Strategic direction refers to the art of be aftering your concern at the highest possible degree. It is the responsibility of the company ‘s leader. Strategic direction focuses on constructing a solid underlying construction to your concern that will later be fleshed out through the combined attempts of every person you employ. Straegic direction solves three major inquiries an organisation may inquire before shiping on a new concern venture, which are:What are my concern ‘s aims?What are the best ways to accomplish those aims?What resources are required to do that go on?Strategic direction is an of import measure needed for an organisation to accomplish their goals.

It allows organisation to travel rapidly when confronting new challenges and apart from that replace outdated thoughts and patterns with procedures that can assist run into new demands as they present themselves.

What is a director?

Accoding to the American Heritage Dictionary, a director is one who handles, controls, or directs, particularly:One who directs a concern or other endeavor.One who controls resources and outgos, as of a family.In order for person to be a director they need to cognize what is their chief ground in an organisation and what is their undertaking at manus. The responsibility of a director is consecutive frontward, in kernel it is to direct and pull off a concern or undertaking given. A director controls their subsidiaries and programs their every measure in order to accomplish their mark and makes determinations in for an organisation. Though they are non the leaders or caputs of an organisation, directors have certain rights and powers in footings of determination devising.

They have the right to do determinations in their line of work or in their sector. It can be said that the manner of director in a manner is a type of transactional leading, they belive that people aremotivated by wages and penalty and that the premier intent of a subsidiary is to make what their directors tell them to make. They believe that societal systems work best when there is a concatenation of bid.Directors are exist in order to maintain things in line and running swimmingly, they are non inovators and normally uses methods of behavior which are already bing. They are more concern about actions or undertaking being caried out by their subsidiaries so endeavoring to happen new ways to make things.

They try to understate hazard and do regulations for their subsidiaries to follow. Apart from that a director, normally takes recognition for successful undertakings and sometimes fault their subsidiaries for neglecting to accomplish the end set.A director needs to hold clip direction and has sufficient communicating accomplishments. Its a a fact, that every undertaking as a certain clip period or deadline and if it is non met, there can be consquences to the organisation every bit good as to the director. Though for a leader, they may non necessitate a deadline, because they are at that place to take and actuate their followings and there is non a specific occupation or undertaking that they hold. That is why a director needs to hold clip direction, in order to acquire to their ends accoding to be after.

As for communicating, in order for a person to be a director, they need to cognize how to pass on with other people. It would be an impossible undertaking if person were non able to pass on with their subsidiaries decently. It would do major jobs when transporting out undertaking when there is miscommunication in the mix.

That is why good communicating accomplishments is neeeded in a director.Another difference between a leader and a director, is that a director avoids struggle as for leaders sometimes cause struggles. Though a director will see conflict happen merely about everyday in their personal and calling based environments. Directors need to be able to listen, place an issue, agree on the issue, discuss solutions, agree on the solution, and follow up.

Conflict between employees may do awkward tenseness within the office which can ensue in shirking or resentment. Employees should experience comfy nearing directors sing struggle and confident that a declaration will be found. Directors will besides necessitate to be able to decide struggle with clients when the clip arises. Often clients will go defeated if something goes incorrect and directors need to be able to manage the state of affairs suitably. It ‘s besides of import for a follow up cheque to guarantee there are no farther jobs. In other words, directors need to be able to manage emphasis and trade with other peoples jobs every bit good.A director besides has to do certain that obsticles are overcome and that barriers or jobs are dealt with rapidly and expeditiously in order to acquire to the mark end. A director has to come up with schemes and ways to cover with jobs at manus.

This is a clear illustration of the diffference between a director and leader, a leader leads their followings to their thoughts and such but does non hold to confront the jobs of their thoughts. As for a director, covering with jobs when seeking to accomplish their mark is portion of their mundane occupation. Directors will confront many different jobs everyday, from their subsidiaries to their clients. That is why in order for person to go a director, they need to be degree headed when faced with jobs and have a strategic head set so they can utilize schemes when faced with jobs.Apart from that directors need to hold a significant sum of experience.

That is why in some theories, they province that directors can be made through experience and the right type of preparation, whereas leaders are born to be, because of their netural features and traits which non everyone has. Not every director has old supervisory experience. Generally each director was ne’er instantly promoted to their place and had to mount their manner up the nutrient concatenation.

Many companies overlook possible directors because they do n’t hold old managerial experience. Experience should be based off their cognition of their occupation rubric, how many old ages they have worked in their field, and public presentation assessments. Experience is something every employer looks at regardless of what place and it ‘s of import for people to recognize sometimes they have to get down lower than expected in order to gain their place.A director has to besides be responsible for their actions and determinations made. If a individual can non be responsible for what they have carried out and take the incrimination for the error, so they will non be able to be good director or even go an illustration for their subsidiaries.

