is a common factor in the lives of every individual, notwithstanding of what
each other’s ethnicity is (Garrett, 2001). If stress and anxiety combines are
present for a long time, it may be very difficult to cope with these and or
even a health risk may develop. Stress may become dangerous when it does not
allow yourself to perform your normal needs that you usually do on a regular
basis. There are many ways how students are able to cope with stress and
everyone deals with it to the best of their ability. As the academic
expectation increase every following year of high school, the expectations also
increase. Academic success includes meeting the educational expectations that
are meant to be met and being able to be at the standards of the school board.
According to Lau (2002), there were three main reasons that stress was related to
school that included the fear of success or even failure, the test or
performance anxiety that students received, and fears that are connected with
the school setting (p. 241). As students struggle with exams, the many choses
of career decisions, and social pressures, many students find themselves
helpless in dealing with the situation which causes the students to stress to
the extreme.

to Shaunessy- Dedrick, E., Suldo, Sharron, M., Roth, Rachel, A and Fefer,
Sarah, A.  their purpose was to explore
stress, coping, and potential factors that some students develop. They also
explored resources that students observe as related in determining which AP/IBD
students that were able to succeed with in school even though that the stress
that they encountered was for the demand for academic expectations. To begin
this study, they investigated 30 students in general but half of them were
performing well in school while the other half was not so much. They observed
their stressors, coping strategies, and environmental factors that students
have that may influence their success in college-level courses. They found out
that the main reason for the source of stress was that it involved meeting the
school’s academic demands and being able to balance all of their social needs
and extracurricular activities. In order for this to be carried out, they
scheduled meetings regarding the school’s leadership team and they explained
what the purpose of this whole this involved and the procedures. They asked
staff members to choose potential participants based on class rankings,
performance on high-stakes tests and, common knowledge that students have. The
schools that they used were given a written statement about this progress. They
explored student viewpoints by interviews that made the students talk about
information that they may not feel comfortable with others around, so it was
private.  They concluded that these
students’ practices and observations are similar with respect to their effect.

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Suldo, Shannon M; Shaunessy, E; Thalji, A; Michalowski, J; Shaffer, E purpose
is that the educational changeover to high school has many challenges for
students since they are required to meet and befriend other peers and to be
able to accomplish the academic expectations that are set. For the students
that are placed these in college programs that prepare them, such as the
International Baccalaureate (IB) program, the amount of stress may be greater
than usual (Suldo, Shaunessy, Hardesty, 2008). There were 319 students that
participated in general but 162 are from the IB program whereas the other 157
students are in general education. They found out that the main source of the
stress experienced by the IB students was connected to academic requirements
that were necessary. All these participants attended one high school in a rural
southeastern state. This school was selected because it contained an IB program
as well as a general education program in the same school building. Students in
both programs were expected to meet the curricular requirements that were
necessary for graduation, but students in the IB program must also complete the
IBO requirements. Once they were given consent to perform all of these, all the
student’s that are participants in all of this received a letter from the
research team explaining what the study was and that they needed written parent
permission for students’ participation. For the results, there were 7 factors
that were collected in order of the results.

LaRue, Denise E; Herrman, Judith W. purpose of this study was to fix teen perceptions
about the different stressors that they face, as well as offering an adolescent
perspective to the works related to teen stress. Stress has been linked to a
variety of high-risk behaviors, including smoking, suicide, depression, drug
abuse, and participating in high-risk sexual behaviors (Finkelstein, Kubzansky,
Capitman, & Goodman, 2007; Finkelstein, Kubansky, & Goodman,
2006; Goodman, McEwan, Dolan, Schafer-Kalkhoff, & Adler, 2005) (pg. 106).
These studies show the wide variety of the sources of stress that were impacting
the adolescents. Though Chandra and Batada’s (2006) study included the teens’
voice, and that most of the research was discovered in nature, using recognized
measures of stress and adult views in the analysis of results. The current
study provides a new perspective by using the adolescences voices to describe
their levels of stress and those stimuli that are related to the greatest
levels of adolescent stress. They performed this investigation by choosing
different supervisors, that were paid to gather teenagers to given them consent
forms if they were interested. This sample included 120 youths, 72 females and
48 males ranging in age from 12 to 19 years. There were 17 groups of students
and they were conducted in six weeks.  Ranging
from 3-15 participants in each as well as the interviews being appropriately 40
minutes long. The focus groups were conducted in private conference rooms and
were recorded to be able to use the data. The interviews included ice-breaker
questions, questions that led to the cause of their stress in their daily lives
and resulted in the group discussing the sources of stress. After, they figured
out what the teens’ most common stressors, they were then ranked from the most
commonly found to the least commonly found. They noticed that they were ranged
from the order of school, followed by money, relationships, and parents.

