he no longer has to reply to anyone or be annoyed with making anything that takes him off from his true love of self-pleasure. Meursault lives by and for the minute without respect for the branchings or effects of his actions. When his minute of purification by hurting occurs he is exhilarated by the energy he feels with the crowd that has gathered to see him lose his life. Before he is beheaded he comes to footings about his life, he deems that now that it & # 8217 ; s about to be over he can carry through his demand of accomplishing ultimate pleasance. I if I were placed in the same circumstance, I would hold already come to footings with my ain mortality cognizing that I was confronting decease for the offense I had committed. Because I don & # 8217 ; t know if I believe in God, I don & # 8217 ; t cognize if would look frontward to an hereafter or apprehension traveling into void.

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