Bing responsible in the workplace is really of import. Directors need to guarantee assignments, undertakings, and deadlines are met. It ‘s besides the duty of a director to engage appropriate people for specific places.

Directors are expected to be able to manage a batch and being responsible about every state of affairs will be good in the terminal.

What is a leader?

Harmonizing to the American Heritage Dictionary, a leader is one that leads or ushers:One who is in charge or in bid of others.One who heads a political party or organisation.

One who has influence or power, particularly of a political natureAt the most basic degree, a leader is person who leads other. The existent inquiry is what makes person a leader? What is it about being a leader that some people understand and use to their advantage? What can a individual make to be a leader? . A leader is a individual who has a vision, a thrust and a committedness to accomplish that vision, and the accomplishments to do it go on.Leaderships normally use the transfromational leading manner, which is assumes that people will follow those who inspire them and that a individual with great vission and passion can accomplish great highs. Some even believe that the manner things get done decently and swimmingly is by shooting enthusiasm and energy.From that point of position entirely, it can be said that, a leader believes that they are the ground things get done.

It is the interior force of their will power that moves things into gesture. They love the fact that things are achieved and that they can ever better themselves. They are self motivated and passionate at bosom, a leader does non necessitate anyone else to actuate him or to travel him frontward. Leaderships are continously seeking to happen ways to introduce and do people see their point of position through their magnetic ways or through their nature.Leaderships shape the manner things work, they change the norms of how things are and make something new. They are more satisfied to acquire accomplishments so to gain money.

They value their work than the money they earn and are willing to take hazard for the interest of their thoughts. A leader needs unity, people have to believe that they are prosecuting the dreams of their leader because it ‘s the right thing to make, non merely because their leader is ego driven.Apart from that a leader needs to be a people individual and understands the differences that make people alone and is able to utilize those single accomplishments to accomplish the ends set. They ever need to be positive. A leader encourages and wagess people and makes you want to make it and make it right.

A leader is non a negative individual and does n’t blow clip and attempt tellng everyone what they ‘re making incorrect. It may sound simple to be a leader, but if analyzed closely, the common traits and features of a leader is something non everyone can model themselves to be.A leader needs to be confidant and have values which can be respected.

It is a difficult undertaking to be admired or to animate people to follow in their footfalls. Therefore, they need to ever be certain of themselves to the point whereby people genuinely believe in what they are making and that, that is the right manner of things and that is the end needs to be achieved. Further more, when a individual does non hold their ain set of values and are contrary when doing a determination, so no 1 will swear in them or believe what they are making is right. Priciples and moralss play a function when it comes to being a leader that people can look up to.Leaderships need to besides be flexible in order to accommodate with the different state of affairss of the work environment.

If they are unable to accommodate to crisis or working with a new collegue, therefore it will turn out hard for a leader to lead.They must be able to work with others to run into organisational ends, and switch focal point as necessary.Another ground why non anyone can be a director and why non everyone can be a leader is because a good leader demands to be creative.Leaders showing creativeness accomplishments are able to develop advanced solutions to old problems.A The diverseness they build in their organisations helps them to develop more comprehensive replies to routine questions.A Creative leaders are able to interpret proficient information into solutions that are understood by everyone.

The last leading characteristic we ‘re traveling to discourse is accomplishing results.A Leaderships merely do n’t put the illustration for others to follow, they besides play a large function in accomplishing the ends of the organization.A Through their leading accomplishments, they maintain a high degree of public presentation in their organisations, and they are able to assist maintain their work force motivated even when faced with a apparently impossible situation.Since they have a deep apprehension of what an organisation needs to carry through, they are able to rapidly place and work out the of import aims of an organisation.

How does one go both a director and a leader?

It is non uncommon for a director to hold to take the function of a leader but it is nevertheless improbable that all directors can besides be leaders. Some would state that direction is a calling and that leading is slightly of a naming to an person. Though, its a really thin line between the two and frequently times a mannager takes the function of a leader in their section or sector.Having the traits and features of a leader is an border for any director.

Some leaders choose non to take a whole organisation but are contented on taking their ain small group of subsidiaries. Though it is of import for them to hold the duty and accomplishments of a director in order to incarnate both possitions in one. First, a director must get down to recognize what are their purpose, moralss, values and what is of import to them. Can the organisation support and follow in their beliefs and do they traverse any boundaries which they do non believe in.