Khanh, B observed the potential relationships that were between the educational
expectations and academic achievement from the data they collected from
students when they were in Grades 8, 10, and 12. A cross-lagged analyses showed
that between Grades 8 and 10 the pathways from success to expectations were
stronger than the path from expectations to success; however, between Grades 10
and 12, these pathways were much weaker than they anticipated. They
accomplished this by collecting data from a report that come from NELS
(National Education Longitudinal Study), which selected a total of 24,599
students from 1,052 schools. The students completed a questionnaire on many
topics regarding their expectations during each grade that they were in. Having
a high academic performance serves as a solid foundation and prepares students
for higher education which they might need in the future.

stress is present during a student’s high school journey, it will prevent them
from having academic success. Stress normally occur when you feel pressured to
get a certain grade or even when you feel uneasy within the school setting.
High school is the place when students are generally challenged mentally in order
for students to develop in to adults. Therefore, the anxiety that is during test
may be experienced for the first time or with increased as the school year
continues. No matter where you are in your high school life it is very important
that students receive a good night rest to be able to function in the morning properly,
thinking positivity, using relaxation techniques, and seeking guidance will
help you manage your stress that comes along with academic success.




study was conducted at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School and the participants
of this study was students that attended the school that were in the grade
range from 10 to 5th Year. The research was conducted towards males
and females that were focusing on their future post secondary plans. There were
100 contributors to this study that produced valid information that was
editable to use in the research progress. These applicants were selected based
on their age regarding post secondary. Also, choosing the grades where post
secondary plans matter regarding education success. The participants were from
the ages of 14-18. It was highly recommended not to use anyone who is below
this age group because they may not take this study seriously and may not have
plans for post secondary. Material used to accomplish this study are 100 valid
surveys about academic success and stress related questions. Once you have your
surveys, you would need to use pencils and pen to complete the survey. As soon
as the participants completed the survey, a brief look over was completed just
to clarify that the survey was valid. If not, the it was handed back to them to
complete properly or throw away. 


            The survey was handed out to 5 classes ranging from
grades 10- 5th year at the school St. Mary.  Before the questionnaires were handed out to
classes, the class was informed to not put their name on it, only circle one
answer if there are options, and that there is another side of the survey. The
surveys were handed out during the student’s homeroom classes. Taking the
students out of their natural habitat might of have altered the results that
were given. All the teachers were given notice ahead of time that a survey will
be completed within their period, and the teachers were provided with a copy of
the survey to review it before completion. Over the span of 2 days, over 150
surveys were conducted and 100 of them were valid, including 50 males and 50
females.  The teens’ most
common stressors were then ranked from the most commonly found to the least
commonly found. Informing the students that what the purpose of this
questionnaire because it will make the students feel more comfortable while
completing it. It is also important to reassure them that no one will see
and know what answer were checked off, and that they answer it as truthfully as
possible. This questionnaire should take no more than 20 minutes per class, but
this will differ based on the contributor’s responses and questions based on
the surveys.


            Figure 1 consist of how stressful do you consider school
related to your grade average. As seen in Figure 1, the more likely for
students to consider school stressful are students that have a grade average
about 80% with a total of 50% stating that out of 100%. About 2% out of 100%
says that they are very stress due to a below 50% grade average.

