Substance Abuse Essay, Research PaperBACKGROUND PAPERONLEADERSHIP AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE1. What is substance maltreatment? Although you may ne’er hold to cover with issues such as substance maltreatment, you must be prepared and knowing should this type of job nowadays itself to you. The information in this paper will familiarise you with the definition, designation, leading and household engagement refering substance maltreatment. Let? s start with the definition.

2. Harmonizing to Air Force Pamphlet 36-2241, The Professional Fitness Study Guide, drug maltreatment is defined as the unlawful, illegal, or illicit usage of a controlled substance, prescription, and over-the counter medicine. It besides includes the ownership, distribution, or debut of any controlled substance onto a military installing. Members of the Air Force are besides prohibited from possessing, selling, or utilizing drug gear. Air Force policy is to forestall drug maltreatment among its forces. ( AFPAM 36-2241: 182 ) . The Air Force has zero tolerance on drug maltreatment.3.

The Air Force defines alcohol addiction as a preventable, progressive, treatable, andnoncompensable disease that affects the full household. Alcohol maltreatment has negative affects on public behaviour, responsibility public presentation, and or physical and mental wellness. Air Force policy is to forestall intoxicant maltreatment and alcohol addiction among its members and their households. ( AFPAM 36-2241: 183 ) . Air Force members must ever keep criterions of behaviour, public presentation, and subject. This leads us to placing substance maltreaters.

TSgt Watts/G13/NCOA/akw/16 Oct 004. We must hold a agencies of placing service members sing jobs with their substance usage. One method is the apprehension, apprehensiveness, or probe of a member driving under the influence ( DUI ) of drugs or intoxicant. Another method is through drug testing. The Drug Abuse Testing Program is most effectual as a hindrance, when used decently. All military forces are capable to proving regardless of class, position, or place. Military members are ordered or voluntarily consent to supply urine samples at any clip. ( AFPAM 36-2241: 184 ) .

Bing in the Air Force for 15 old ages, I have been indiscriminately selected for drug proving more than my just portion. Now that I am a leader it? s clearer to me why this plan is so of import.5. As a parent, foreman, or supervisor, there are marks and symptoms of substance maltreatment to look for. These marks and symptoms, harmonizingto the book, Drugs and Alcohol in America can dwell of violent behaviour, memory loss, deteriorating responsibility public presentation, dramatic temper swings, and unexpected or frequent absences merely to call a few. ( Drugs and Alcohol in America: Crisis or Hysteria? : 62 ) .

The Air Force encourages forces with substance maltreatment jobs to seek aid. Under self-identification, a member? svoluntary entry to an Air Force intervention plan and ego disclosed grounds of anterior drug usage may non be used against the member in disciplinary action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice ( UCMJ ) . Whether ego disclosed or non, it? s up to us as parents and supervisors to acquire people the attention and intervention they so urgently demand.

6. The Air Force? s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment ( ADAPT ) plan is designed to advance preparedness and wellness and health. It provides instruction2.and intervention to persons who experience jobs attributed to substance maltreatment and return them to unrestricted responsibility position or help them in their passage to civilian life. As leaders, it is our function to place subsidiaries with jobs early and to actuate them to seek and accept aid.

7. As a supervisor, you are non tasked to be a diagnostician, yet you are charged with facing unacceptable public presentation and behaviour. Leadership has a really of import portion in the designation, intervention, and overall direction of substance maltreaters. Showing echt and personal concern for the public assistance of your subsidiaries is one of the most of import duties you have as a supervisor. Commanding officers and supervisors should advise and do every attempt to affect household members during the rating procedure and at the clip of entry into a plan.

8. In decision, we? ve discussed the definition and designation of substance maltreatment. We besides talked about the importance of leading and household member? s function. Remember managing substance issues is one of your duties as a leader, supervisor, and NCO. Ignoring the job in hopes it will travel off will merely do the job worse for the person involved, the organisation, and finally for the Air Force. Geting aid for people who need it is an of import portion of supervising and leading.1.

Department of the Air Force. Air Force Pamphlet 36-2241, The Professional FitnessStudy Guide, 1 Jul 99.2. Drugs and Alcohol in America: Crisis or Hysteria?3. Alcoholism and Treatment

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