From at that place, a director has to take by illustration, there is no point of analysing their ideas, if they are non put in gesture. In order to be a great leader, they need to demo their subsidiaries what it takes to be a respectable leader. A director needs to larn that their responsibilities do non ever have to be entirely on achieve the organisations target but they besides need to care for their subsidiaries. Find out what the they need in order to guarantee that they get everything they need and more to make personal and organisational success.Though the director needs to get down little because nil can alter over-night, they need to recognize that in order to be a director and a leader, it takes clip for the organisation to detect that they are seeking to alter the manner things are running for the better.

At this point the director demand to be self motivated in order to transport on with their thoughts.As the directors identify their strong beliefs and get down alining their behaviours with those strong beliefs, they are traveling to necessitate to take stairss to construct a collaborative civilization based on where they are going.To do so, they need to seek input from their employees about what they need and what their dreams are for their occupations and the larger organisation. Talk to internal and external clients and providers about their demands. Find out what more and what else the organisation can be and make to make success.

Enroll and engage in conversation and communicating. Directors need to larn how to sit back and listenm return in every bit much as they can. Look for tendencies and subjects. Find out where the possibilities are. The directors need to be more than merely the mean director, they need to see the bigger image.

Be all those things they ever believed about themselves.Leaders are non made or born. Leadership is a pick a belief in and committedness to everything that is good and baronial within a individual. The ideaology that leaders are born can be broken, as the expression goes, “ when there is a will, there is a manner ” .Identify two really different organisations that compete on a cost leading scheme and explicate how they do this, i.e. happen out what they do that enables them to maintain their monetary values low.Cost Leadership is a scheme to hold the lowest costs in a market, this means that you should be best placed should a monetary value war occur and do the highest borders if a cost war does non happen.

Though in his book “ competitory scheme ” Michael Porter argues that there are merely two generic schemes available to concern, one being cost leading and the other distinction. If a concern operated in a trade good market so cost leading would be the obvious choice.Cost leading schemes are concern tools that give companies a competitory advantage in the economic market place. Industry taking companies normally have the best program for obtaining concern inputs at the lowest cost and transforming those inputs to consumer goods or services the cheapest manner possible.

These two elements are of import factors when developing a taking cost scheme. Understanding the demands and wants of consumers is another of import factor in cost schemes.The two international companies that uses cost leading as an border in the market are McDonalds and Wall-mart. Both being from utterly different markets but yet both utilizing the same cost leading construct to their ain added advantage.McDonalds as everyone knows is one of the top fast nutrient ironss in the universe. Having approximately 32 737 mercantile establishments around the universe accoding to “ The Wall Street Journal ” a small behind Subway which has 33749 mercantile establishments worldwide, in their recent study. McDonald ‘s nevertheless, is still the leader when it comes to gross revenues with $ 24 billion in gross last twelvemonth, reports The Wall Street Journal.

McDonald ‘s spokeswoman, Heidi Barker has fobbed off the intelligence and is quoted in media studies as stating, “ We remain focussed on listening to and functioning our clients, and are committed to being better, non merely bigger. ”It may sound odd or even brainsick to state that, bulk of developing states have now come to accept McDonalds on their shores and that the new coevals of kids eat at McDonalds at least one time in their life. No 1 can look to run off from the fast nutrient monguls and their company grows bigger by the minute.A taking cost scheme for McDonalds is the ability to buy the land and edifices of its eating houses. McDonalds besides developed a strong division of labour for its production procedures, tight direction control and merchandise development scheme. Making a strong top-down manner of direction is another taking cost scheme for McDonalds. Using fewer in-store directors allows the company to engage lower-wage workers to finish undertakings.

Restricting liberty is besides cardinal to avoiding dearly-won and unneeded eating house outgos like betterments or changing concern procedures.Michael Porter had come up with the five competitory forces which are:The menace of the entry of new rivalsThe strength of competitory competitionThe menace of replacement merchandises or servicesThe bargaining power of clients ( purchasers )The bargaining power of providersall of which McDonalds and Wal-Mart had thoroughly analyzed and had strategicly used to their advantage against their rivals.

The menace of a new rival.

From this point McDonalds and Wal-Mart had choosen to monetary value their goods at lower monetary value so that rivals would happen it difficult to vie with.

The theory to seting monetary values at a lower monetary value is because when there is a monetary value war among companies, irrespective of how good a merchandise is, when the rival which offers a utility merchandise of some quality at a lower monetary value, it is certain the the volume of gross revenues of the company with the lower monetary value will doubtless increase due to the low monetary value. The low cost company will go on to gain their net incomes after their rivals vie off their net incomes.On July 2, 1962, Samuel Moore Walton, a merchandiser with over 15 old ages of experience in retailing, set up his first price reduction shop called “ Wal-Mart ” in Rogers, a little town in the province of Arkansas, US. The shop offered a broad assortment of branded ware at a competitory price.Wal-Mart ‘s merchandises were normally priced 20 % lower than those of its rivals. Its pricing scheme led to increased trueness from price-conscious rural clients.