2 consist of is it difficult to balance all the situations in life related to
what grade you are in. As seen in Figure 2, about 60% of participants stated
that it was difficult balance social situation from grades 10-5th
year. The other 40% stated that it was not difficult, ranging from grades 10-5th

3 consist of how stressful do you consider school related to what grade you are
in. As seen in Figure 3, mainly grade 11 are stressed out which is 52% of the
participants. The least stressed are 5th years with a total of 3% of

 Figure 4, consist of how often you complete
your homework related to your comfortableness within a school setting. As seen
in Figure 4, 22% of students complete their homework sometimes and feel
moderately comfortable in their classes. 
About 2% of the contributors feel not comfortable within the school
while they never complete their homework.

5, consist of the number of absents form school per week related to how
stressful you consider school. As seen in Figure 5, mainly 27% of students find
that school is very stressful and just stressful when they never miss a day of
school per week on average.

6, consist of the activates that are performed to relieve your stress related
to your age. As seen in Figure 6, about 30% of students rely on listening to
music to relieve stress between the ages 14-18.

7, consist of post- secondary plans related to how stressful school is
considered. As seen in Figure 7, mainly students are more stressed out with a
56% are planning to attend University rather than 4% of people who have no
plans that are stressed.

8, consist of how comfortableness within a school setting related to your
gender.  As seen in Figure 8, men are 54%
comfortable within the school setting where as females are 31% comfortable
within a school setting.


this study, the intend was to focus on how stress can affect the academic
success of a student while attending St. Mary Catholic Secondary School. The
hypothesis that is associated to this study states that stress can prevent
student from having academic success within their high school education. The results showed that as students progress further in
their high school education, the more stress is placed upon the students thus
resulting in a negative affect towards academic success. Achieving a high-grade
average can be quite difficult when courses that are chosen are stressful due
to the levels of the courses that is picked for the individual. Balancing
many situations in life can interfere with your academic success and apply a
great amount of stress to the individual. Also, students that complete their
homework regularly, feel moderately comfortable within their school setting
with a total of 22% since a classroom setting can be intense and students may
feel out of place or uncomfortable when they are placed there or even based on
their gender. As well students find it very stressful to just stressful when
they never miss a day of school because the student is responsible for missing
days and it is their responsibility to collect any missed work that occurred on
that day. To relieve the stress that the students encounter, mainly they rely
on listening to music.

 As well as post- secondary plans, more
students are planning to attend University which is considered more stressful
for more than half of the students. The results that were conducted in
correlation to the hypothesis supported the study that was made. More than half
of the participants in the study stated that the higher the students progressed
in their high school journey, the more stress was place upon them which may
affect their academic success. In relation to Khanh, B study, the results in
the pervious study showed that between Grades 8 and 10 the pathways from
success to expectations were stronger than the path from expectations to
success; however, between Grades 10 and 12, these pathways were much weaker
than they anticipated. As the
grades 8 and 10 found achievement that were stronger than the path from
expectations to achievement. These grade, do not need as much focus and the
stress to achieve in comparison to grade 12 since it is planning towards their
future. In this study, the students in the grades 11-5th year stress
levels increased as they progressed in high school because these are the most
important years during high school for the reason that it can determine
student’s futures. It was predicted that the results of the would support the
hypothesis of reciprocal effect. The current study expected that when the
students are in middle school and high school, a relationship between their
educational expectations and academic achievements would be due to the
reciprocal effect of the two variables. To collect this study, the students
completed a questionnaire in relation to education expectations and ranging
from the different grades. For this current study, a questionnaire was handed
out that is similar to the topics given based on the two variables
present.  It is shown that as the
academic expectations increased over time, the stress levels of the students
also increase which results them have lower academic success.

In correlation to LaRue, D. E., & Herrman, J, W study, the results they
were found was that the most frequently stressors were school, followed by
money, relationships, and parents. Maintaining good grades, passing their
classes, making it to graduation, and the being accepted into university or
college were all worries that shown within students. Seniors that conducted the
survey also included the increased pressure of keeping up with school and
graduating with the rest of your class. Pulling themselves together and staying
on track to graduate were very important to many of the students. In the
current study, seniors that attend St. Mary found that it was furthermore
stressful as their year was ending and entering the real world soon. Many
seniors have future plans whether it was either University or College. Imagine
waiting anxiously to receive an acceptance letter that determines your entire
future and it has been dream since childhood to attend. Pressure is placed upon
seniors to be the role models of the school for their fellow students to show
them how to act responsible, take charge and prioritize. Having everything due
around the same time can often lead to students saying that they are stress out
and this phase is echoed by students as they progress throughout high school.
LaRue, D. E., & Herrman, J, W study consisted of 120 youth from throughout
the ranges of 12-19 years old including 72 females and 48 males. This study
consisted of 100 youth including 50 females and 50 males. These studies allow
the students to open up about their lives and their responses to stress. LaRue,
D. E., & Herrman, J, W study made the students interact with other
students, and share insights related to the perspectives of others in the
group, and they were separated into seventeen groups. As they were placed in
groups of 17 and the total results were conducted in six weeks.  Each group had 3 to 15 participants, and the
interviews averaged 40 minutes in length. Some
groups included pregnant girls, teen fathers, teen mothers, and, non-parenting
teens. The study conducted at St. Mary was conducted in classroom setting with
class sizes ranging from twenty-five to thirty. The results of these studies
were similar where as the juniors and seniors have higher levels of stress due
to the academic expectations that are made towards the students.

In connection to Suldo, S. M., Shaunessy, E., Thaliji, A.,
Michalowski, J., & Shaffer, E study, the educational
changeover to high school has many challenges for students since they are
required to meet and befriend other peers and to be able to accomplish the
academic expectations that are set. As students
take on different level of programs, it will determine the level of difficulty
as they progress. Also, the amount of stress that the student is under may
influence their performance like being nervous for a presentation and you keep
on stuttering and shaking because of it, it may result in a lower academic
success. Mainly students that took academic or even university courses, they
all find it sometimes difficult to give it your all and have it not the best
sometimes. This study states that students in academic and university courses
find it difficult to have such high expectation on them which makes the
students develop stress to be successful within their setting. Many individuals
are different, and they can deal with stress in a variety of way, where as some
may turn to other things for a stress reliever. Suldo, S. M., Shaunessy, E.,
Thaliji, A., Michalowski, J., & Shaffer, E study used participants in their
general school programs but as well as students that are in advance programs.
Where as this current study chose participants were students that were in
general students that attend St. Mary.

In relation to Shaunessy-Dedrick, E., Suldo, S. M., Roth, R.
A., & Fefer, S. A. study, they found that out that the main
reason for the source of stress was that it involved meeting the school’s
academic demands and being able to balance all of their social needs and
extracurricular activities.   Many of the participants in this study as well as the
study conducted at St. Mary, the students perceived a strong work ethics and
high achievements as well as motivations. As the study was conducted, the
research showed that school was the primary factor of which caused the students
to develop stress and influence them. Some students stated that some strategies
they had to used to manage academic requirements were not always beneficial and
sometimes increased their stressors. Where as in this current study, students
believe that they way they rely on to relieve their stress did dismiss their
stress periodically. In order for this to be carried out, they scheduled
meetings regarding the school’s leadership team and they explained what the
purpose of this whole this involved and the procedures. where as the current study selected students that attended St. Mary.

Some weaknesses that were present during the procedure was
when 150 questionnaires were printed out and handed out, only 88 of them were
valid since the participants circled more than one answers for the question when
it states chose one, when they put their name one it, and sometimes not even
complete the back page. Also, when conducting the study, keeping in mind that
grade nine may not be truthful when completing the survey which can alter the
results in a negative way. As well as targeting questions that pertains to the
students so that they are able to relate and understand it. Potential
implication that can alter future research is that as years pass by, curriculum
become more difficult to challenge the students in order to succeed in life. If
students are becoming stress now that affects their academic success so in the
future it will only become harder thus resulting in more stress and a negative
academic success. The significant of the research that is done shows that
students are held up to these expectations of being next to prefect, but
parents, teachers, guardians, and friends are not realizing how much it affect
the individuals. There are many factors regarding stress, but the primary
factor is school, and not only does it affect your academic success, but it
affects your overall mood towards life.         

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