It helped the company to bring forth more net incomes due to larger volumes. Explaining his pricing scheme, Walton said, “ By cutting your monetary value, you can hike your gross revenues to a point where you earn far more at the cheaper retail monetary value than you would hold by selling the point at the higher monetary value. In retail merchant linguistic communication, you can take down your markup but earn more because of the increased volume. ” Until today, Wal-Mart has been crushing companies such as Sears Roebuck & A ; Company and K-Mart.

The strength of competitory competition

when it comes to new rivals or possible entrants, it is extremely improbable for them to vie with such major companies such as McDonalds and Wal-Mart because a new company would necessitate a bigger capital in order to maintain competitory monetary values. When this proves to be a major job for them, it so creates a barrier. This proves that companies that companies concentrating on cut downing cost but keeping high efficiency or in other words low cost leading companies, will make barriers to entry. This scrapes of the competition graduated table drastically because no mean company can vie with multi-billion dollar companies.

That is why most low cost companies do non mind that there net incomes per-unit may be low but undoubtly their net incomes are high due to the volume.

The menace of replacement merchandises or services

The low cost leader is a more attractive province whereby, they are most likely to hold replacement merchandises. Though it may turn out to be a major job, this is when quality and merchandise repute comes into drama. Though to retain clients, the low-priced leader can cut down their monetary values even more in order to retain their price-value relationship with their clients.For illustration from the success of McDonalds, there have been 1000000s of other fast nutrient mercantile establishments around the Earth seeking their really best to vie with them.

Though some are successful but they ne’er make it into the planetary market because they are unable to prolong the cost of exporting their service and merchandises to other states apart from their ain.McDonalds had gone a measure further in maintaining their cost depression by purchasing green goods from the state they built their mercantile establishments and doing it suited for the bulk of those populating at that place. In the United States, a Burger at McDonald can be anyplace from $ 1USD to $ 5USD which converted to Malayan Ringgit is RM3.50 to RM17.5. Though in Malaysia, the highest monetary value merchandises served is normally a upper limit of RM9.

80. From this we can see that McDonalds had made the monetary value affordable for the multitudes in Malaysia in order to accomplish economic systems of graduated table.

The bargaining power of clients ( purchasers )

when a company achieves a low cost possition it provides some protection against powerful clients who attempt to drive the monetary values even lower.

This is because, when a they demand lower cost due to a rival company which have even lower monetary values, it may drive the company to drop out of the concern because they are executing less than norm. When this occurs, the rival company will whole exclusive power and monopolize the market therefore doing the client loose their bargaining power and this will let the rival company to set their monetary values at any monetary value they want due to the fact that monopolise the market.For illustration, Wal-Mart has to vie with shops like Target and such.

Eventhough their monetary values are low, non everything they sell are at their lowest, if it were to travel any lower, Wal-Mart would run less expeditiously and do less net incomes. That is why, they retain their clients by take downing mundane goods alternatively of luxury goods like mark, so that when it comes to the in-between category population, they will still travel to Wal-Mart due to to cheaper monetary values.

The bargaining power of providers.

Last is the dickering power of the providers. It is a fact that when the providers give a high monetary value for natural stuffs that the cost of the terminal merchandise will increase. That is why the providers do hold some power over the company due to the cost of natural stuffs. Though because companies such as McDonalds and Wal-Mart has achieved the low cost possition this allows them to absorb a greater sum of cost addition if it were to happen before they raise the cost of the merchandise itself.

In add-on, when a low cost leader has a dominant market portion they have the power to take down monetary values or keep down the degree of monetary value addition, therefore take downing the power of the provider.For illustration, McDonalds uses dozenss of beef every twelvemonth, if their major providers were to seek and increase the cost, so much so that they pull off from purchasing from them, it will impact their net incomes due to the sheer mass of decreased demand. This can hold the power to even do a provider go out of concern. With this sort of market power McDonalds has a unafraid appreciation of the low cost market place and non giving a opportunity to rivals, clients, substitutes or even providers.As for Wal-Mart, in the beginning it was non an established retail participant and it was rather hard to come in the market for them. The company sharply followed a cost leading scheme that involved developing economic systems of graduated table and doing consistent attempts to cut down costs.

The excess generated was reinvested in edifice installations of an efficient graduated table, buying modern business-related equipment and using the latest engineering. The reinvestments made by the company helped it to keep its cost leading place. From the start, Wal-Mart imposed a rigorous control on its operating expense costs. The shops were set up in big edifices, while guaranting that the rent paid was minimum.

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